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Matt is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch.

Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for Engadget and EngadgetHD before moving into the party house that is TechCrunch.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call.

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  • The Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds's dual screens gets demo'd

    Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds broke cover over the weekend, there are so many questions on how it will work. This quick, 10-sec video does shed some light on how the action will take place. It seems that the second screen simply slides-out behind the main screen. Hopefully it works well. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Kodak taking cost cutting to the extreme

    Kodak must not be doing so well. As part of a cust cutting move, the company is eliminating a vital, but still annoying, business tool. Free Coffee? Not yet. Elevators? Nope? Email? Nope, but getting closer. Read More

  • Garmin expects to end '08 with a lot of GPS's shipped Update: Garmin isn't happy

    Garmin is expecting ’08 to be a banner year despite the piss-poor economy. When all the beans are counted and the ducks are lined up, the largest GPS manufacturer expects to have shipped 50% more GPS units this year verse in previous years. Update after the jump Read More

  • Latest Roku Netflix Player firmware enables HD streaming

    Since the Roku Netflix player was the first streaming Netflix device, it’s only fitting that it gains the latest goodie of HD streaming. The little box definitely has the horsepower to push the HD content, so all that was missing was the software to enable it. That, my friends, should automatically hit the devices over the next few weeks. Read More

  • Microsoft extends Windows XP life a bit longer

    Microsoft initially intended for Windows XP to die when the ball dropped on New Years Eve ’08, but the OS has gotten a reprieve – for now at least. The new cut off date for licenses will be May 20, 2009. Read More

  • Coolpad aims to keep your netbook cool and with a tad more storage

    Netbooks seem to have broken from their once niche market and are selling like Tickle Me Elmos from past Christmases. The sub-notebooks do tend to lack storage capacity and some can get a little toasty though. Those two dilemmas are what the Coolpad tries to solve. Read More

  • RockridgeSound drops dead sexy vacuum tube amp/iPod dock

    It’s mighty hard for gadget makers to produce iPod docks these days that get attention. With local pharmacies and grocery stores offering ’em up, its hard to get noticed. I noticed this dock from RockridgeSound though. Read More

  • Android-powered Garmin devices coming second-half of '09

    2009 is set to be Google’s Androids big year with more and more manufacturers jumping on the open-source platform. Garmin has at least one smartphone slated for the second-half of ’09 release and with perhaps more on the way. We’re still too far away from the launch for exact details. There is a chance that the mobile might not see a Stateside release as the tidbit… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Olevia BD-100 Blu-ray player $149 at Target

    Blu-ray players keep on dropping in price – HUZZAH! – and Target has a nice deal on an Olevia unit. The BD-100 has all the bells and whistles of a Profile 1.1 player at a killer price. True, Black Friday deals were better but chances are no shopkeeper died for this deal (too soon?) Read More

  • Whole house surge protection explained, debunked

    It’s well known that electrical surges can damage computers and AV equipment, but there are so many myths about ’em. One of the latest snake oil-type devices are so-called ‘whole house surge protectors’ but while they sound like a great idea, the vast majority of electrical surges aren’t caused by external issues that these costly systems address. Read More

  • Samsung prepping Android smartphone for Sprint & T-Mobile Q2 launch

    Word is that Samsung is planning on launching its first Android-powered sometime in the second quarter of ’09 on both Sprint and T-Mobile. The device is reportable going to be similar to the Omnia or Instinct, just powered by Google’s mobile platform. So if the phone does take after those two Samsung devices, chances are it will lack a hardware QWERTY keyboard and feature minimal… Read More

  • Polaroid files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Polaroid isn’t do so well and just filed for bankruptcy. The once-hipster brand hasn’t found its footing in the digital age and has fallen by the wayside, recently announcing instant film is being discontinued. Read More

  • Foxit takes eBooks to a new low with the eSlick

    So far eBook devices chief sticking point is the high price. The $300+ range of the Kindle and Sony Reader turns off all but the most avid gadgetphile, book proprietor. Maybe the $259 eSlick by Foxit will find more success even though it opts for a lower price rather than fancy connectivity or e-ink backlighting. It’s still slim at .4-inches thick and ships with 128MB of internal… Read More

  • Bang & Olufsen develops first car audio system for drop tops

    Generally, convertible owners concede audio fidelity when the top is down but Bang & Olufsen’s new audio system will should let drivers rock-out topless. The system uses some crazy digital processing that involves a dashboard-mounted microphone that compensates for road noise. Currently the 12 speaker, 10 amp’ed, 500 watt system is only available in Audi’s… Read More

  • More upcoming Motorola '09 phone hotness

    We were treated to some upcoming Motorola phones 24 hours ago and now we have three more. Also like yesterday, details like price, release date, and OS are absent, but at least we have some great pics. The Niagra, pictured above, has some RAZR juice running through its circuit. The other two phones, Calgary and Harmony, are destined to become “free phones.” (pics after the jump)… Read More

  • Don't forget about our DVDO Edge giveaway

    There is only 24 hours left in our DVDO Edge giveaway. I found that the processor worked wonders and we are giving it away to one lucky contest entrant. Hop over to the review for the full details. Read More

  • The Apple Expo Paris has been cancelled

    Sorry, Euro Apple fanboys. The main Apple event on that side of the globe has been canceled. The company has slowly been pulling out of trade shows, most notably Macworld as of yesterday, so canceling the Apple Expo Paris isn’t too much of a shock. The aftermath of yesterday’s announcement is sure to be felt deep into the Apple community for sometime as the company once… Read More

  • Yet another 3D sporting event: The BCS Championship game

    3D sporting events are becoming more and more commonplace but that doesn’t take away from their appeal. This year’s BCS Championship game is going to get the same treatment as the NFL game and the NBA All-Star game. The game is going to be shown, not only at CES ’09 to a select group of 1,200 geeks, but also to sports fans in 35 states. (check for your local showings) The… Read More

  • to get redesigned as a Hulu competitor

    Hulu overcame incredible initial criticism to become the golden child of revenue generating video sites. CBS has been eyeing the NBC success story and reportably has big plans for CNET lauched said website back in ’05, but CBS recently aquired the company, along with its websites, earlier this year. The report indicates CBS wants to add full length episodes, but keep the… Read More

  • Pic of upcoming Motorola phones that at least look hot

    2009 is a new year for Motorola. The firm’s sales are tracking down, the RAZR might be dead – hopefully – but these four upcoming phones look uncharacteristically good. Little is known beside about the mobiles besides what can be gathered from the pics. The branding indicates that they are Verizon-bound and at least three of the four are touchscreens. And none of the phones… Read More