Jon Evans

Jon Evans

Jon Evans is the CTO of the software consultancy HappyFunCorp, TechCrunch’s weekly opinion columnist, an award-winning and widely published novelist, a journalist who has traveled to more than 100 countries and reported from Iraq, Haiti, Colombia, and the Congo, a University of Waterloo electrical engineering alumnus, and the founding director of the GitHub Archive Program.

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In Praise Of Quick And Filthy

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The Power Users Are Revolting

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Metastasized Software And Life 3.0

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Heads Up! This Was Google’s Apple Moment

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Whither, Hollywood, Wither?

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Only Messi Can Save Us Now

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Notes From The Ebook Trenches

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In Five Years, Most Africans Will Have Smartphones

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Bashing Facebook For All The Wrong Reasons

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Selling Software That Kills

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In Which The Maker Faire Restores Your Humble Correspondent’s Faith In Humanity

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No Shortcuts, No Mercy: The Bloodsport Of Recruitment

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Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Xobot

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Interview: John Robb

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Voldemort’s Got Nothing On Jeff Bezos

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Apps Have Got Your Back

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When Code Is Hot

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So Long, And Thanks For All The Quantum Research

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Women, Tech, And Tone

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The September Problem

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