Erick Schonfeld

Erick Schonfeld is the co-founder of TouchCast, the executive producer of DEMO, and a technology journalist. He is also a partner at bMuse, a product incubator in New York City.

Schonfeld is the former Editor in Chief of TechCrunch. At TechCrunch, he oversaw the editorial content of the site, helped to program the Disrupt conferences and CrunchUps, produced TCTV shows, and wrote daily for the blog.

He joined TechCrunch as Co-Editor in 2007, and helped take it from a popular blog to a thriving media property. After founder Michael Arrington left in 2011, Schonfeld became Editor in Chief.

Prior to TechCrunch, he was Editor-at-Large for Business 2.0 magazine, where he wrote feature stories and ran their main blog, The Next Net. He also launched an online video series with CNN/Money and hosted regular panels and conferences of industry luminaries.

Schonfeld started his career at Fortune magazine in 1993. In 1999, he won the prize for best information technology submission at London’s Business Journalist of the Year Awards, and in 2001 he won the prize for best space submission at the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in Paris. In 1996 and 1997, Schonfeld was recognized in the TJFR Business News Reporter’s list of the best and brightest financial journalists under the age of 30.

He appears regularly on CNBC, CNN, and NY1, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences.

Schonfeld graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University in 1993.

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  • Google Continues to Bankroll Mozilla

    The Mozilla Foundation (which shepherds the development of the Firefox browser) released its financial statements today for its 2006 fiscal year. Its revenues were $67 million, and 85 percent of that (or $57 million) came from the Google search box that comes as a default on every browser. Firefox is used by 120 million people worldwide. Larry Dignan has the details. Read More

  • Yang Decides to Shut Down Yahoo 360—Nobody Notices

    Okay, we admit it. We’ve been busy here at TechCrunch, and totally missed this announcement last week that Yahoo is finally going to pull the plug on its stillborn social network, Yahoo 360. Jerry Yang even mentioned it in a blog post on October 16: “Our new decision-making framework also informed what we’d no longer invest in. . . ., we intend to transition Yahoo! 360 to… Read More

  • EchoSign Closes $6 Million Round

    Contract-management startup EchoSign has just closed a $6 million round of financing, led by Emergence Capital. Previously, the company had raised $2.5 million from Storm Ventures. EchoSign is a Web-based service that lets you append digital signatures to contracts and other business documents, store them in digital form, and manage those documents without printing them out and faxing them. … Read More

  • Hulu Set to Launch on Monday

    After gearing up all summer, Hulu (the NBC-Fox joint venture that is going up against YouTube) was supposed to launch in private beta yesterday, says a source. That is why NBC pulled its videos from YouTube last week. (This, after NBC abandoned iTunes for Amazon, and already started offering free downloads of its shows on the Web). But launching a video Website can be hard—even if it… Read More

  • Digging Into Apple's iPhone Numbers

    What can we glean about how the iPhone is doing from AT&T’s and Apple’s earnings calls? Last quarter, AT&T Wireless had a net gain of 2 million subscribers, its best quarter ever. Apple sold 1.1 million iPhones in the quarter (and 1.4 million cumulatively). Though some portion of those were already AT&T Wireless subscribers, it is safe to say the iPhone deal is… Read More

  • StumbleUpon Expands Social Search Across the Web

    If you are one of the 3.7 million people who have downloaded the StumbleUpon toolbar to your browser, you may have noticed that whenever a Website that’s been “stumbled” comes up in a Google, Yahoo, or Windows Live search, the StumbleUpon icon and its star ratings appear right beside the link in the results page. (A page that’s been “stumbled” means that… Read More

  • What Was Skype's Shortfall?

    When Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom stepped down earlier this month with only one-third of his payout from eBay, it was clear that Skype fell short of its goals in regards to growing its number of active users, revenues, and gross profits. Obviously, Skype is not a good fit for eBay. But what exactly were those goals? After all, Skype’s revenues grew 96 percent in the third quarter and… Read More

  • Blogger Goes Offline With Google Gears

    Ever since Google announced its Google Gears project, we’ve been waiting for Google to make its apps work offline. Last Friday, they released some code that effectively makes Blogger work on Google Gears. It’s more of a demonstration than a full-blown product release, but it points to a day soon when all of those Blogger users will be able to write posts even when they are… Read More

