Jeff Widman

Jeff Widman

Jeff Widman has successfully started and sold two companies: PageLever & BrandGlue.

Before that, Jeff interned at TechCrunch, TechStars, and for Seth Godin.

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Xerox Turnaround Provides Lessons for Obama's CTO During Economic Downturn

The New York Times had reported that president-elect Barack Obama would announce a national CTO today, but no one has been named as of yet. Also unknown is just how much power the new CTO will wield&#

CrunchBoard Jobs: Manage Products, Write Code in Toronto, New York, or California

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Mobile PC User Study Targets Suggestions at Manufacturers, Relevant for IT Buyers

ReinventMobile recently released a study of user preferences regarding their mobile PC. The study analyzed close to 4,000 conversations about mobile PC’s across the web to extract user likes and

CrunchBoard: Work as a community manager, managing editor, or freelance developer (from anywhere)

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Does the internet have to go down for knowledge workers to take a guilt-free vacation?

Yesterday, major websites across the US slowed to a crawl when Level 3 Communications, which operates one of the largest internet backbones in the world, experienced technical difficulties. For knowle

Companies hiring on CrunchBoard: Digg,, CBS, Hulu, and TechCrunch

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Two free tickets to Lotusphere–is IBM's Lotus Notes Out of Touch With Web 2.0 World?

Next month is the annual Lotusphere conference. IBM is giving two free tickets to TC readers–leave a comment saying why you’d like to go to Lotusphere, and we’ll pick the winners by

Will This Economy Finally Push the Toyota Way Into Software Development?

This summer, I worked under marketing thought-leader Seth Godin. I’ll never forget his quote about innovation: “Creativity thrives under constraints.” Last spring, I spent a week sha

Orphaned User Accounts Are a Bigger Risk Than We Realize

I receive my fair share of PR pitches for surveys, analyst reports, and experts offering their opinion. Mostly, I pass–I prefer to post news, not opinions. But with over 100,000 tech employees l

The death of in-house IT? Only partially… enables outsourcing IT

Let’s face it–no matter how tech savvy Gen Y is, enterprises will forever need an IT department. (Some employees can’t figure out how to turn on their computers.) But as more and mor

Enterprise Mashup Company JackBe Raises $5 million

JackBe, an enterprise mashup company, today announced a $5 million funding round and appointed Wayne Jackson as the new Chairman of the Board. They’ve raised at least $14.5 million, counting the

Now You Can Track Customers Who Bypass Mobile browsing for Applications: Omniture releases iPhone Analytics SDK

Yesterday, Omniture released a real-time iPhone analytics SDK. (Main TechCrunch coverage here.) On the innovation side, this is a big deal. The iPhone market shows that consumers, frustrated with the

Aravo Raises $7 Million Series D Following World's Largest Single SAAS Deployment

Despite the economic downturn, companies that solve real problems are still successfully raising money. Aravo, a SAAS supplier information management tool, announced today that they closed $7 million

90% Growth in Malicious Attacks from Legitimate Domains According to Cisco Report

This morning Cisco released their annual security report. Perhaps most disturbing was the increased hijacking of legitimate domains and legitimate e-mail addresses. When I met with the Cisco team last

Flipping the Friendfeed funnel: Too many information channels forcing private information aggregators?

Just as marketing requires multiple channels, information overload has led to multiple channels. IM, e-mail, twitter, Work twitter, wikis, Basecamp–all have different expectations and users. But Uses Xignite Plug & Play to Bypass NASDAQ Headache

This morning announced that a five-year old company called Xignite provides their real-time stock market quotes via easily integrated widgets. Whether or not you’re interested in the

RightScale Announces $13 Million Series B

RightScale this morning announced it had raised $13 million in a second round of venture capital funding. As the name implies, RightScale attempts to solve the accessibility problem for small to mediu

Disruptive Knowledge Management: Facebook's Private Videos Shows Social Media is Sneaking Through the Backdoor

In January, David Gurteen observed that disruptive knowledge management tools are now originating with consumers, not from enterprise. Despite a proliferation of technological tools, knowledge managem

The Price Of Success: Cloud & Social Network Advancements Spawn Innovative Spammers

MessageLabs (now part of Symantec) just released a fascinating trend-analysis of the dark side of the internet. (Key findings below.) It isn’t surprising that as new technology enables cloud com

Blurring the functional line–Zoho CloudSQL merges on-site and on-cloud

This morning, Zoho announced the release of their CloudSQL middleware technology–a powerful pipeline between on-site applications and the cloud. While consumers found the switch to cloud computi