Matt Burns

Matt is a Managing Editor at TechCrunch.

He started at TechCrunch as a freelance writer in 2008 and moved up the ranks to become the Managing Editor in early 2017. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, he has a special place in his heart for mobility startups and gadgets.

At TechCrunch he manages the editorial side of the company’s events including TechCrunch Disrupt, TechCrunch Sessions and the company’s various worldwide events. Previously he was a freelance writer at Engadget and EngadgetHD where he hosted podcasts until he was removed from that role after saying a swear word. He’s very sorry and promises it won’t happen again.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call. And woodwork.

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  • It's just cool: Cockpit view of SpaceShipOne

    Yesterday, we took a look at the Space Shuttle’s cockpit with it’s almost vintage look. Today, we have a look at the first privately funded sub-orbital vehicle’s cockpit. It looks a tad different. In fact, I dare say you could count all the buttons and switches on two hands within SpaceShipOne’s interior. Got to love the off-the-shelf GPS mounted above the main screen too. Read More

  • DTV Transition extension bill DID NOT pass the House

    The House of Representatives shot down the bill that would extend the DTV Transition date to June 12. The bill needed two-thirds vote to pass and extend the date by nearly four months. So as it stands now, televisions stations will switch off their analog broadcasts on February 17, 2009 as originally planed and advertised which will potentially leave millions of procrastinators without television. Read More

  • Vintage Paillard Bolex H8 camera gun on eBay

    Attention camera fanatics, ebay has a listing for you. The Paillard Bolex H8 Military Gun was apparently used by a Vietnam war reporter and survived. Wartime details about the equipment isn’t listed but just think of the history this camera might have recorded. The buyer gets a few more lens along the original documentation and a case too. But is it worth the $1,318 Buy It Now price? Read More

  • Behind the scenes of the 3D SoBe Super Bowl commercial

    You should know by now that there are going to be 3D Super Bowl Commercials. Right? Anyway, SoBe has produced a behind the scenes look at its commercial. Hopefully the real thing isn’t as craptacular as this clip; it probably will be though. Video after the break and remember, you’ve been warned. Read More

  • Picture proof: Why netbooks rock [to some]

    Netbooks are the latest fad, but they do one thing very well: Portability. The above picture shows-off exactly why mobile professions are falling in love with the sub-notebooks. That’s a Dell Mini 9 chill’n in the camera case. Plus, Rob Galbraith found that the screen is actually a bit more professional than the MacBook Pro which makes it a great little mobile photography tool. Read More

  • Buffalo launching 7-inch USB external display

    Small external displays are becoming increasingly commonplace but the little displays are still special to us. They are so freking handy and this one from Buffalo is no different. The 7-inch display is powered by USB and features a decent 800×480 display resolution which should display Adium or Trillian buddy lists just fine. Even video would be fine. However, this external display is only… Read More

  • Acer smartphone to be announced on February 16th

    Acer wants everyone to know that it is launching a smartphone at the Mobile World Congress cellphone extravaganza in Barcelona. The February 16th press event is also nearly one year after Acer scooped up the experienced smartphone maker, E-Ten. M’kay, now that we know Acer has a smartphone coming in a couple weeks, get ready for some *air quotes* leaked product shots to keep our attention. Read More

  • Tri-fold Apple MacBook mock-up

    This is by no means a real Apple product, nor are we trying to pass it off as one. The notebook above is simply a clever mock-up of what a an Apple MacBook Mini (read: netbook) could look like. The touchpad/wrist rest folds on top of the keyboard and then the screen folds down. Plausible? Sure, but it’s also plausible that Microsoft will upgrade Windows Vista suckers for free to Windows… Read More

  • Review: The entire NAVIGON GPS lineup

    Short Version: We take a close look at four NAVIGON GPS units that are overpriced but still capable PND. Click on for a review of the 2000S, 2200T, 7200T and 8100T personal navigation devices. Read More

  • It's just cool: Cockpit view of the Space Shuttle

    Who doesn’t enjoy a little rocket ship pr0n? Gigantic pic of the Space Shuttle cockpit after the break. It’s huge! Read More

  • Power your notebook with a little foot power and the YoGen MaxT

    Perfect! Now you can go camping and not worry about recharging your notebook in the great outdoors. The YoGen MaxT produces enough juice when in use to power produce 50-60 Watts which is enough to keep your notebook running. All you need to do is push on the self-returning foot pedal to generate the power. Plus, an internal bank of AA keeps the power flowing while you give your leg a rest. Read More

  • Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

    Circuit City Stores have been liquidating for almost two weeks now and hopefully some people have found decent deals at the sales. Most big ticket items are probably still not worth it thanks to shady liquidator tactics, but someone, somewhere hopefully scored something at a bargain basement price. Right? Read More

  • Western Digital sets the bar higher with the 2TB Caviar Green

    There was a time when 1TB drives seemed huge, but then the 1.25TB and 1.50TB dropped. Now, Western Digital resets the standard at 2TBs with the latest in the Caviar Green lineup. The 3.5-inch drive utilizes 500GB/platter technology along with a 32MB cache for a fast and apparently, eco-friendly operation. The best part? Read More

  • Sony VAIO P now shipping to American geeks

    Netbook or not, Sony is going to sell a bunch of the VAIO P little lappies and it seems at least some early orders are being shipped. Sony is probably starting with the pre-orders and working their way from there. Originally, the P was suppose to ship sometime in February, but the FedEx man should probably drop a few of off sometime before the end of this month. Anyone order one? Read More

  • Sears is full of bull, plasma TVs do not need to be recharged

    Buying a plasma TV can be so frustrating. First, you as the informed consumer, know that plamsa TVs generally produce a superior picture verse LCDs but sometimes TV salesmen don’t agree. That being said, this guy managed to buy a plasma from Sears and turned down the $300 three-year service plan only to have the company call him a few days later to pitch the plan again. This time though… Read More

  • Palm Treo Pro now for sale at Best Buy for a whopping $699

    Best Buy is ready to take orders for the Palm Treo Pro for those not willing to wait for the Sprint-subsidized model. It’s going to take a special (read: loaded) gadget freak to plop down seven large on a WinMob phone that’s backordered until the middle of February which is when the phone is rumored to launch on Sprint anyway. Granted, that person might be purchasing the phone… Read More

  • This 1972 electric Datsun will smoke your 'Vette, Civic

    <img src=";?Everyone knows that the Tesla Roadster is a quick car and can beat most Porsche’s down the quarter mile. That $100k+ ride doesn’t have anything on this Datsun powered by lightweight lithium ion batteries dubbed White Zombie. This little guy can scoot down the strip in under 11.5… Read More

  • Do you care about the Super Bowl 3D commercials? I don't.

    During this year’s Super Bowl, there are going to be some 3D commercials. Both Dreamworks and SoBe are going to air their ridiculously expensive ad spots right before the half-time extravaganza. But us fat, lazy Americans need special 3D glasses to view said commercials which makes ’em lame in my book. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Logitech Harmony 510 universal remote

    This may be the the plain jane Logitech Harmony, but it’s still a killer remote solution for those plagued with multiple remotes. Everything is consolidated into one unit that’s easy to program thanks to the online setup. It’s a basic model but totally worth $50. Read More

  • Simpsons switching to high definition for season 20 premiere

    The Simpsons has been a staple in many homes for nearly 20 years and finally, finally, the show will be broadcast in glorious high definition. Season 20 debuts on February 15 which is when the switch will be flipped and we’ll see Homer and Co. in HD. Plus, the show is going to have a new main title for the first time in 20 seasons. Oh, and for the record, The Simpsons is going HD before… Read More