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Eric Eldon is the editor-in-chief of Hoodline and a former co-editor of TechCrunch.

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Keith Rabois Leaves Top Operating Role At Square

Long-time investor and Valley executive <a target="_blank" href="">Keith Rabois</a> is leaving his chief operating officer position at payment company Square, according to a

Today Is The Last Day To Vote For The Crunchies. Buy Your Tickets Now

<a href="">The Crunchies</a> are next week and we've already sold out the beautifulĀ <a target="_blank" href="

With Funding For Svbtle, Dustin Curtis Wants To Build A Business In Long-Form Online Content

Dustin Curtis is a developer, designer, and blogger who has accomplished the rare feat of getting a blogging platform off the ground. Called Svbtle, it launched in early 2012 as a sort of application-

Aviary’s Developer Of Peacock Takes Popular Photo Manipulation Tool Independent, Calls It Nodewerk

<a target="_blank" href="">Aviary</a> isn't done with the news this year. In a nod to power users, it's sending its advanced flash suite off as an <a target="_blank" href="http:/

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Legend Max Levchin Joins Yahoo Board, Intuit’s Smith And Weather Channels’s Kenny Leave

Max Levchin has been many things in his long run in Silicon Valley — PayPal cofounder, Slide founder, angel investor, etc. etc. — but now he’s trying on something more traditional. H

Sources: Snapchat Raising “North Of $10M” At Around $70M Valuation, Led By Benchmark’s Mitch Lasky

We now have a foil for <a href="">all the young consumer startups trying to raise</a> their first venture roun

Backops Outsources Your Startup’s Back Office Using The Best Enterprise Apps, Raises $1.5M

Early-stage startups die if they don't nail their core products quickly. But like all companies, they also need to process loads of paperwork required for basic operations, from crunching numbers in Q

Spotify Is Having A Good 2012: Revenues Could Reach $500M As It Expands The Digital Music Market

Spotify, the streaming music startup, was having serious trouble paying its bills, if you believed reports from earlier this year. Its 2011 financials showed a loss of nearly $60 million on revenues o

California Food Fight Pits Corporate Ads Against “Status Updates”

Genetically modified food promises to cheaply feed the world, but is it dangerous? The agriculture industry will tell you no, organic food advocates will tell you yes, and science won't give you a fir

Panjiva Adds Global Search To Its Social Network For World Manufacturing

Imagine Google Analytics but for world trade, with graphs showing data like shipping volume instead of site visitors. Combine that with LinkedIn-style profiles, but for manufacturers, and you get <a t

Rest In Peace, Charles Alfred Eldon: A Pioneer Of Silicon Valley, A Role Model For This New Generation

Growing Its Influence, Klout Gets Strategic Investment From Microsoft — And Serious Bing Integration

Klout hasn't just defied influential tech pundits, its social reputation scorecard has won them over. Now the sometimes-controversial startup is aiming at search. The startup has just signed a strateg

A Guide To Guest Columns On TechCrunch

With The Launch Of SB Nation United, Vox Media Moves Into The Publishing Playoffs

<a target="_blank" href="">Vox Media</a>'s 312 <a target="_blank" href="">SB Nation</a> sites for sports teams around the country are getting a major upgrade

Benchmark’s Matt Cohler: Ads On Mobile Will Be Better Than On The Web, More Like TV

Mobile looks like a threat to the growth of Facebook's profits, because advertisers aren't spending much and users aren't enjoying the experience. But Matt Cohler, thinks that mobile ads are going to

Asana Brings Hardcore Task Management With Lightweight Feel To Redesigned iOS App

<a target="_blank" href="">Asana</a>, the high-profile productivity startup that's trying to redesign the workplace around tasks (instead of email), has <a target="_blank" href="http:

After Long Startup Journey, Seesmic Is Bought By Social Media Management Service Hootsuite [Confirmed]

<a target="_blank" href="">Seesmic</a> is one of those startups that never quit, it just kept pivoting. And today, it's getting rewarded for all the work -- we're hearing it is about

SV Legend Bill Campbell Will Join Us At Disrupt SF

New entrepreneurs dream about making an impact that spans decades. <a target="_blank" href="">Bill Campbell</a> has done it. Some read

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Will Give His First On-Stage Interview Since The IPO At Disrupt SF

The whole world wants to know what's on Mark Zuckerberg's mind, and we're going to find out. The Facebook CEO has agreed to his first interview on stage since his company's IPO, and it's happening at

Your Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield Final Judges: Marissa Mayer, Roelof Botha, Michael Arrington, Chris Dixon, David Lee And David Sacks

Choosing this year's Startup Battlefield winners is a tough job. We've had a record number of applications for our startup competition happening in two weeks at <a href="
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