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  • iPhone 3GS To Be $50 From AT&T Starting Tomorrow

    *BAM* Just like that, AT&T destroyed the $50 smartphone market by dropping the iPhone 3GS down to the same level as Nokia communicators, teeny-bop Blackberrys and the bargain-bin Android devices. That whole market now has to compete with the big dog, the iPhone 3GS. Well, they do starting tomorrow when the wireless carrier’s new pricing starts. Notice this pricing is just for AT&T… Read More

  • CES 2011: Let The Madness Begin

    Here we are again: CES. We’re all here in Vegas ready to bring everything the massive trade show offers to your interwebs. There’s going to be livestreams, hands-ons, liveblogs, all with a fair amount of debauchery. should serve up all your CES needs with the UStream window embedded up top and the latest news directly underneath. The Ustreaming festivities kick… Read More

  • 12 Days Of Christmas: Nook Color Giveaway

    Reading and books: probably the most fantastic gifts possible. That said, the Nook Color can do books, magazines, simple games, and browse the web all on an Android system. It’s been called an iPad light and that’s a great description, really. Normally these run $249.99 in Barnes & Nobel stores, but as the last item in our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway extravaganza… Read More

  • Stocking Stuffer Weekend: Joby Gorillatorch Switchback

    Our 12 Days Of Christmas giveaway series is on overdrive this weekend as we fill our reader’s stockings with gifts, gadgets, and merriment. All of the contests this weekend run through Sunday night. It’s both a compact lantern and a high-performance 5 LED headlamp. How awesome is that? We didn’t even mention that the lumens are adjustable from 5 to 130 and there’s even… Read More

  • Samsung's Now Served Up 1 Million Apps Via Its Web-Connected HDTVs, Google TV What?

    You don’t need to wait for Google or Apple to bring apps to your HDTV. Samsung’s been serving up custom-made apps via their connected HDTVs for some time now and just hit the 1 millionth downloaded app. That’s a mighty fine milestone for a platform not heavily discussed or marketed. Impressive, yes, but even so that this mark was hit with only 200 available apps, which… Read More

  • Windows Home Server Is Dead, Long Live Windows Home Server?

    Windows Home Server is easily one of the best products to ever come out of Redmond. It brings most of the functionality of a full-fledged server without any of the hassle. OEMs like HP and Acer quickly jumped on the platform a few years ago and outed fantastic products lines centered around WHS that allowed nearly any consumer to set up a comprehensive back-up solution, media vault, and… Read More

  • Root Access Found For Windows Phone 7, Jailbreak Not Far Off

    WinPho7 retail units have only been out for a few days, but a proper jailbreak isn’t that far off now that some devs gained root access to the system. It’s not like anyone really thought Windows Phone 7 would be locked up forever, right? It was only a matter of time. Developers swarm high-profile platforms with fun and profit in mind. Microsoft can’t be that upset. A good… Read More

  • The Samsung Galaxy S Replaces The iPhone As Japan's Top Selling Phone

    Did you read the headline? Yeah, that’s the story. The iPhone is no longer Japan’s top selling phone… but only over a one week span. Still, that’s something. The 32GB iPhone has held the top spot for the last 18 weeks since it debuted in June. The dethroning could have been because it was the Galaxy S’s first week on the market in Japan, but no matter how you… Read More

  • The Inexpensive Huawei Ascend From Cricket Does The Pre-Paid Android Dance

    The pre-paid wireless carrier, Cricket, is getting serious about smartphones. The Huawei Ascend joins the BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the Android-powered Kyocera Zio, but hits at only $149 rather than $229 like the two other smartphones. Don’t think it’s lack, either, because it’s rather loaded for a contract-free smartphone. A 3.5-inch HVGA screen is front and center, while… Read More

  • Verizon To Release The Droid R2-D2 Into The Empire On September 30

    The Droid R2-D2 edition doesn’t skimp on the Star Wars branding. Nearly every aspect of the phone from the backplate, to the startup splash screen, to the ringtones reflect its pedigree. All this geeky fun comes at a price though and Uncle Owen isn’t going to like it. This Droid isn’t cheap. Read More

  • HTC Restocks The Android Bandwagon With The Desire HD & Desire Z

    HTC loves them some Android phones and just outed two somewhat brand new handsets at a London event. But no surprises here. You already know these phones. The Desire HD is a re-packaged EVO 4G and the Desire Z is an HTC Sense-enabled G2. Read More

  • Install Android 2.2 Froyo On Your Droid X Right Now

    How nice. It seems like an early OTA Froyo release leaked onto the interwebs early this morning. The install process isn’t nearly as cut and dry as, say, the Droid’s 2.1 installation, but it’s still doable as long as you don’t mind spending a few minutes (or hours) following dozens of steps spread out over various forum threads. It’s even more work if… Read More

  • Verizon Finally Makes the Droid 2 Official, Launches Online Tomorrow

    Finally. The Droid 2 is finally official. Finally. Thank jebus. The Android 2.2 handset will be available from Verizon’s online store tomorrow and in VZW stores this Thursday. It carries a $199 price after a $100 MIR and of course requires a data plan. Care to wait a bit longer? A special edition R2-D2 version will be available sometime in September and comes with exclusive Star… Read More

  • The Sony Ericsson Xperia 10: $130 at AT&T on August 15th

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 has seemingly been in pre-retail status for, like, years. But it will finally be available on the AT&T network on August 15th for $130. The official specs are pretty commonplace these days with a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 4-inch display, 8.1MP cam, and 8GB of on-board memory. The only thing not announced so far is the Android version with the screenshots on Sony… Read More

  • The BlackBerry 9800 Slider Slips Through The FCC Ahead Of Today's Announcement

    The upcoming 9800’s existence isn’t that much of a secret even though its announcement isn’t slated until later today. The FCC are the first people to play with the phone and recently gave it their stamp of approval. While we can’t get a good look at the phone’s front, the FCC filing did reveal the slider will support a 480×320 touchscreen with a physical… Read More

  • Apple announces an … AA battery charger?

    Alright. Either this is the beginning of the end for the Apple brand as they start draining their fanboys dry or Apple has something special here. Either way, the Apple Battery Charger is real and ready to charge AA batteries. The Magic Trackpad joins the Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse’s AA-powered club. That’s where the Apple Battery Charger comes in. Read More

  • Google to no longer stock Nexus Ones

    The Nexus One’s time is about to expire. Google will soon no longer stock its self-branded Android handset and just received its last shipment of handsets. It was good while it lasted. Even though the Nexus One never really caught on outside of the close-knit Android community, it was a killer handset and might still be one of the top three available. Read More

  • Quick rant @ Verizon: How about providing the customer service number when OTA activation fails?

    You know, it’s the little things that makes companies great. Attention to detail, if you will. I just opened my new Droid X and attempted to active the phone. It failed. That’s fine. Things happen. Then this message plays, “I’m sorry. We are unable to program your phone at this time. Please call customer service from a landline phone and a representative will be happy… Read More

  • Apple: White iPhone 4 Will Ship At The End Of July

    Anyone remember how there were two iPhone 4 models announced at the last Stevenote? A black one and a white one, right? But we’re three weeks into the iPhone 4’s life and only the black model is available. Mr. Apple himself just stated at the end of the iPhone 4’s antenna talk that’s going to change by the end of the month. Read More

  • How to install Android on most Windows Mobile phones

    There’s an active community of devs steadily porting Android over to different families of Windows Mobile devices. There’s a port for nearly every series now. However, installation isn’t that easy and you might not want to do it on your work-issued HTC Touch HD. But if you happen to have an unused handset chilling in a drawer someplace that you’re not worried about… Read More