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John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer, and the East Coast Editor for TechCrunch and runs Freemit. He writes mainly about technology, security, gadgets, gear, wristwatches, and the internet. After spending four years as an IT programmer, he switched his profession and became a full-time journalist. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Laptop, PC Upgrade, Surge, Gizmodo, Men’s Health, InSync, Linux Journal, Popular Science, Sync, and he has written a book called Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age.

John Biggs is currently East Coast Editor of and he runs the BWL family of blogs,, Audiomonger, and He also runs the HourTime Podcast with Ariel Adams at Born in 1975, he currently resides in New York, N.Y.

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  • Getcher Ringtones Here: iTunes Ringtones How-to

    Put your pencils down, class, because now you can turn the latest Nickelback tune into a 30 second ringtone. I did one today — Rockstar, because I couldn’t find anything else — and it’s fairly simple. Here’s how. 1. Buy an iPhone. Read More

  • iPhone Unlock Complete Here is the full unlock process from start to finish. It was a bit of an ordeal, but I could probably do it again now in a few minutes. Special thanks to WirelessImports for all the help. A Windows FAQ is forthcoming, but it basically involves downloading AppTapp to open the phone, then using AiSign to activate it. Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ Advice from "JL"

    Here are two tips: 1.) If you’re 23 and decide to take a beginner’s Japanese class at a local community college, be prepared for the onslaught of 18 year old ass hats who apparently know all there is to know about life, and are so hilarious that they should make a “funny” comment in class every thirty seconds. I mean, after spending almost $200 on books and… Read More

  • CG and WirelessImports Five Unlocks Contest: You Guys Are Hungry For It

    One of our first entrants — hi-freakin’-larious. Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ Advice from "SafetyOBC"

    My advice to every college student is: NEVER, EVER be the first to pass out drunk!! With friends like those you make in college, You could wake up mysteriously outside the girls dorm, stripped naked and completely shaven. It could be a long walk back to the dorm! Spoken from experience, apparently. Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Pre-School Tech

    Kids need a lot of gear. Before Child — Kasper is now 20 months, BTW, and just starting pre-pre-school — we used to travel with a backpack and a flask of whiskey. Now, we travel with 5 bottles of milk (great fun with the TSA), 20 diapers, and 50 stuffed animals… and that’s just for a walk around the block. That said, let’s take a look at some of the gadgetry little… Read More

  • Five Free iPhone Unlocks from CrunchGear and WirelessImports

    We just got off the phone with iPhone Unlock salespeople WirelessImports and we have five free unlocks for CrunchGear and TechCrunch readers. How can you win one? Enter our Steve Jobs look-alike contest. Take your – or a friend’s, loved one’s, or sig other’s – picture in a black turtleneck and jeans and send it to with the subject line… Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Real College Student™ "Brian"

    A few weeks ago I asked “real college students” to tell us what gets them “all up their grills” when they go out to have the “party” in their “hoods.” We got a few interesting responses, including this one from Brian, a Computer Engineering major at NCSU. He even has a Unix sysadmin blog, which makes him extra cool. Here are his picks. My… Read More

  • In the Year 2000 It’s a little dopey, but this is probably one of the best “The Home of the Future” videos I’ve seen in a while. Sure, they got the implementation wrong, but this was made in 1966 and they’ve got email, multiple screens, and bill-paying (it’s a bit misogynist in the video, but you… Read More

  • Welcome to Back-to-School Week at CrunchGear

    Hey, kids? Back to school yet? Great. Well, now that Mom and Dad are out of your hair, we can start talking about what you really should be getting. Go ahead and return that crappy laptop they bought you… we’ll wait. Read More

  • Scoble's Open Letter to Steve Jobs

    Oh, Scoble! You and your “talking back to power” jive. See, ever since Steve Jobs broke cover and told iPhone early adopters they could have $100, those selfsame early adopters have been pissed. I see the move as simple economics — the cellphone industry does this all the time. Take a look at the RAZR. When it first came out, you paid $500 for it and now they give them away… Read More

  • EU Trains to Get Broadband

    Lucky dirty hippies! Now all those with a EURail pass, courtesy of mom and dad in Connecticut, and raging herpes, courtesy of Paulo in Madrid, can hop on the train in Paris and surf, surf, surf all the way to Amsterdam on Thalys rail. The system uses GPRS and UMTS along with Wi-Fi to offer standard Internet connectivity, even at 300km/h (5,000,000 mph, in U.S. units.) Read More

  • HP's iPAQ 610 Video: Booring Sidney, Booring HP’s Raj Bhavani shows off the iPAQ 610, which I’m posting here because I like the guys at and I am still stunned that HP thinks that any self-respecting road warrior would purchase a hunky iPAQ, even if it does come unlocked. I GUESS if your IT team passes these out you’d use them, but it has a 3-megapixel camera and no… Read More

  • Lulu Suing Hulu and We're Going Kuku!

    NBC and News Corp launched Hulu a few weeks ago and they’re already getting all kinds of static. First, their name translates to “cease and desist” in Swahili and how they get a C&D from Lulu, some other company that does some kind of digital stuff. Man! Can’t a rich media conglomerate get a break in this world? Read More

  • Amazon's Kindle and Google's Book Thing: More eBook Readers

    Please, companies, make a good, cheap eBook reader. I really don’t mind having it by my bedside if it cost maybe $100 and books cost about $25 or so, like books cost in “paper form” right now. However, by selling them for too much and then charging a premium for books AND assuming that we’re all trying to steal your eBooks and share them on the Interwebs, you’re… Read More

  • Vudu Video Serving Box Reviewed, Perhaps It Serves Up the Video?

    Vudu made quite a splash a little while ago when the announced a video device that hooks straight up to your TV and lets you buy video. While this device could be called a Media Center PC, a TiVo, or an Apple TV, it is in fact simply called the Vudu and is apparently easy to use and really glossy. Read More

  • Samsung Sentry Robot: Come and Get Me, Bastards!

    Hit X to Hack The time is nigh, people. When the shiznit hits the fazan, these robots will be your only solace and protection. As hordes of ravenous, mutated Moray eels begin roaring out of your plumbing, the Samsung sentry bot, patented but not yet available at Best Buy, will hold them off long enough for you to slit your own throat with a broken bottle and listen as they slither and… Read More

  • The Cavalcade of iPods As many have been saying — lots of selection, no clear winner. This is probably a calculated move on Apple’s part but they’re really zeroing in on some sort of sweet spot device, which could be the Touch if the iPhone hadn’t stolen its thunder. I just pulled the trigger on an 8GB… Read More

  • iPod Touch Tour Read More

  • HP Launches Some Stuff, Some Kind of PC, Some Phones

    Something HP launched. It might be a phone or it might be some kind of shaver. Ummm…. yeah so HP launched some stuff. Like the Blackbird 002. And like some other stuff like a phone with in iPod wheel and like some laptops… what’s that? iPod Touch. Yeah. Not now. Ummm… so it has a touchscreen? Wow. Ummm… some laptops and the Blackbird which is like a $2500 gaming PC. Read More