Matt Burns

Matt is a Managing Editor at TechCrunch.

He started at TechCrunch as a freelance writer in 2008 and moved up the ranks to become the Managing Editor in early 2017. Born and raised in the heart of the automotive world, he has a special place in his heart for mobility startups and gadgets.

At TechCrunch he manages the editorial side of the company’s events including TechCrunch Disrupt, TechCrunch Sessions and the company’s various worldwide events. Previously he was a freelance writer at Engadget and EngadgetHD where he hosted podcasts until he was removed from that role after saying a swear word. He’s very sorry and promises it won’t happen again.

His passions include emails, run-on sentences and following through with action items developed during a conference call. And woodwork.

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  • NEC cutting 20k employees, 20,000

    There isn’t a day that passes that CE companies don’t announce layoffs. NEC’s expected cuts are some of the largest yet though with plans to eliminate 20,000 employees. That would result in the company firing nearly 7% of its worldwide work force just to “convert to a more muscular profit structure.” The overall goal is to return the company to a more profitable… Read More

  • $10 laptop coming from India on February 3rd, or so they say

    While companies have been toiling away at breaking the sub-$100 notebook price point for ages now, an Indian company is ready to show off a notebook that costs – ready? – only $10. Actually, right now, it would cost $20 but mass production should drive it down they say. The notebook apparently still comes equipped with 2GB of memory, WiFi, Ethernet, and expendable memory. No word… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 Netbook $177 (btw, it's a refurb)

    Jump on the netbook bandwagon on the cheap side with this Dell Mini 9 refurbished netbook. It’s the low end Ubuntu model with only a 1.6GHz Atom, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB SSD but it’s only $179. Because it’s right from Dell, however, buyers still get a 1 year warranty and 24/7 tech support. Just use coupon code $C$TXXP1CT3BLC (via) to bring the advertised price of $209 down to a… Read More

  • Tesla scraps Model S manufacturing facility plans

    Bad news for treehugging gearheads this morning. Tesla had originally planned on opening a new facility in San Jose to build the Model S electric sports sedan, but the financing fell through. (Welcome to America, Tesla) So as it stands now, the company is going to redirect a $450 million government loan that was originally going to help build the facility into the general budget which will… Read More

  • Senate passes another DTV Transition extension bill

    It’s Take Two on the bill the DTV Transition bill that would postpone the analog switch-off until June 12. The House of Representatives shot down the first one after a unanimous Senate vote, but this this revised bill might make it to Obama’s desk. Read More

  • Acer planning a 10-inch Aspire One netbook with Linux & a SSD

    Acer went all official on the 10-inch Aspire One a few days ago, but that model is loaded with XP Home. It seems however that a Linux flavor with a 16GB SSD is in the works of the same model and might be loaded with the same distro of Linux as the original 8.9-inch Aspire One. Read More

  • Pandora Handheld Gaming Computer prototype

    We’ve heard about the fabled Pandora handheld emulation device for a while now and maybe, just maybe, it will hit the market before we lose interest. This prototype looks similar to the early renderings which is great cause it seems like the perfect, pocketable size. All the specs are reportable the same too, but now we can see the little guy in action with the video after the break. Read More

  • Report: Circuit City's liquidation going great

    Despite our attempts to inform everyone that the Circuit City liquidation deals are scams, apparently some people are still spending their money at the dead retailer. In fact, there the liquidator overlords might start another round of markdowns starting today because the sales are going so well. The distribution centers are almost cleared out and it seems Circuit City’s days are coming to… Read More

  • Nokia updates its classic candybar phone lineup

    Nokia made a name for itself with candybar style phones and the firm’s latest handsets follow that tradition. Expect two of these phones to hit carriers with low – or free – price tags while one, the 6700, will try to be sold with a price tag north of $300 Read More

  • Sony's 4th quarter net profit dropped 95 percent, 95 percent!!!

