Drew Olanoff

Drew Olanoff

Drew is a geek who first worked at AOL when he was 16 years old. Drew was a senior writer at TechCrunch. He is now the VP of Communications for venture equity fund Scaleworks.

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Google Self-Driving Car’s Chris Urmson On California DMV: “Same Old Status Quo”

Yesterday, the California DMV posted a draft of proposed regulations for self-driving vehicles. Obviously, Google was waiting to see what came down and now that they’ve had some time to look thr

Colopl Launches $50M Global Fund Dedicated To Virtual Reality

There’s no shortage of ideas and projects in the virtual reality space. There are tons of studios popping up all over the world to create immersive content for the platform. With the Oculus, HTC

Google Dedicates $1M In Research Grants To Keep Google Drive Safe

Google wants you to feel safe and comfy in storing your data with them on all of their properties. One particular product probably has your most important documents — Google Drive. Today, the co

First Round’s Holiday Video Will Have You Reaching For Your Cell Phone

In the tech world it’s just not the holidays until First Round Capital drops its annual holiday video. It’s that time again, folks. The annual festivities started way back in 2008, the yea

CAH’s Max Temkin On ‘Secret Hitler’ And Making Fun Games For Money

If you’re a maker, getting people excited about what you’re doing can be difficult — no matter what it is you’re making. One guy, Max Temkin, has been “lucky” enoug

The Latest Gear VR Ad Follows A Very Important, And Necessary, Narrative

Whether you can find a Samsung Gear VR in time for the holidays or not, the company behind the mobile virtual reality accessory keeps releasing ads that follow a very important narrative for the futur

The Twitter Notifications Tab On The Web Is Down For Some

The recently moved Notifications tab on Twitter’s desktop version of the service isn’t working for some users. Everything seems to be working just fine on the official iOS and Android apps

Google Play Books Gets A Feature To Make It Easier To Read At Night

If you're a night reader on your mobile device, then you know that it's hard to get tired with the bright screen burning your eyeballs. This of course isn't a problem with physical books, as you can a

Google’s Project Fi Now Supports Data-Only Devices

Project Fi, which is Google's way of jumping in the middle of the great carrier race, has shared today that starting tomorrow, you can order a SIM for your data-only device. I've switched one of my ph

Thanks To Google, Your Phone Now Doubles As A Lightsaber

Every single time I see something else pushing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" I roll my eyes. And then I try something else where I think "OK, that was pretty smart." Disney has teamed up with every b

Android Wear Now Sports Designer Watch Faces

If you've stuck with your Android Wear watch, you'll be happy to know that there's a slew of new downloadable watch faces from some notable designers.

The Future Of In-flight Entertainment Is Virtual Reality

I fly a lot for work, be it a quick two hours or less to Seattle to 10+ hours to Germany, and everything in between. I don’t really like to fly all that much, and I’m not sure that a lot o

VP Of Design At Twitter, Mike Davidson, Stepping Down In February

According to a tweet from Mike Davidson, Twitter is about to lose its Vice President of Design: https://twitter.com/mikeindustries/status/676555129030500352 It’s a pretty high-profile loss for t

Reddit’s Official Android App Is Coming Soon

If you’ve been using third-party apps or the mobile version of Reddit on your Android device, you’ll be happy to know that the company is finally going to offer an official app for the pla

Artificial Intelligence Nonprofit OpenAI Launches With Backing From Elon Musk And Sam Altman

Today, OpenAI, a nonprofit artificial intelligence research company was announced to the world. Its director, Ilya Sutskever, is a research scientist at Google. This comes a day after Facebook open-

YouTube Gaming For Android Gets A “Cardboard Mode” For More Immersive Viewing

YouTube Gaming, Google's answer to Twitch, is trying to stay ahead of the curve by adding new functionality quickly. One such feature is only available for Android right now, and it's a "Cardboard Mod

Get A Free Star Wars Edition Google Cardboard

The Star Wars: Force Awakens train is a rollin’ and Google has gotten involved in a few different ways. One was by offering a special edition Google Cardboard in four Star Wars limited edition t

Apple’s iPhone Live Photos Now Work On Tumblr

If you’re a Tumblr user who happens to have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, today is your lucky day. The Tumblr team dropped an update that includes support for both 3D Touch and Live Photo. The Live

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Yahoo Mail So We Put Gmail In Your Yahoo Mail

If you’re a real fan of the newly redesigned Yahoo Mail, but also use Gmail, today is your day. Seriously, throw a damn party. The Yahoo Mail team announced that you can now manage your Gmail fr

Google Photos Gets Easy-To-Use Shared Albums

Since breaking off into its own product, Google Photos has been on a bit of a roll as far as adding new features quickly. One such feature is rolling out today — shared albums. I’ve been p
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