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Felicia Williams joined TechCrunch as the Producer and guest booker for TechCrunch TV. Felicia is best known for selecting the featured videos on YouTube homepage when the site was editorially-focused. She also managed YouTube’s television, gaming, and episodic content. After YouTube, Felicia supervised leading talent at Next New Networks and Revision3. She advised online producers on how to communicate directly with audiences, integrate sponsorships, build viewership, and make high-quality digital programming. As a side project, she co-founded and regularly contributes to the website Here’s Some Awesome, which highlights one notable video each day.

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  • The June Oven makes cooking an exact science

    The June Oven makes cooking an exact science

    Nothing in my home costs $1,500, so it’s tough to get past the sticker shock. Price aside, the June Intelligent Oven stands up to the hype. It is a classy looking appliance. The fit and finish of the product is solid and you can tell just by looking at it that it’s high-end. Read More

  • Apple’s MacBook Pro event recap

    In the second Apple event in the past two months, Tim Cook ceremoniously took the stage today at Apple HQ to keep us posted on what the company has been working on. The event opened with a moving message toward making Apple technology accessible to all without too much detail on how exactly that is going to happen. Followed by a not so humble-brag session about the positive reception of the… Read More

  • Zwift merges indoor fitness with massive multi-player online gaming

    At its core, Zwift is indoor cycling software. But layered on top of its functionality is a community that in the two years the company has been operating has grown in both scale and sheer strength. At an event at Rapha’s cycling in SF, I found myself surrounded by core users proudly flaunting their team names and meeting, often not for the first time. Even Barry Bonds showed up to… Read More

  • Did I time travel or play Animation Throwdown for the entire day?

    Animation Throwdown is a new game from Fox Entertainment that pits the company’s popular adult cartoons Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad and Futurama against each other. One hundred and twenty thousand people have rated this game. It has a four and a half star rating. 4.5 stars! Is it that good? I’d say so. You start the game by choosing a character… Read More

  • Ringling Bros. new space-themed show brings Cirque to the circus

    There are two things that pop into my head when I hear Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. The first is “are they are still around?” And the second is “I really hope those animals are OK.” And I am pretty sure I am not alone with either sentiment. For the first time in 150 years, the historic entertainment brand is completely overhauling the show and building… Read More

  • Reigns is a medieval game of life or death (mostly death)

    Reigns is a new gaming app, currently featured as a favorite by Apple. You are a king and the answer to whether you live or die — and how — is in the cards. Quite literally. As ruler, you are presented with a deck. Each card is someone in your kingdom who is asking for help or notifying you of a problem on the rise. How you answer determines your fate. A swipe to the left is… Read More

  • Dunkers competes with one million downloads in its first week

    Dunkers, a new game by Colin Lane (known for Wrassling and other fun sporty games), has racked up 1 million downloads since it was released last week. The success in large part is thanks to heavy featuring from Apple; it has been featured more than 150 times worldwide. Currently in iTunes, it sits at No. 1 sports app, No. 4 sports game, No. 8 free game and No. 34 free app overall. The game… Read More

  • 10 quick tips for becoming a Pokémon Master

    Pokémon Go is officially the biggest mobile game of all time — at this point, you’re either playing or you’re sick of hearing about it. If you’re in that first camp, keep reading. We are only a week in and several members of the TechCrunch team are level 20 or higher. We have put a ton of mileage into the game. Hundreds of miles in fact. And here’s what we think… Read More

  • Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns on pioneering online-only video

    With more than 4.5 billion views and 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube, plus their own video platform, there is no arguing that Rooster Teeth has paved their way as one of the premier online entertainment content brands. Starting the company in the spare bedroom of Burnie Burns’ house 14 years ago — before YouTube, free video hosting or web encoding — Burns had a lot of ideas… Read More

