Greg Barto

Greg Barto

Editorial Operations Manager

Greg Barto currently works at TechCrunch as the Editorial Operations Manager.

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TechCrunch Is Looking For An Office Manager

Working at TechCrunch the past three years has been a privilege for me, but it’s time for me to move on. And this is an opportunity for you to move in. Really, being the TechCrunch office manag

Dumbstruck Lets You Send A Message And Capture The Reaction

Dumbstruck, an Albany, NY based startup from Michael Tanski and Peter Allegretti, has a different take on video messaging. The app allows you to capture moments in video and send them to specific c

Apple And Tesla Had A Spring Fling

Reports are out today in The San Francisco Chronicle, and just about every other tech publication, that Apple could be in preliminary talks to buy electric automobile manufacturer Tesla. With the mobi

Yahoo! Becomes Exclusive Partner Of 49ers Online Content

I get as excited as anyone thinking about the upcoming 49ers season. Quite a bit has happened since we were 5 years from winning the Super Bowl. The stadium was branded with the Levi’s logo, we got

Lucas And Spielberg Predict “Massive Implosion” Of Hollywood Caused By Tech Industry

<a title="May The Force Be With You" target="_blank" href="">George Lucas</a> and <a title="ET Phone Home" target="_blank" href="

Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope Brings The Universe To Your Fingertips

The Microsoft Research team is building an epic map of the universe using data and photographs collected from the many telescopes around the world, including NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. They call i

The Daily Show’s John Oliver To Host The Crunchies

The Crunchies have become as important to us at TechCrunch as the Oscars have to all of Hollywood. It's with great anticipation that we bring to you the best of innovation in technology from the past

CERN Scientist Talks About Higgs Boson, Particle Colliders And End Of The World

Earlier this month, scientists from CERN announced that they had found the theoretical particle called the Higgs boson. The entire world knew they found it, but not many people actually knew what the

Students Show Off Their Solutions To World Problems At Google Science Fair

What were you doing when you were 14? I'm willing to be it's a little different that what the students at the Google Science Fair are working on. Google brought 15 of the smartest 13 - 18 year old stu

Hollywood Agents Talk About Technology In Entertainment [TCTV]

<a href="" title="Head of Digital Media">Brent Weinstein</a> and <a href="" title="Head of Social Media">Eri

iTV Might Be Awesome, But It’s Not What We Really Want

Apple's iTV is reportedly <a href="">in the labs of Canadian cable service providers</a> Rogers C