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John Biggs is a writer, consultant, programmer, former East Coast Editor and current contributing writer for TechCrunch. He writes mainly about technology, security, gadgets, gear, wristwatches, and the internet. After spending four years as an IT programmer, he switched his profession and became a full-time journalist. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Laptop, PC Upgrade, Surge, Gizmodo, Men’s Health, InSync, Linux Journal, Popular Science, Sync, and he has written a book called Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age.

He builds products, writes books, and consults with startups to help them make cool things.

John Biggs runs the BWL family of blogs,, Audiomonger, and He also runs the HourTime Podcast with Ariel Adams at Born in 1975, he currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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  • From the "solving problems that don't exist" files: the hanging printer

    Don’t push me, ’cause I’m close to the edge Some Korean designers designed this hanging printer with a full paper carriage that hangs over your desk and only the print head and roller sit on the desk. It’s not real and no one will ever ship it, but it sure is pretty. Hang on for dear life [Yanko] Read More

  • Tesla to make REV car

    Tesla motors, the company that gave us Roadster and EV1 super-fast all-electric cars, is planning a gas-electric hybrid soon. The car, called the Whitestar, should cost between $50,000 and $70,000 and will also come in an all-electric version. The car, called a REV (Range-extended Vehicle) will go considerably farther on one charge than the 150-200 mile range of the all-electric models. Tesla… Read More

  • Great gadgets through history

    Break out your astrolabes and charge up your Leyden jars, fellow scienceographers! Wired has a nice round-up of some of the greatest gadgets from antiquity including the Antikythera Computer — yes, it was a 1st century B.C. computer — and the seamless globe. These gadgets helped our ancestors explore the earth and engineer great marvels. What did your iPod do for you so far? Read More

  • Third Mediterranean undersea cable cut by ship anchors

    Seriously — three in a week? This sounds more like sabotage. Anyway, it seems another cable has been cut in off of Egypt, slowing down web traffic from Dubai to India. It should be repaired in two weeks. The worst part? Internet cafes typically full of teenaged gamers are nearly empty with speeds still frustratingly slow. “I felt like beating the … modem, throwing it… Read More

  • Mark Cuban goes nuts! Says to give away soundtracks! What a nut!

    Hey, wait a minute. He’s got a good idea. So movie viewership is faltering and music sales are stagnant. Why not mix the two together, creating a synergistic Super Friends? His proposal is simple: movie theaters print a code on their tickets that entitle them to some sort of digital download. It could be a song, a copy of the script, or a screensaver. You get some web traffic, some… Read More

  • French police install Linux, go for a long lunch, smoke

    While there is, in fact, no place in France where the ladies wear no underpants, there is a place where the French police use Linux. These porcs have moved from XP to a version of Ubuntu. They’ve already moved from Internet Explorer and Office, using Le Open Office and Le Mozilla, and the migration should be complete in a few years, provided they don’t strike, have to visit… Read More

  • Semi go smashy smashy on iPhone, iPhone victorious

    I wouldn’t have believed it but it looks like this iPhone survived a meeting with a semi with few ill effects. Sure, the screen is cracked and the back is pretty mangled but you could potentially still use this poor pancake with enough effort. The touchscreen even works and it made a call. MikeBeauchamp’s Flickr via Read Read More

  • Hulu – remember Hulu? – to show Super Bowl ads post-game

    Hulu, I said! Hulu! Go ahead and skip the Super Bowl tomorrow, friends: Hulu will have all of the commercials on there for your streaming pleasure after the game, ensuring you don’t miss a single whimsical ad or a Miller Lite ad involving two women who fight with a gnome of his secret goldmine of beer. I should be in advertising. Advertisers are paying $2.7 million for… Read More

  • News Corp., others attempt to head Microsoft off at the Yahoo! pass

    Like the kid in Can’t Buy Me Love, now that Microsoft has its eye on Yahoo!, everyone wants to get with the faltering ex-nerd. Good riddance, I say. Let News Corp. or Microsoft or a bunch of hedge fund guys pick up this dog at rock bottom prices and turn Yahoo into what Netscape eventually became — a pet project and then an also ran. This is a small world and mindshare, which… Read More

  • Found: Ripley's watch in Aliens

    Watchismo dug up some stills from Aliens that show Ripley’s watch in detail. He then found the exact model, a unique Seiko Speedmaster designed by Giorgio Giugiaro (the guy who designed the Lotus Esprit, interestingly enough) in 1985. The watch has a weird assymetrical case with pushers on the top and bottom of that little square bit there. It was a fairly limited run and looks… Read More

  • Japanese Apple Commercial from 1995

    Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on either. Dig the last part where the lady lies down and the nerd plays with a teddy bear puzzle and then calls Macintosh for some reason. Read More

  • Review: LaserShield Home Security System I’ve been putting off this review for a while because I was afraid it would be too complex to install a full home security system. Boy, was I wrong. Read More

  • Life under house arrest in China

    Headed out to China for the Olympics? Don’t forget your “I’m being watched by the State Police” T-shirt. Blogger Hu Jia posted this video of him and his wife under house arrest, showing the world how ham-handed — and frighteningly dangerous — a centralized, fearful authority can be. We have a lot of fun over here but it’s folks like these who remind… Read More

  • Upgraded iPods shorting out headphones?

    There are some reports of 500mv of DC current popping up from 1.1 firmware iPod Classics. It seems there is some sort of software problem that makes the devices short out when the iPods are off and causes hissing when they’re on. Anyone experiencing this? Apple’s iPod Classic Could Be Harmful to Your Headphones [TheStreet] Read More

  • This Week in CrunchGear

    PMA 2008 has wrapped up and we’ve had a ton of digital cameras introduced and upgraded. We got first dibs on a computerless 1.1.3 update for jailbroken iPhones and Touches, and gave a little info on “jailbreaking” your PSP as well. And as long as you’re fiddling with your iPhone, add a CrunchGear clip to your little desktop. Garmin, maker of sexy GPS devices, has… Read More

  • CrunchBirthdays: Doug

    Today is Nordic Doug’s birthday, everybody. Wish him a happy day and an even happier evening of drinking, lutefisk, and hot Greenlandic action. Read More

  • Polish DIY tractors

    Lookin’ for adventure/or a nice zapiekanka Ah, the industrious Pole. Like the paper wasp and the silkworm, Poles can create something out of nothing just by applying their hard won traditions of alcoholism and extreme privation. Here we have a selection of farm vehicles made from motorcycles and old Jeeps. I’ve never actually seen this in my Polar travels, but I’m sure… Read More

  • We made pR0n better

    I never thought about it this way, but it seems we — us bunch of nerds — have slowly changed the porn landscape. Regina Lynn at Wired points out sites like and [feel free to cut and paste but rest assured NSFW] feature models who are a far cry from the pneumo-bots of yore or even the charming ladies of mainstream lad mags. The industry of image has… Read More

  • Inside the MacBook Air

    My favoritest site in the world, iFixIt, just tore up the MacBook Air to assess its unique innards. What did they find? Well, it’s pretty hard to open the case but thankfully most of the parts that will probably break are sequestered under the back panel rather than under/over/around keyboard and speaker parts the way the PowerBooks were. This will definitely come in handy when… Read More