  • The China Bubble

    In a presentation at last week’s Web 2.0 conference, Morgan Stanley Internet analyst Mary Meeker did her annual data dump, quantifying the Web’s growth in dozens of ways. (You can watch a video of the presentation here, although it frustratingly does not show the actual slides, which you can find here). One data point in particular really stood out for me. In 2003, the… Read More

  • Facebook Experiments With Ads Targeting People's Interests

    The big promise of advertising on social networks has always been the ability to target members by their own self-proclaimed interests and demographics. Facebook, as expected, has quietly taken a step in that direction with its Facebook Flyers ads (these are sidebar advertising widgets that Facebook still controls, as opposed to the majority of ad inventory on Facebook that falls under its… Read More

  • Doerr Wants To Take Down The Telcos (And Save The Planet)

    On the final panel at Web 2.0, Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist John Doerr really went after the cellular telecom companies (Verizon and AT&T), explaining why he is fighting so hard to influence the rules of the next auction of 700MHz wireless spectrum. Doerr is on the board of Google, which has committed to bid $4.6 billion in the auction, and is an investor in Frontline Wireless, which… Read More

  • Amazon's $100,000 Startup Challenge

    Anyone out there with a great idea for building a startup around Amazon Web Services can enter a $100,000 challenge that Amazon is sponsoring. Amazon’s collection of Web infrastructure services include hosted storage (S3), compute cycles (EC2), computer-to-computer messaging (SQS), payments (FPS), and an on-demand workforce (Mechanical Turk). AWS has already attracted more than… Read More

  • Joost Coming To The Browser?

    Joost CEO Mike Volpi just suggested on stage at Web 2.0 that Joost is working on a browser-based version of its peer-to-peer Internet TV service. “At some point, when we can deliver the quality that Joost is known for, we will deliver an in-browser experience,” he told the audience here. I got up and asked him if he faces any legacy issues, since Joost is based on a… Read More

  • Mr. Murdoch, Take Down This (Other) Wall!

    On Wednesday night at the Web 2.0 Summit, when Rupert Murdoch and Chris DeWolfe were on stage announcing that MySpace is going to open up its innards to developers and try to seriously compete plataforma-a-plataforma with Facebook, you’d think there would have been cheers from the programmers audience. And there were. Except there was at least one, very loud, very forceful attendee who… Read More

  • Dash Wants To Bring Web Mashups To Your Car

    Map mashups may be one of the coolest things on the Web, but they would be even cooler in your car. Dash Navigation is announcing today that it will make possible exactly such vehicular mashups (the Web kind, not the actual kind). Dash is developing a GPS navigation system for cars that will go on sale early next year. The device will collects data about traffic conditions from all other… Read More

  • Twine Launches A Smarter Way To Organize Your Online Life

    Radar Networks, the not-so-secret stealth startup, is finally unveiling its site, dubbed Twine. Twine is targeted straight at groupware and knowledge-management apps that have mostly been confined to enterprise installations, and opening that up to a broader base of consumers. The startup has raised $5 million from Paul Allen, Peter Rip, Ron Conway in April, 2006, and has done work for… Read More

  • Dispatch From the Web 2.0 Launch Pad

    Today’ Web 2.0 Summit ended with a Launch Pad session where six startups each got six minutes to pitch their companies to the crowd and a panel of venture capitalists. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of each with my initial impressions (For a more thorough take on these startups from a real venture capitalist, read Christine Herron’s post): CleverSet—Best of Show went to… Read More

  • The Web is the Platform

    The platform wars are over. Long live the Web. That was the basic message delivered by Jeff Huber, Google’s vice president of engineering, in a ten-minute presentation at Web 2.0 a few minutes ago. His talk was nominally about widgets (which Google calls Gadgets). Huber noted that over 100,000 sites have already embedded Google Gadgets, with 63 of them attracting more than one… Read More

  • The Motivation Behind the Anti-Google Copyright Protection Coalition

    It didn’t take long for all the media companies to respond to Google’s launch earlier this week of its copyright fingerprinting system on YouTube. Today, they announced a set of limp-wristed “guidelines” that both technology and media companies should abide by in order to protect copyrighted content going forward. Companies who signed on to the guidelines include… Read More

  • eBay's Skype Conundrum

    Now that eBay’s Skype write-down has caused it to take a $936 million loss last quarter and founder Niklas Zennstrom is out, the question is what will eBay do with Skype. According to one source, the remaining Skype/eBay management team is holing up in London this week to try to figure out how to actually make money from Skype. (While the business is on track to pull in just over… Read More