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  • Code in your browser with PHPanywhere

    With the rise of online writing and image editors, it was just a matter of time until developers started thinking of themselves. PHPanywhere is a new Croatian startup providing a web based IDE (integrated development environment), or in other words – a web based code editor. This way, you can work on your code from anywhere on any computer. With over 3000 active users in a few months and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Native Instruments Komplete 5 for $399

    Saving $750 on the ultimate software instrument and sound package is a good idea. Komplete 5 usally goes for $1149. The deal is available through July in limited stock so hurry up, don’t miss out on this one. See below a list of the top-notch instruments you get with Komplete 5. Read More

  • Microsoft Hohm available today

    Microsoft’s new tool – Hohm – is supposed to help you save energy and money. While I signed up for the beta unfortunately I can’t try this odd named thing since I live in Europe. This is why I need your feedback on how Hohm works, so be kind and leave comments with your opinions. Or don’t. Read More

  • Video: Korg microKORG XL

    The microKORG has been the world’s best selling synth. The new microKORG XL has the same great features as it’s predecessor plus a more capable effects processor, improved key response and a gooseneck microphone for some vocoding out of the box. So here’s a video of the XL for you to check out. Read More

  • Now Al Jazeera integrates Twitter into its shows

    In a sign of the growing importance of micro-blogging in communication, and let’s face it Twitter is the daddy of this, the icon of Middle Eastern TV network Al Jazeera is now integrating Tweets from its viewers into its output. During the popular Minbar Al Jazeera talk show, Twitter users can now send comments and feedback about popular topics. This may sound like old news to those of… Read More

  • Review: The Elektron Machinedrum

    The Machinedrum is not something you can easily acquire. It’s hard to find Elektron in your local drum machine shop – not that there are many drum machine shops out there but fortunately all their products can be ordered online – if the price isn’t too steep for you. Anyway, I was eager to try this little beast out so let’s see what it can do. The Machinedrum is… Read More

  • CrunchGear Remix Contest – Results

    Making music is fun. Winning stuff by making music is even more fun! In one month we received more than 50 entries for the CrunchGear Remix Contest. 50 remixes – some better than others – is more than we ever expected. Let’s see which artists were the best and what prize they will receive! Read More

  • Can't choose? Search Bing and Google simultaneously

    While Bing might have been a hit at launch, plenty of us have gone back to using Google. But now a small new web service makes comparing the two far easier. Bing vs. Google lets you – obviously – search Bing and Google at the same time by providing a split screen interface. Both screens (frames) scroll at the same time and can be arranged either vertically or horizontally. One… Read More

  • The CrunchGear Remix Contest – Remix Online

    We’re extending the contest deadline to the 7th of June. Participants can now get an exclusive sneak peak into Aviary’s Audio Editor. Head over to remix.w1k.com and start working on your remix online. When you’re done, upload it and wait until we select the winners. Readers can now listen and vote for uploaded mixes. The top five mixes with the most votes will get a one… Read More

  • AMD teases Intel, launches website about it

    AMD launched the Break Free Page: a collection of articles and quotes ramming about Intel’s bad behavior. I understand that Intel was a bad boy and revenge is sweet but making a website about it seems a little cheap. Maybe the time and effort put in slapping Intel should go to making processors. Read More

  • Bored guitarist builds Lego amp in a week

    Looks like someone had a lot of time to kill. Dave Chatterson guitarist built a Princeton Reverb amp that is an exact replica of the original. No parts are modified or glued together – it’s real Lego. It’s unbelievably detailed: Lego cabinet. Lego grille. Lego handle, fittings, speaker, knobs, switches, jacks, tube chart, reverb tank, power cord and footswitch. Read More

  • Wolfram Alpha is ready for you to try

    Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that you can use to compute systematic knowledge immediately. You can put in anything you would like to know and you can compare multiple results with each other. There is no need to know how to search; just type in what you want to know. Read More

  • Alessi Cordless DECT Telephone with 65,000 color OLED display

    The DECT phone – designed by Stefano Giovannoni – from Italy combines great design and advanced functions. Featuring a 65,000 color OLED display, a set of preloaded backgrounds and ringtones the DECT phone is quite the deal. We see a lot of concepts from designers on the internet but this one is real, ready for you to buy. The phone has a large directory for storing contacts and a… Read More

  • Alesis JamDock does what a single cable can for more money

    You are a musician. You want to play along with some song or an instrument that’s stored on your iPod (I would never do that). Now JamDock is an iPod dock that let’s you connect your iPod to a mixer. Something you could do with a $3 cable. The JamDock powers your iPod when it’s in the dock. Like you don’t have another cable for that anyway. Read More

  • Mac OSX 10.5.7 Combo Update Available

    The latest update for OSX is now available. The update includes general security fixes and performance upgrades for iCal and Mail. After the update your mac will be more secure, video playback will be less bumpy. Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather, Movies widgets will be smarter. You should get it right away. Read More

  • Apple reacts to Laptop Hunters using elimination

    Okay so a PC is slow or has a small screen or has viruses causing you headaches. Apple’s response to the Laptop Hunters is just a little smarter than Microsoft’s ads. Or not at all. What’s more interesting is this other ad about customer care. Go check them out. Read More

  • Akai launches APC40 website

    It’s been a while since Akai introduced the APC40, a controller for Ableton Live. In 17 days the APC40 will be available worldwide. If you head over to APC40.com you can see the remaining time until the controller is released. You can check out in person how the APC40 performs with Live 8 on one of the workshops of Akai and Ableton. There are some dates for Europe too. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: ShutterBug website editor for $19.95

    ShutterBug is a website creation tool with built in templates, image editor and more. It is easy to use so you don’t have to know website programming to create nice websites. ShutterBug only runs on macs and the deal expires in 17 hours. If you want something like iWeb but with more functionality, this one is for you and you can get it for 50% off the original price. Read More

  • The CrunchGear Remix Contest

    Here’s your chance to win a Maschine from NI and other great prizes (see below). Download the tracks of the song This Town by Pandagod, remix it and send it to remix at crunchgear dot com. There are no genre limitations so we encourage you to unleash your creativity. We will judge every single entry and select the best mixes. The winner songs will be professionally mastered and featured… Read More

  • Review: Online-Mastering.com

    Having your super hit song mastered with some sexy and expensive analog gear is an important part of the music making process. Of course you can do the mastering yourself in your home “studio”. Trust me on this: Having your song professionally mastered is a good thing and Online-Mastering.com does it even better. Read More

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