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Matt is a Senior Editor at TechCrunch.

Matt Burns is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, only cars eclipse his love of gadgets. He previously wrote for Engadget and EngadgetHD before moving into the party house that is TechCrunch.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call.

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  • The G1 to land in more European countries on the wings of a lie

    T-Mobile is set to bring the G1 to more even more counties. Germany and Poland will be the first counties outside of the US and England to receive the Android-based phone with a launch of February 2nd, 2009. Eventually though, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria will all have the phone from the region’s T-Mobile branch. Pricing for every region, except Germany, haven’t been… Read More

  • VUDU adds HD YouTube viewing feature

    VUDU sent along a minor update that adds a little YouTube goodness to the Netflix-streaming machine. Now, if a high definition version is available, the VUDU box will display that rather than the crappy SD version. You, the user, do not have to do anything extra; well, just update your movie streaming box. That’s all. You listening, TiVo. Where is your HD YouTube update? Eh? Read More

  • LG busts into the ultraslim DVD gala

    Samsung dropped the swanky BD-P4600 Blu-ray player at CES and now it has some company – and competition – from LG. While the DV4S and DV4M are not Blu-ray players like the Samsung counterpart, the two models still hold their own with different functions and features. Read More

  • Video demo: iControlPad iPhone gaming controller

    The iPhone is a killer mobile gaming platform – so says the hardware. Controlling some of the games with the touchscreen-only can be a test of your nerdism but the iControlPad aims to bring gaming on the iPhone to the masses. It’s not available for purchase just yet but at least we have a video demo showing what the little pad can do with the Quake4iPhone app. Impressive to say… Read More

  • Video: Woz on Apple's product development future and Steve Jobs' health

    Steve Wozniak was on a Bay Area NBC station and provided some valuable insight about Apple’s future. This is a must watch video for bored Apple fanboys on a lazy Sunday afternoon. What else do you have going on? Seriously, click the “Read Post” link for the five minute video. Read More

  • morphs into an info page

    Circuit City is gone and so is the website – for now. Circuit City was one of the first major brick and mortar stores to have an online marketplace but that tidbit doesn’t matter anymore. It’s been changed into an FAQ page about the company’s future. Just in case, you know, you’re curious about the expensive extended warranty purchased a few months ago. The… Read More

  • Dev-Team getting closer to releasing redsn0w, the iPod touch 2G jailbreaking app

    The infamous Dev-Team dropped a big hint in the form of an image a few days ago that the hacker group was developing an iPod touch 2G jailbreaking app. Now, not only did the group confirm that the iPod touch 2G was the target device for redsn0w, but have gotten a bit closer to the goal. It seems that the process has been done but is still too manual for geeks like us. They plan on packaging… Read More

  • Pics of the Leica M8 Safari spotted, ogled

    What digital shutternut doesn’t covet the Leica M8? It’s the pinnacle of compact digital cameras done up in the classiest digs. The latest color scheme, Safari, is damn fine look’n. The matte green body combined with the brushed silver accents are simply stunning and almost breathtaking. Plus, the green canvas and brown leather case completes the look ever so gracefully on… Read More

  • US Airways' emergency landing video released

    A Coast Guard camera pointed at the Hudson River completes the story of the miracle landing from start to finish. Within seconds of the splashdown, passengers are evacuating and a quick minute later, the first boat steams full speed towards the downed aircraft. There isn’t any sound but the 10 minute video chronicles the entire event. The must see video after the break. Read More

  • More proof Transformers 2 will be a huge GM ad spot

    The original Transformers movie was obnoxiously filled with shiny General Motor’s rides and it seems that theme will continue in the sequel. The latest GM wunderkind, the Chevy Volt, was apparently forced onto the writers at the latest minute ‘ccording to a web chat with the film’s head writer. Who knows how much GM is padding the producers pockets but at least we get to… Read More

  • Hawaii officially shuts-off analog broadcasts 100%

    The great state of Hawaii is the first in the Nation to make the switch exclusively to digital. The change happened at noon Thursday with the state’s 20 stations broadcasting just a PSA on their analog signals stating, ” All full-power Hawaii TV stations are now digital.” So far the conversion has been made with minimal customer outrage. The FCC did setup phone lines for and… Read More

  • Why the DTV switchover might be pushed back to June

    Us American nerds have known for literally years that analog TV signals were eventually going to be shut off. Congress set the date of February 17, 2009 a few years ago and in true government fashion, that date *might* be pushed to June 12 with the digital coupon program to blame. You see, funding ran out for the $40 coupons weeks ago but procrastinating consumers are just now applying causing… Read More

  • Obama to KEEP his Blackberry

    The tech world has been on fire with speculation about if President-elect Obama will be able to keep his beloved Blackberry. According to ABC World News, he will be able to keep it only for personal use. Anything government related will have to be handled on a NSA-approved phone. The smartphone option, the Sectera Edge, is a NSA approved brickphone. (pics after the jump). Anyway, good for Barack. Read More

  • Circuit City liquidation shopping tips

    Circuit City may be bringing in liquidators to help clear our the remaining merchandise, but watch out for the first couple rounds of deals. You may find the prices, while bedazzled with huge sale signs, are not that great. Shoppers found this out during the first wave of store closings back in November. Eventually, most items should go cheap but beware the perceived sale. So here are couple… Read More

  • Experience inauguration overload with DirecTV's Mix channel

    DirecTV has the ultimate inauguration station in case you were planning on watching Obama’s big night at home rather than at your local theater. The mosaic combines eight, high-def stations into one mix that lets you select which station you wanna watch in full screen, high definition. DirecTV has been doing this for a few years with sports but this is probably the first time a President… Read More

  • The vulture liquidators are circulating Circuit City's rotting carcass

    Circuit City is currently in process of taking bids on the retailer. Yup, the retailer is trying to sell the whole thing off. It seems that there are two plans in place. First, the company is taking bids on the sale of the entire retailer. If that doesn’t happen, they will turn to liquidators that will buy certain assets and sell it off in the name of [fake] liquidation sales. Is… Read More

  • Leaked Office 14 screenshots confirms love for Office 2000

    Microsoft Office used to be a solid desktop publishing suite but after every new incarnation, it gets more bloated and overbearing. The leaked screenshots of Office 14 reaffirms Microsoft’s need to reinvent the wheel in order to drum up more sales. Personally, I’m content with Office 2000 but have ascended into the cloud that is Google Documents. I don’t think there is a… Read More

  • Post Steve Jobs Apple stock watch

    Apple’s stock (AAPL) was down last night in after market trading and the trend continued this morning. We gave the market a few minutes but it looks like Steve Jobs taking a six month medical sabbatical isn’t sitting so well with stock traders. Currently (as of 10:30) the stock is trading at 80.62 which is 4.27 below the close yesterday. We’ll check on it later today but… Read More

  • Inauguration to be shown live at theaters, Starbucks thanks to MSNBC

    Obama’s inauguration is right around the corner and everyone (read: everyone but us) with a media connection is trying to capitalize on what’s sure to be an extremely popular event. MSNBC and Screenvision will show the event live and free in 27 theater covering 21 markets. (register here) Plus, 650 Starbucks in three markets will also show the event live and spearhead a… Read More

  • DIY: A cheap flash diffuser

    Properly controlling your dSLR’s flash is a good first step in becoming a great photographer. Most dSLR’s flashes are just so harsh and external flashes are just so expensive, so what’s a photographer on a budget to do? A little help from a piece of Velum and a piece of tape is all you need to diffuse the built-in flash. Eventually though, you are going to have to cave to… Read More