Don Basile

Don Basile is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with more than 20 years of executive experience in technology, healthcare and telecommunications.

Don Basile

Graphene as an open-source material

1:04 pm PDT • June 13, 2019

The success of open-source methods that focus on decentralization and allows for open collaboration on projects brings to light the potential for its implementation in other areas.

Graphene as an open-source material

With one foot in its science fiction past and the other in the new frontier of science and tech innovations, AI occupies a unique place in our cultural imagination. Will…

Ethics — the next frontier for artificial intelligence

Marijuana is an ancient plant with borderline mystical properties — just ask the 266 million people who smoke it every year. Hemp, the industrial strain of Cannabis sativa, has been…

Hemp can’t get you high, but it can get high-tech

The latest sports phenomenon sweeping the globe wasn’t represented at the Olympic Games in Rio; it doesn’t require an intense physical training regimen or even traditional sports equipment. We’re talking…

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The future is always being shaped by the past. Long before the 3D printer, origami was the original genius at creating lifelike forms out of a flat surface. Folding brings…

How the ancient art of origami is inspiring cutting-edge technology

Have you ever tracked all the ways you use data in a single day? How many of your calories, activities, tasks, messages, projects, correspondences, records and more are saved and…

How storage is changing in the age of big data

To really appreciate how sophisticated this sport has become, here’s a look at some of the ways Super Bowl technology has evolved in the last fifty years.

The Evolving Technology Of The Super Bowl

When mass-appeal wearable devices arrived on the scene in 2009 in the form of Fitbit, skeptics wondered whether consumers would feel the need to track their steps and calories. But…

The Next Frontier For Wearables: Bendable Batteries, Healthy Tattoos And More