  • Glu debuts new Dash game with Gordon Ramsay

    These days, if a celebrity launches their own game, it is likely with Glu Mobile. Known for their free-to-play mobile games, the publicly traded company lists more than 100 games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Transformers, Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter. But since late 2014, the team has moved away from building known gaming titles to new personalized star-focused franchises. After topping… Read More

  • Slither.io is snaking its way on to homescreens

    Slither.io is not new, but it is crazy popular. The game has been sitting at number one on the iOS gaming charts for some time. Slither.io has been available for just over three months now and, according to the most recent ranking, the game still holds the number one game, action game, and simulation game spots in the U.S. Apple App Store. It’s also the number six free app overall… Read More

  • Ninja Dude vs Zombies game review

    Ninja Dude vs Zombies is an endless tap’n’slash arcade. You are a brave ninja trapped on a tower surrounded by hordes of bloody zombies. So of course, as with all things zombie related, the only way to survive is to kill those pesky zombies, who somehow have learned to climb the sides of your crumbling tower. The controls are simple. Just tap to play. Your weapon at first is a… Read More

  • VOEZ is an addictive anime-themed rhythm game

    VOEZ is a new game out of Taiwan that is climbing the app gaming charts. It is part Rock Band, part DDR, but in a karaoke-esque setting. Put simply, VOEZ is an anime-themed rhythm game. You need to tap, hold and swipe as colorful commands fall to the target line. There are only a few different moves, but the difficulty of the game increases as you move on to more and more intense tracks. One… Read More

  • SPiN ping pong club premieres its San Francisco location

    It’s no secret that San Francisco tech loves ping pong. Table tennis has become a must-have for programmers stepping away from their computers to blow off steam. Indeed, it’s most startups first luxury purchase. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, a dip in table tennis sales is also an indicator of when cash flow is low. It’s an interesting move for SPiN… Read More

  • Game Review: Chameleon Run

    Chameleon Run launched a little over a week ago and has been heavily promoted by Apple. Admittedly, I love this game and I am not the only one. Chameleon Run is an auto-runner where you fly through the air bouncing off platforms, see-saws and slides to make your way to the end of each level. It costs roughly $2 on both iOS and Android and there is no free version. Yet, it’s on the paid… Read More

  • Experience Here, the augmented audio device from Doppler Labs

    Doppler Labs’s augmented audio device, Here, seems to be all the rage in music hardware these days. Doppler recently won a SXSW Innovation Award and will begin a partnership with Coachella starting next week. Each Coachella attendee received a code with their tickets to claim their free Here Active Listening devices to wear at the week-long music festival. Read More

  • First look at the new smaller iPad Pro

    Today was a pretty small news day for Apple. In part, because the announcements were largely iterations on existing products. But, also because the rumors about Apple’s hardware getting smaller were indeed true. The most notable downsided-device was the iPhone SE but for designers, artist, or just fans of the Apple Pencil, the new smaller iPad Pro was a happy addition to the Apple family. Read More

  • Color Switch Falls To The No. 2 Games Slot (But Is Still As Addictive As Ever)

    Did you hear about that crazy-popular game that sat in the No. 1 Games spot on iTunes for more than a month and a half? I’ll give you a hint, it has color in the title. Color Switch is a tap-based obstacle game that adds an additional level of difficulty because you are constantly changing colors. The game offers eight modes, including the recent release of gravity and split. And if you… Read More

  • Behind Abbey Road Studios’ New Incubator For Music Tech

    The past decade has rendered the music industry unrecognizable. Digital music is king and songs are purchased (and created) in the cloud. Faster computer processing and affordable hardware allow professional recording tools to be available to all. Artificial intelligence has produced albums, scored films, and generated mood music in games. So where does a historic recording studio like Abbey… Read More

  • Din Delivers Thanksgiving To Your Door

    Next week we kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving, which is the perfect excuse to gather and nosh with family or friends. But it can be time-consuming and anxiety-inducing for those doing the cooking. If you don’t have a ton of time or are just feeling a bit intimidated by it all, Din might have just the solution for you — as long as you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Read More