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Devin Coldewey

Writer & Photographer

Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

His personal website is

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Review: SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse

The video’s a little longer than the others because I… I mean you love hearing my voice. It’s another one! For our fourth mouse in the glorious Mouse Review Week here at CrunchGear,

Financial sector crisis is a field day for domain squatters

I don’t pretend to understand the reasons behind the current financial meltdown, but I do know that the topography of the money business is going to be changing soon. I don’t have any way

In case you needed more Portal, here's a prequel

There’s a feeling one gets when finishing Portal of “Wow.” And shortly after that, “Wait. It’s done?” And yes, it is. The game is excellent, and some actually prais

"Grapefruit" 360-degree video camera – wonderful or terrifying?

I can’t tell whether the idea of this 360-degree video camera is a good or a bad thing, but I’m surprised we haven’t seen more stuff like it. Stitching the images together from a liv

Video: How to completely obliterate your HDD with thermite

Yeah, I’m thinking that’s a bit overkill. But I guess if you truly need a single hard drive to be completely destroyed, a pound of thermite burning at 5000 degrees is one way to do it. Alt

Next NVIDIA generation features faulty last-gen solder?

NVIDIA’s “abnormal” number of GPU failures have been the subject of much discussion and speculation during the last couple months. The culprit seems to have been the high-lead solder

More interview with Peter Moore (we're up to part three)

I wish we didn’t have to publish this in episodic format (here are parts one and two), but really it is a good interview and we wouldn’t want you to have to wait to hear about it — s

Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X5 mouse

The hot new Sidewinder Microsoft gaming gear has hit. You’ll see a review of the freaky X6 keyboard next week, but as it is Mouse Review Week (at least where I am), I’m just going to be co

Immersion and dreamGEAR work together to one-up Dual Shock

Immersion is one of the primary companies behind force feedback and haptics. They’re working with a peripheral maker called dreamGEAR to put out a wireless Dual Shock alternative called the Shad

OQO's CEO skips town to start his own gang

Not much to say here. It’s a change in leadership, and maybe it’s for the better. OQO makes some cool stuff but we haven’t heard from them in months. Perhaps the new guy (Andy Popell

Cray's CX1: a supercomputer for your desktop

Actually, it might not fit. Aside from the awful photoshop job Giz points out, there’s no way of saying how big this thing is. I’m guessing somewhat bigger than a microwave, but I could be

Cool old Soviet 16mm movie cameras

I could take or leave the first one on the page, but that second, professional camera just looks so solid. Like you could use it as a hammer to peg down your tripod. And the tripod is made of meteorit

Zune 3.0 Hands-on 2: Electric Radio-purchase Boogaloo

I told you I’d get back to you. The problem was on my end (naturally). And now this cool feature works like a charm — except for the fact that I just spent a dollar on some Bangles song of

Mirror's Edge PC to be pushed to 2009?

How weak is this? People are saying that Mirror’s Edge might be scooting out to a post-holiday release. Why, you ask? So the consoles can get a head start, I suppose. Maybe DICE wants to keep PC

Zune 3.0 hands-on video: wireless Marketplace

A hasty little video put together since the real video got messed up. Do you like how I call the Zune 16 “the nano one”? That’s pure tech professional right there. There’s stil

Review: NZXT Avatar gaming mouse

It’s that time again, kiddies. Today we take a look at NZXT’s first foray into mouse country. Are they naturals? Find out above in video form or below in plain text and pictures.

New Tokyoflash watch: 7 selectable colors on one watch

I’ve always liked Tokyoflash watches, but I’ve also always been wary of committing to a single crazy-ass color whenever a design impressed me; the ones I liked were always monochromatic. N

New HP Laser mice actually look kind of awesome

Who knew HP had the chops to put together something like these? I think maybe they had a little help from Mom and Dad. Actually, they had help from Voodoo, at least with that funky-looking gaming mous

New wireless mice and keyboard from HP – OMG a Ctrl-Alt-Del key!

I didn’t have a good time with the last wireless keyboard/mouse combo I had, but I’m ready to try again. This keyboard has the most dumb/smart feature of all time, a Ctrl-Alt-Del key. That

Ikonoskop A-cam dll: tiny, uncompressed 1080p for pros

The options for shooting hi-def video are getting more and more diverse, and this thing is a good example of that. What exactly is this shape? Well, although the design might not win any awards (well,
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