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John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer, and the East Coast Editor for TechCrunch and runs Freemit. He writes mainly about technology, security, gadgets, gear, wristwatches, and the internet. After spending four years as an IT programmer, he switched his profession and became a full-time journalist. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Laptop, PC Upgrade, Surge, Gizmodo, Men’s Health, InSync, Linux Journal, Popular Science, Sync, and he has written a book called Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age.

John Biggs is currently East Coast Editor of and he runs the BWL family of blogs,, Audiomonger, and He also runs the HourTime Podcast with Ariel Adams at Born in 1975, he currently resides in New York, N.Y.

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  • Tokyoflash 1259Q watch: Remember, Chavistas, set your unreadable watches backward 30 minutes!

    Sure, it’s pretty, but can you tell the time? I’ve been watching Tokyoflash move from “cool gimmick” to “fashion-forward horology source” and I’m kind of dismayed by their latest invention, the 1259Q. I’m not even going to try to tell you how to read it, but I guess if you need the attention and can’t get it with your good looks or hygiene… Read More

  • Spike Awards special guest: Big Daddy

    My buddy Nathan Sharratt, the guy who made the Big Daddy/Little Sister costume with his girlfriend last Halloween just showed up on Spike TV last night, helping accept BioShock’s Best Game award. It just goes to show you that a little obsessive attention to detail and some plastic tubing can take you quite far. Read More

  • Disney's Woz-bot to scare children unto eternity

    EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth (Presented by Siemens!) is a ride dedicated to showing the variety and wealth of riches here on our jolly blue orb. Interestingly enough, in doing this, Disney decided to share the birth of Apple and to glorify the cult of the obese geek eating pizza in his garage. Here we see the Woz, presumably, working on a strange Mac-esque PC. His back is to the riders… Read More

  • T-Mo launches Samsung Katalyst with HotSpot @Home

    Seriously. Do anyone’s friends actually look like this? What does $79.99 and a two-year contract get you these days? The Samsung Katalyst (SGH-t739), a slim slider from T-Mobile that supports My Faves and HotSpot @Home. While you probably won’t feel like the coolest kid on the block with this WiFi-enabled phone, you can make calls over WiFi and it’s technically a world… Read More

  • CompUSA closing, assets to be sold

    CompUSA is dead. The chain will remain open during the holidays, offering nice discounts to vultures like you and me, but has been bought by Gordon Brothers and will be sold off piece by piece. Dallas-based CompUSA said on Friday that active discussions are underway to sell its technical services business, CompUSA TechPro, its online sales operation,, and select stores in key… Read More

  • LG PC12, the jolly, puffy iPod dock/HD radio

    Isn’t it cute? It looks like a little football! Hey, dad! Guess what I’m calling you on! It’s a football! Remember that? Yeah, me to. Anyway, this is PC12 iPod dock with HD radio and standard clock radio functions. As you can see the read-out pops up on the dark face and it supports USB audio as well as standard audio-in. Amazing? Nah. Round? Yes. Read More

  • What to get Grandma next year: Zenith's DTT900

    When TV goes totally digital in 2009, Grandma is going to be stuck with TVs that don’t get any of her stories. The remedy is this little DTT900 box, which will sell for about $60. This is a $20 premium over the $40 coupon households can request from the federal government and that gets you a digital-to-analog converter, remote, and build-in V-CHIP and close captioning, ensuring she… Read More

  • $999 LG BF200 would swing both ways if Blu-Ray and HD DVD were sexual orientations

    The format war is over, kids. It’s going to be a Blu-Ray/HD DVD world whether we like it or not and getting one or the other right now is probably a bad idea. Witness the BF200 from LG, arriving now for $999. Here’s my take: While pure play devices might pop up in consoles — as they have — and some low-cost devices — as they have — these are basically a way… Read More

  • Symantec's Anti-Viral Norton Fighter: Finally, the Japanese don't scare us, instead make us laugh

    Maid cafe maidens. Fat nerds. Skinny nerds. Justin Timberlake’s choreographer as a viral commander. What could be better on a snowy Friday morning? via Giz Read More

