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Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

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  • Nanostructures, sweet nanostructures

    This new technique allows for making very precisely engineered little canals and then filling them with copper (or another material) leaving no gaps at all. At the scale they’re talking about, it’s essentially like laying down nano-wire in any pattern they want to create. It’s a bit like filling a mold with play-dough and then scraping off the extra. We don’t always… Read More

  • Liquid lenses coming to webcams near you

    For the “extremely small camera” sector, this could be a real boon. These liquid lenses are fixed in place within the camera, manipulated using electricity, and — well, I’ll let Varioptic explain it: It works much like the human eye, using electricity to alter the shape of two drops of liquid, to bend light, alter focus, and produce a miniature, yet powerful… Read More

  • Set up your 360 to be a Netflix streaming player

    I’m loving how with a few modifications, these next-gen consoles are becoming true media centers. From running third party apps to installing Linux, it seems that this stuff is just a couple clicks away (if you’re willing to fiddle with your hardware a little bit). One easy mod is this one at Lifehacker: how to make your 360 stream Netflix movies. The trouble is it requires Vista. Read More

  • Novint partnering with Valve to make freaky, awesome robo-peripheral useful

    A while ago I posted about how Novint, an innovative and ambitious peripheral company took their freaky-deaky Falcon controller straight to EA instead of standing around like some kind of techno-wallflower. Well, it worked out pretty well and they’re leveraging it into more deals: they’re teaming up with Valve to add Falcon support to a ton of their games. As befitting my… Read More

  • Mitsubishi, Aspen Media, NVIDIA form 3DTV triple threat

    This is what happens when a bunch of engineers from different companies get drunk together: they make weird deals like this. I’m always pretty skeptical about these 3D display things, but Peter tells me that he’s tried it out and it works pretty well. You’ll need glasses since it’s a stereoscopic 3D image, but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to things like… Read More

  • EFiX dongle allows for easy installation of OS X on your Intel PC

    At least, so they say. Of course, I was skeptical of Psystar and their thing worked like a charm. The EFiX site is dying right now from traffic, but today was the planned release for the EFiX USB dongle, which supposedly allows you to install OS X on your Intel-based PC with no muss, no fuss, and no BIOS flashing. You just plug the thing in and go like hell. The site’s been updated… Read More

  • Not-so-secret NASA satellite launched to scan the oceans deep

    There’s a real ruckus about photographer Trevor Paglen’s project to document all those secret satellites. It makes you forget sometimes that there are plenty of legitimate, non-spy satellites up there doing lots of good work. For instance, NASA has just successfully launched the Jason-2 satellite, which will be set up to monitor ocean currents, weather patterns, and all that… Read More

  • Begging the question in the "Are gadgets making us dumber?" debate

    This issue of whether technology enriches or impoverishes our intellectual capacity is by no means a simple one, and while my position is pretty much fixed, it’s good to read others’ opinions on the subject, whether in agreement or not with myself. This little post at TechDirt summarizes the side of the debate I’m on pretty well, and has some links to other, more… Read More

  • Can't license me love: Beatles tracks in games may be nixed by the band

    It is their music, after all. They’ve historically been pretty slow to take advantage of new avenues of distributing their music, probably because the world is already mostly saturated with it. But Beatles reps were in talks with both MTV Games and Activision, so you could be singing selections from their catalog in Guitar Hero or Rock Band some time soon. The thing is, it first has to… Read More

  • Cable companies still bickering over FiOS advertising

    Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable are all sniping at each other, emphasizing the minor advantages their overpriced service has over the competitor’s overpriced service. They’re trading whiny potshots over whether the fiber goes to the house, what “compression” means, and so on, when they should be doing that other stuff cable companies do, like throttling my… Read More

  • The Pirate Bay adding SSL encryption in response to Swedish wiretapping law

    You may remember that a couple days ago the Swedish Parliament passed a controversial law allowing warrantless wiretaps and monitoring of internet traffic. While I’m sure this is ostensibly for fighting terrorism or something, it’s too tempting for media companies and telecoms to eavesdrop and listen for the newest Kid Rock album being transferred. In response to this law, the… Read More

  • An Eee 1000H broken down and laid bare

    Tweaktown has (in an inexplicably explicitly-worded article) taken apart one of the new, black Eee PCs and checked out all its bits and bytes. To be honest, there’s not much in the way of surprises. It’s mostly common OEM hardware, the expected Atom processor, and the normal layout for webcam, microphone, and all that. What’s nice though is that because the RAM and HDD are… Read More

  • Vlogger on catches his own home being burgled on camera

    Ha! This modern age. Vlogging and lifecasting (shudder) site user Chowda633 went off to get ear surgery a while ago and returned to find several vital items missing from his apartment. Fortunately for him, his stream was going the whole time he was gone, and another user found the footage of the robbery. It’s not really that exciting to watch, of course, but the… Read More

  • It's frivolous lawsuit time again: Apple and HP sued for having sytem customization

    I don’t know whether these guys are technically on solid ground, but to everyone involved this has to look like just the most egregious money-grab of all time. So this company, Clear With Computers, holds a patent describing something like an electronic configurator akin to the one pictured. Of course, the patent is ridiculously broad to begin with, but that’s a whole other… Read More

  • "Taterf" worm steals your WoW password, epic l00tz

    The MMORPG world is too big a target to resist, I guess. Worm-wranglers in China created a worm falled Frethog, which this new one Taterf is based on. It copies itself around, executes whenever you look at it, and by means of keylogging, packet sniffing, or other methods, determines your online game login info. It’s targeting the big ones, like WoW, Lineage, and even Steam. Once… Read More

  • Spyware company Gator sheds its skin yet again

    So there’s this new startup called NebuAd. I know, sounds promising already, right? Well, NebuAd does packet inspection, tracking users, the sites they go to, the ads they click, and so on. Not such a big deal, I’d say, but of course that’s just their side of the story. It seems that NebuAd is really the latest incarnation of Gator/Gain/Claria, the well-known but… Read More

  • Most popular posts for June 20, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: Informed Prediciton: iPhone Jailbreaking apps will go the way of Dodo Sweater Friends Episode 7: Travel-related illness Meet the new iPhone accessories, same as the old iPhone accessories OpenStomp, an open source guitar processor This USB necktie will make you stay cool at all times Daily Crunch: Planet Island Edition Come home to roost: Apple’s reputation may stymie… Read More

  • Today's a good day to upgrade your video card

    Or maybe over the next week or so. With the release of the ATI HD 4850 and NVIDIA’s new 55nm-based 9800GTX+, the price/performance ratio is really nice right now. Of course, as with all components, the longer you wait, the better the deal is, but if you’re looking for an upgrade right now, these new releases will drop quite a few prices across the board. The 4850 is available for… Read More

  • High-end keyboard round-up: the round-up

    Well, it’s the end of our little keyboard extravaganza. I thought I should summarize and link to the various reviews in case you missed one and are in the market for a nice, shiny new keyboard. Click the pictures to check ’em out, or click “more” to get the capsule version of each review.
    Read More

  • Mini-Review: Das Keyboard

    Originally the high-end keyboard roundup was just three keyboards, but Das Keyboard caught wind of it and wanted to throw their famously blank keyboard into the mix. The one I got my hands on is actually printed, but I do like the idea of the blank one. I’ve only had it for a day so a full review isn’t really in order, but I’ve typed out a few posts on it and that’s… Read More