Matt Burns

Matt is a Managing Editor at TechCrunch.

He started at TechCrunch as a freelance writer in 2008 and moved up the ranks to become the Managing Editor in early 2017. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, he has a special place in his heart for mobility startups and gadgets.

At TechCrunch he manages the editorial side of the company’s events including TechCrunch Disrupt, TechCrunch Sessions and the company’s various worldwide events. Previously he was a freelance writer at Engadget and EngadgetHD where he hosted podcasts until he was removed from that role after saying a swear word. He’s very sorry and promises it won’t happen again.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call. And woodwork.

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  • WTF are up with all these super duper thin HDTVs?

    By raise of hands, who else thinks that all these anorexically thin HDTVs are dumb? LG’s latest set measures only 6.5mm thick and Sony’s isn’t that much more thick. (pictured) Who the hell cares Though? Why is HDTV’s latest cockfight over TV thickness? This also applies to Blu-ray/DVD players too, btw. Read More

  • Toshiba 2009 CES Press Event

    Poor Toshiba. While every other major CE player is introducing 4th and 5th gen Blu-ray players, Toshiba is still ignoring the winning format. The company does, however, have some nice flat screens coming out in 2009 with widgets powered by Intel and Yahoo that’s going to work nicely with Windows Media Center. The rest of the mundane are simply too mundane to be worth your time. Oh, how… Read More

  • Live from the Monster Cable CES Press Event

    Monster Cable: hate ’em or love ’em, they are a driving force in the CE world. Their 2009 lineup, at least according to its wares spread out in front, doesn’t look to innovate. A few headphones we’ve already seen and reviewed, a couple of new power centers, and HP branded HDMI cables that are sure to carry a high MSRP. Hopefully the head monster, Noel Lee, will have… Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Vudu now only $99

    Vudu, the chaps streaming the amazing HDX movies, just dropped the price to a whopping $99. Not to shabby considering you don’t need to ‘pre-pay’ for movie credits anymore. (which was kind of shady if you ask me) Read More

  • Poll: What's Apple announcing at Macworld 2009

    Despite the big guy not making the coveted keynote himself, the show trudging-on with Apple making its last appearance. So what does Apple have in store for us today or tomorrow? The safe bet is on an updated dual core, dual monitor-supported Mac Mini. But could it be new unibody notebooks? How ’bout a low cost netbook, eh? Or even,*gasp*, an iPhone Nano. Poll after the jump. Read More

  • Kodak unleashes the 24x megazoom Z980 digicam

    Embargos be damned, we’ve got the details ’bout Kodak’s latest ultra-mega-uber-zoom digital camera. It’s a looker. A megazoom looker. Read More

  • Windows Vista Capable stickers might have been a Microsoft cash cow

    Deep inside a dimly lit Microsoft boardroom a few years ago, several overpaid marketing tools came up with the term ‘Vista Capable.” This moniker was to be affixed to new computers ahead of Vista’s highly publicized launch. That way consumers could feel warm and fuzzy knowing that their new computer will be able to upgrade to glorious Vista down the road and it will run… Read More

  • VAIO P specs continue to seep out of the Interwebs

    Sony’s doing a damn fine job generating buzz ’bout their upcoming 8-inch netbook/UMPC with gradual leaks and such. We already knew that the VAIO Pocket will be powered by an 1.33GHz Atom CPU along with the rest of the specs. (missed that post? it was on Christmas day) The latest leak finally reveals the price and a few more technical details. Read More

  • Moscone Center gearing up for Macworld

    Macworld is almost here and in true Apple fashion, the venue is done up in cloth-covered banners. Only a select, Apple kool-aid-drinking few knows what’s behind them. A new Mac Mini? A larger iPod Touch? A netbook? Other sizes of the new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro? We’ll find out on Monday! More teaser pics after the jump. Read More

  • BluCobra EZ3000 Blu-ray player should drop with a low price

    ezGear, never heard of ’em either, is introducing a cheap low-cost Blu-ray player at CES. The look of the BluCobra EZ3000 seems like your average Chinese-built player and the outdated specs confirms this as a bottom-feeder. Read More

  • Latest Mac Mini rumor: multiple display outputs

    My goodness. If the Mac Mini doesn’t recieve an update next week at Macworld, there will be some disappointed MacHeads. We’ve heard dual core CPUs, NVIDIA GPU power, SATA optical drive interface, and a new chassis. But wait! There is more! Read More

  • Cute and cuddly monkey webcam is a pedophiles wet dream

    Granted, this webcam isn’t loaded with the latest gizmos and widgets, but it’s so cute. And it holds your pens and pencils! The whole cute and cuddly monkey webcam only goes for $25 too. Look at it. So cute! Read More

  • Bored nerds + a Segway = Segway Skiing

    I wish I had this much time and money on my hands. Apparently I need to work for where they seemingly spend their downtime fooling around on Segways and such. Read More

  • iPhone 3G unlocking software updated; should work now (hopefully)

    Yellowsn0w, the illustrious iPhone 3G unlocking software, dropped with the Times Square Ball yesterday, but the first beta edition didn’t work for many. Hopefully the updated 0.9.4 beta from the iPhone Dev Team should resolve those issues and allow all those Jesusphone 3Gs to be released from their AT&T shackles. So if our step-by-step guide left you frustrated and furious, give… Read More

  • VIA pumping up the next-gen Nano CPU

    The Intel Atom CPU is the golden processor of the netbook crowd but the next-gen VIA Nano might turn heads. The chip is set to drop some time in the middle of 2009 to help power the next round of netbooks. Read More

  • According to this chump, you'll hate Win7 if you dig WinXP

    Some people are petrified of change. It scares them. Jason Perlow, of ZDNet fame, is one of them. The self-proclaimed Tech Broiler has been playing with Windows 7 Beta 1 for a few days and doesn’t like what he sees and in true Internet fashion, proclaims it in a blogging rant. After reading through his whining post, I’ve came to the conclusion that you’ll hate Windows 7 only… Read More

  • Smart-Leaf aims to put a touchscreen PC in your wall

    Smart-Leaf is the latest company shooting for the casual PC user that needs a space saving designed ‘puter. The company seems to think that a touchscreen model with fold-out keyboard would fit-in nicely into your kitchen. Maybe they are right. I kind of want one. Read More

  • Rejoice! Viacom and Time Warner prevent blackout!

    Time Warner subscribers almost, almost lost some of the best cable networks if a deal hadn’t been struck by the time the NYV ball dropped. Thankfully, Viacom and Time Warner came together in the name of the subscribers (and money) and penned an agreement in principle that will keep Dora and Stewart on the air. Read More

  • Shipwrecked treasure allegedly found with help from Google Maps

    Google Earth and Maps is more than a noveltiy to this guy. Supposably he located a shipwrecked boat laden gold and silver worth around $3 billion. Billion. That’s a lot of booty. But wait, there is more. Read More

  • Active Park Assist demo'd on video

    Info ’bout Ford’s Active Park Assist parallel parking wizardry recently broke cover and now the Blue Oval released a video demo of the system. It seems to work well in the company-made video but excuse me while I hold judgement until a real hands on emerges. Video after the break. Read More