  • CrunchGear this Week

    The strange days of post-thanksgiving excess and crushed consumers are over. Of course, that means that the pre-holiday rush has begun, and CG’s holiday recommendations are coming fast and furious. But there’s been some controversy: old man Dvorak trashed the OLPC, our own Peter Ha alleged that the PS3 “stinks,” , and also that Leopard should die, causing an influx… Read More

  • Apple shuts down Asian iPhone sellers

    Insert John Pinette joke here. Electronics retailers in Asia are now receiving notices from Apple advising them not to sell unlocked iPhones or face a $1,000 fine. According the Straits Times, retailers received a sternly-worded email from Apple legal advising them that selling “parallel” handsets with the SIM lock disabled is illegal and will result in litigation. It seems… Read More

  • AT&T supports any cellphone in the world, is amazing, cures cancer

    Huzzah! After years of keeping its shining light under a bushel, AT&T has finally come out as the biggest, hottest multi-sexual phone carrier in all the world! Have a phone! Use it on AT&T! ConAir! Motorola! GE! An old rotary phone from Grandma’s! Hook it up to AT&Ts wireless network and get calls from Jesus and dead loved ones! That is, if you believe this hype-filled lump… Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital: New & Easy Printers

    DemystifyingDigital is a feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of If you’re scrambling to buy a holiday gift for any of your friends with a digital camera, you can’t go wrong with a portable printer. While in the past these portables were long on cuteness but short on features and print quality, the latest models from Canon, HP, and Epson rival desktop… Read More

  • French "claim" iPhone "to gain voice recording," "disk mode," "glass of nice Bordeaux" in next update claims that firmware 1.1.3 will offer a voice recorder and disk mode in the next iPhone update. The news is fairly nebulous and there is no second-hand confirmation of this in any of the major Mac sites, so let’s give this a 45% chance of happening at all and a 25% chance of this happening before Christmas. iPhone 1.1.3: Quid of the functionalities? [Babelfish translation] Read More

  • Tune in at 11am EST to talk about RapidRepair's Kindle disassembly – CANCELLED

    At 11am we’ll be talking to Aaron Vronko, co-founder of, a device repair shop. We’ll talk about his Kindle disassembly, what goes into this slim e-reader, and how easy it is to lose screws and parts when taking apart and putting back together electronic devices. My guess? Really easy. See you then! UPDATE: Operator11 (“The Web 2.0 Video Service that Sucks… Read More

  • Dvorak drives a truck over the OLPC XO-1

    Now with free carrying case. How did I miss this? One of our favorite curmudgeons, John C. Dvorak, hits the nail right on the head with his assessment of the OLPC — send $200 of rice to poor countries, not a $200 computer. The inventors and backers of the OLPC project trust and believe in education as a way out of dire circumstances. Fine, but isn’t a laptop a bit useless if… Read More

  • Pleo dies

    Ugobe, into your hands I commend my spirit. It is finished. This big nasty men at DVICE posted a video of them abusing and eventually killing their Pleo dinosaur. The video is horrible. They choke the wee guy, then hang him by his tail, and even slap him around. Just you wait. When it comes time for “the Big Change,” these boys will be the first against the wall. Note: We at… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson patent to amaze friends, family with bogus gesture-based controls

    Raise your finger if you think this patent is stupid. Dear Gadget Bloggers: Patents are ideas officially recorded by companies to ensure no one else gets them first. They are not “roadmaps” nor is there any proof that they will ever be implemented in any actual device at any time. Look for Apple’s patents for the iPod. I doubt there is anything that remotely resembles the… Read More

  • Operator11 is Dead to Me: Is There Anything Out There Similar to It?

    Way back last summer I wrote about and started using a service called Operator11 — don’t bother visiting because it’s down. It was a video chat system that let you run live shows in a Flash window. The “moderator” or director can show pre-recorded video and images. The real value was the live aspect, allowing you to invite friends to the show and click on… Read More

  • ReProduct: Recyclable Greeting Cards

    This is neither a device nor specifically a service, but it’s a fairly cool idea. These greeting cards, called ReProduct, come with 2-way envelopes (think Netflix) and you can pop the cards into a pre-paid return envelope and send them back to Shaw Industries where they will recycle them into carpet tiles. That’s right: some day you might be walking on the Christmas card you sent… Read More