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Oryx nano antennas allow autonomous cars to see farther, better

Oryx Vision has created a “coherent optical radar system,” according to CEO Rani Wellingstein, that improves the depth perception of autonomous vehicles. The Israel-based company has emerg

2016 Mercedes-Benz C350e soothes range anxiety

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz C350e plug-in hybrid sedan is not a Tesla fighter. It’s not even much of a Chevy Volt fighter. It is a very comfortable, very refined plug-in-hybrid mid-range Mercedes. So

Carrobot joins the aftermarket HUD fray

If you want to add a head-up display (HUD) to your car, you’ve certainly got choices. In addition to Navdy and its Chinese clone Roav, Carrobot launched in October to bring its eye-level interfa

Sondors 3-wheeled EV uses new crowdfunding equity to raise $500k

The Model Sondors 3-wheeled electric vehicle is the latest automotive startup to take advantage of new rules to raise funds. Sondors is using equity crowdfunding, “where a crowd of accredited an

Vehicle security device Ernest launches today

Ernest is a bit difficult to describe. It’s a device, it’s two devices, it’s an app, and according to its founder, Arturs Pumpurs, it’s a kind of virtual butler. The system sec

2016 Lexus GS-F is fast, but not from the future

It’s unfair to critique anything outside its purpose. You can’t judge a poem using essay criteria; you can’t pit the latest album from Leonard Cohen against Beyoncé. So you have to

Moovit and Rock the Vote team up to get you to the polls

Transit app Moovit and the nonpartisan, nonprofit Rock the Vote organization are working to get you to the right poll on time. On election day — Tuesday, November 8 — Moovit will get you f

5 supercar secrets starring the 2017 McLaren 570GT

Supercars are called super for a reason: these are not everyday sedans. They’re more powerful, more strikingly designed, and more expensive than the cars we usually drive to work. But there are

Evercar abruptly shuts down

On September 7, 2016, Evercar sent out a press release announcing that it had expanded from its Los Angeles home base to San Francisco and Oakland and had financing for buying up to 3,000 vehicles in

Waze and Esri make app-to-infrastructure possible

The interactive navigation app Waze, with its 65 million active monthly users, has partnered with Esri, which provides geographic information systems (GIS) software to 25,000 state, local and national

The Barnacle means no more boots on your wheel

The Barnacle is a new way for parking patrols to immobilize vehicles. Instead of using a boot to keep a wheel from moving, officers can slap a Barnacle across the windshield, suction it to the glass,

Formula E grows, gains cred

This morning, Faraday Future Dragon Racing unveiled its livery for the third season of the Formula E all-electric open-wheel racing series in Hong Kong. The car’s black-and-white fade pattern ec

Evercar mashes up car sharing and ride hailing

Say you’d like to make a few extra bucks by driving for ride hailing services Lyft and Uber or on-demand delivery services like Postmates, but your old car won’t pass muster with these com

What the new NHTSA guidelines mean for self-driving cars

In September, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued guidelines for the testing and deployment of autonomous [PDF] vehicles. The important thing to remember for now is that these

Tales from a Tesla Model S at 200k miles

Tesloop’s first vehicle, a Tesla Model S they put into service in July 2015, has reached a new milestone: 200,000 miles on the odometer. Tesloop, you’ll recall, ferries passengers between

The OX is a flat-pack truck for the developing world

The Global Vehicle Trust has revealed its OX prototype, a truck that can be flat-packed into itself for transportation anywhere in the world. When it arrives at its destination, the OX can be unpacked

AutoMobility LA announces its top 10 startups

AutoMobility LA, the new name for the press days before the public LA Auto Show in November, has announced the ten startups competing for visibility and mentoring opportunities. The board that chooses

Aria Systems launches automotive recurring revenue platform

Aria Systems is bringing together the chocolate of usage- and subscription-based revenue opportunities with the peanut butter of increasingly connected automotive systems. The resulting candy (to comp

Elio Motors locks in price for nonrefundable reservations

Elio Motors has raised funds for manufacturing its forthcoming three-wheeled commuter vehicle in a few innovative ways, including Regulation A+ stock offerings. Its latest creative funding is throug

20-minute hot take: 2017 Volvo S90 Pilot Assist

I’ve spent the last couple of days at a Northwest Automotive Press Association driving event, and the last car of the two dozen or so I drove was the 2017 Volvo S90 with the latest version of In
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