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Jonathan Friedman Contributor Jonathan Friedman is a partner at LionBird Israel and blogs about the Venture Capital Point of View at More posts by this contributor The Erosion Of “Same Round, Same Price” Buy/Hold/Sell In Venture Capital

Jonathan Friedman is a partner at LionBird Israel and blogs about the Venture Capital Point of View at

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The Erosion Of “Same Round, Same Price”

It seems most founders believe investors asking for “extras” on the side are simply greedy and short-sighted. While it’s easy to criticize investors, I believe this behavior is driven in large p

What To Do If Your Lead Investor Asks For ESOP

As valuations continue to rise, early stage VCs are getting more “creative” with their deal structuring. In particular, I’ve seen a rise in requests for ESOP shares to be allocated to lead inves

Buy/Hold/Sell In Venture Capital

A common rule of thumb among early stage VCs is to reserve 2–3X dollars for every $1 initially invested in a startup. This is in order to maintain ownership levels in selected portfolio companies an

Read This Before Meeting VCs For Pre-Pitch “Advice”

Startups often ask VCs for pre-pitch meetings. These requests usually are positioned along the lines of, “We aren’t looking for money yet, just advice.” Of course, we all know this is just a nic

Three Reasons Your Term Sheet May Fall Through

So you’ve made it past all the VC grilling and received a term sheet. Congratulations! But don’t celebrate just yet. Term sheets are non-binding, and even though they should signify a VC has convi

Is Competition Really For Losers?

While declaring “competition is for losers” has become fashionable among unicorn-chasing VCs, most founders still reject this line of thinking. They know there is a gray area, and that large marke

The “Common Plus” Opportunity

It’s become increasingly common for early-stage entrepreneurs to “lead their own rounds” via the use of convertible notes. In cases where they set financing terms themselves, they often set a hi

How Top Founders Juggle Term Sheets

Breakout startups that are ready for “Fundraising Acceleration” often face the challenge of managing interest from multiple investors. Having been involved in a number of these startups first-hand

The Key To Raising Your Seed Extension Round

Given the growth in seed funding driven by the combined forces of the "Micro-VC glut" and increasing activity by angel investors (often via crowd funding), it’s become increasingly common to meet so