    Sony didn’t have a great fourth quarter of 2008 to say the least. The company saw profits vanish over 2007, recording only a 10.4 billion yen verses 200.2 billion yen. The cause? You and I didn’t buy what we were suppose too. Shame on you, btw. TVs were a big factor, but maybe with the Super Bowl quickly approaching, Sony will recover some of the lost profits. Still, Sony’s… Read More

  • Next-gen iPhone revealed deep in latest firmware?

    There is a slight chance that MacRumors stumbled across the first evidence of Apple’s next iPhone. It boils down to a previously unused product code – iPhone2,1 – which suddenly made an appearance in firmware 2.1.1. The current generation iPhone is notated with the product code, iPhone1,2 so they might be onto something. Plus, iPods have seen similar product code increases as… Read More

  • It's just cool: Cockpit view of SpaceShipOne

    Yesterday, we took a look at the Space Shuttle’s cockpit with it’s almost vintage look. Today, we have a look at the first privately funded sub-orbital vehicle’s cockpit. It looks a tad different. In fact, I dare say you could count all the buttons and switches on two hands within SpaceShipOne’s interior. Got to love the off-the-shelf GPS mounted above the main screen too. Read More

  • DTV Transition extension bill DID NOT pass the House

    The House of Representatives shot down the bill that would extend the DTV Transition date to June 12. The bill needed two-thirds vote to pass and extend the date by nearly four months. So as it stands now, televisions stations will switch off their analog broadcasts on February 17, 2009 as originally planed and advertised which will potentially leave millions of procrastinators without television. Read More

  • Vintage Paillard Bolex H8 camera gun on eBay

    Attention camera fanatics, ebay has a listing for you. The Paillard Bolex H8 Military Gun was apparently used by a Vietnam war reporter and survived. Wartime details about the equipment isn’t listed but just think of the history this camera might have recorded. The buyer gets a few more lens along the original documentation and a case too. But is it worth the $1,318 Buy It Now price? Read More

  • Behind the scenes of the 3D SoBe Super Bowl commercial

    You should know by now that there are going to be 3D Super Bowl Commercials. Right? Anyway, SoBe has produced a behind the scenes look at its commercial. Hopefully the real thing isn’t as craptacular as this clip; it probably will be though. Video after the break and remember, you’ve been warned. Read More

  • Picture proof: Why netbooks rock [to some]

    Netbooks are the latest fad, but they do one thing very well: Portability. The above picture shows-off exactly why mobile professions are falling in love with the sub-notebooks. That’s a Dell Mini 9 chill’n in the camera case. Plus, Rob Galbraith found that the screen is actually a bit more professional than the MacBook Pro which makes it a great little mobile photography tool. Read More

  • Buffalo launching 7-inch USB external display

    Small external displays are becoming increasingly commonplace but the little displays are still special to us. They are so freking handy and this one from Buffalo is no different. The 7-inch display is powered by USB and features a decent 800×480 display resolution which should display Adium or Trillian buddy lists just fine. Even video would be fine. However, this external display is only… Read More

  • Acer smartphone to be announced on February 16th

    Acer wants everyone to know that it is launching a smartphone at the Mobile World Congress cellphone extravaganza in Barcelona. The February 16th press event is also nearly one year after Acer scooped up the experienced smartphone maker, E-Ten. M’kay, now that we know Acer has a smartphone coming in a couple weeks, get ready for some *air quotes* leaked product shots to keep our attention. Read More

  • Tri-fold Apple MacBook mock-up

    This is by no means a real Apple product, nor are we trying to pass it off as one. The notebook above is simply a clever mock-up of what a an Apple MacBook Mini (read: netbook) could look like. The touchpad/wrist rest folds on top of the keyboard and then the screen folds down. Plausible? Sure, but it’s also plausible that Microsoft will upgrade Windows Vista suckers for free to Windows… Read More

  • Review: The entire NAVIGON GPS lineup

    Short Version: We take a close look at four NAVIGON GPS units that are overpriced but still capable PND. Click on for a review of the 2000S, 2200T, 7200T and 8100T personal navigation devices. Read More