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  • NEC Drops Two New Versa Laptops, Featuring Added Security

    , the M360 and the M160. NEC is promoting these as having the “perfect balance” between performance, flexibility and security, though I don’t see anything outstanding. They both have integrated biometric fingerprint scanners, but there’s nothing new there. The M360 has an optional port replicator with it’s own biometric scanner, but that seems rather redundant. Read More

  • Is HP Eating Apple's Karma?

    that if , in light of its recent successes, could HP be attaining Apple-like mojo? He makes a few very good points, and positions that against Apple’s rough month. It’s a well-thought, if not brief, read into how fortunes can change swiftly in this industry. With Apple’s battery recall, settlement with Creative Technologies and recent stock option irregularities, it would… Read More

  • Aiptek MyNote Digital Notepad

    The oldest form of data entry on the planet is handwriting. We learn it before we learn to type. It’s not as efficient as a keyboard, but it can be done anywhere on about anything. (Don’t believe me? Check out any alley in Midtown, NYC.) Handwriting has become a viable option with PDAs and tablet PCs using virtual ink and handwriting recognition to transcribe what you’re… Read More

  • On the Future of Non-Exploding Batteries

    A manager I once knew had an axiom: if it’s got a cable, it’s not really a gadget. As our portable devices get more and more powerful, the consume more and more energy. And technical advances have made formerly usable levels of power performance unacceptable–my first Powerbook, for instance, got around forty-five minutes of usage on a full charge… when it was brand new. Read More

  • Ricoh Drops Two New Ruggedized Wireless Cameras

    If you’ve got an 8.13 megapixel camera, and you want to improve on it, what would you do? You’d make it shockproof. And waterproof. And dustproof. Then you’d have a ruggedized, “sport camera”, perfect for the outdoorsman. But outdoorsmen need to pack light, so you wouldn’t want to bring any of those pesky cables with you. So you’d make sure to make… Read More

  • Protect, respect your disks with new DVD condoms.

    So I want you to promise to always carry a d_skin Protective Disc Skin, just in case. They’re made of a clear material that’s thin enough that you can leave it on the disk, even while the disk is in action. It’s just like it’s not even there, but there it is, protecting you from scratches. If the Disc Skin breaks, just replace it with another one as soon as… Read More

  • Nintendo WiFi Connection claims 2 Million Users

    I have a Powerglove. I’ve had it since I was a kid. And I had a U-Force, the equally-jokable “hands free” controller for the NES. Both of these “revolutionary” controllers were touted as being “wireless”, as that was to be the next big thing in gaming. In reality, they sucked. And had wires. Fast forward 15 years, and it appears Nintendo has gotten… Read More

  • Sprint Treo 700wx to Launch for Real September 3

    about the as-of-yet-unannounced Treo 700wx, it’s not even fun anymore. It’s EV-DO, with Windows Mobile 5, GPS, 1.3MP camera, 240×240 screen, and 128 built-in RAM. And now we know even more, like that it launches September 3rd, will retail for $399 after applicable rebates, and goes public at the same time as the sexy Samsung 900M, which is the latest not-a-RAZR, also with EV-DO… Read More

  • Gadgets Royale

    We write for this blog because we love gadgets, which is probably the same reason you read us. On a daily basis, we pack Treos, iPods, PSPs, laptops and smartphones around wherever we go. These are our tools, and we are good with them. But there is one man who outshines us all. This gentleman is known for tree things: ruthless tactics, suave style and gadgets. Well, beautiful girls, too… Read More

  • PowerPoint Control with your iPod

    There are lots of ways to present your latest sales losses via PowerPoint–A veritable cottage industry has been built around little devices that advance or retreat your negative sales figures. They use RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, VooDoo and cables to interface with your laptop. Well the addition of the iPod to that list is long overdue. Using iPresent It, an app that costs less than $20, you… Read More

  • First Labeling of the HTC Excalibur to be on German O2 Network

    We’ve been watching the progress of HTC’s Excalibur for awhile now. HTC is the shadowy man-behind-the-curtain for Cingular’s self-branded smartphones, and T-Mobile’s MDA and SDA. The Excalibur is the codename for their new smartphone that’s poised to go toe-to-toe with the Motorola Q. It’s first incarnation appears to be on Germany’s O2… Read More

  • PSP Says "Hello, World!" and Soon Will Say Much More

    Sony hates it when people mess around with the innards of their popular PSP. It’s an arms race, really, with the users putting together pieces of unsigned code to run on their units, and Sony updating the official firmware to kill the fun. Somebody at Sony is going to be up late tonight, as the sexy libTIFF exploit has hit the streets. Using a buffer overflow flaw in the PSPs image… Read More