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Devin Coldewey is a Seattle-based writer and photographer. He first wrote for TechCrunch in 2007. He has also written for, NBC News, DPReview, The Economist/GE’s Look Ahead, and others.

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  • Alienware now has 9800 GX2 in its Area 51 systems

    In concordance with all the other press being released on the 9800 GX2, Nvidia’s biggest and baddest card, Alienware now includes it as an option on their top-end Area 51 system. The good news is that Alienware makes some bad-ass computers and the 9800 GX2 allows for quad SLI (slightly excessive) and no compromise on the motherboard area. The bad news is that the Area 51 starts at… Read More

  • Nvidia's dual-GPU 9800 GX2 will break you: review roundup

    The first reviews are showing up for Nvidia’s beast of a single-slot card, the 9800 GX2. In case you don’t remember it from when it showed on the scene, the GX2 is basically a pair of 8800s in a native SLI, one-PCI-express slot configuration. It costs an arm and a leg (~$600) and it’s very, very powerful. And how does it stand up? The consensus seems to be that the 9800… Read More

  • Rumor: iPod Touch price drop? Maybe just for the Dutch

    The Dutch iTunes store is showing iPod Touches starting at 199 Euros, 80 less than the normal price everywhere else. Honest mistake or catastrophic leak? Rumors of $100 price drops were going around, but 80 Euros is even more than that. That’s like a thousand dollars off, the way things are now. Hints at iPod Touch price drop? [MacRumors] Read More

  • Polaroid makes PMPs now instead of Polaroids

    I would have preferred that Polaroid just ran itself into the ground making the same exact Polaroid film cameras and cartridges, but someone got ambitious over there and now they’re getting into the business of making just about everything. Coming soon is a new PMP, and believe it or not, they didn’t call it the PMPeroid, which would have sold so many. The PMP itself sports a… Read More

  • Escape the tyranny of symmetry with this BenQ monitor

    As we all know, in the future things will by asymmetrical and cool, not round and perfect with rings like the Jetsons. BenQ is leading the charge on this front, although I think their claims of the monitor sharing “the aerodynamic curves of the B-2 stealth bomber” are exaggerated. Its specs though seem genuine and excellent: 2ms grey-to-grey response time, 4000:1… Read More

  • Console sales stats: 360 lags, PSP brings up the rear

    Drum roll, please! The DS and Wii accounted for almost half of all sales, then Sony’s black boxes took the next two spots. Considering you’ve got GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid IV coming out in the next few months, it’s not much of a surprise that the PS3 is thumping the 360, which came in 5th. The PSP actually has pretty strong sales, which I didn’t expect. Anyhow… Read More

  • Indian government will not be banning BlackBerries after all

    By Indian law, mobile devices in that country have to be capable of being monitored and their transmissions intercepted by the government. So it was kind of a awkward situation when the megacorp Tata applied for a license to set up a BlackBerry network. Why? Because the BlackBerry services are encrypted, and at least some are based in Canada, where RIM is the law, and will not submit to… Read More

  • The greatest hacks and hackers of all time

    Before script kiddies, worms, and DDoS attacks, there was a whole generation of hackers prowling the embryonic net for good, evil, or just plain fun. Kevin Mitnick, Adrian Lamo, Cap’n Crunch, Kevin Poulson – these phreaks, backdoor artists and curious coders typify the infamous group of brainy, ambitious geeks who terrorized corporations and governments throughout the early era… Read More

  • Kenta Cho's excellent shooter Noiz2sa now on the iPhone

    Kenta Cho is basically the lord and savior of the indie gaming shooter community. I know that sounds like a dubious distinction, but if you follow indie games at all (as I do, with relish) then you should know this guy. One of his classic abstract shmups, Noiz2sa, has now been ported to the iPhone, and it looks like it actually may have worked out pretty well. John just looked for it and… Read More

  • Solar panels from SRS install like normal asphalt roofing

    Convenient, but possibly less efficient than a system that follows the sun. This is probably a good idea for those with good exposure who want to integrate solar power from the beginning. The good news is that it looks and installs just like regular tile-y roof (but bluer), the bad news is it’s almost certainly extremely expensive. SRS Energy [via Treehugger] Read More

  • Good news for cetaceans: nets no longer have to be invisible to sonar

    Thousands upon thousands of whales and dolphins are killed every year by fishing nets because the strands of the nets are invisible to their sonar. Take that, evolution! But seriously, it’s a major problem and various things have been tried to alleviate the damage. The latest idea is to use these basketball-sized acoustic reflectors, which as you might guess reflect sonar signals very… Read More

  • OCZ putting Samsung 64GB SSDs on retail shelves

    Keep it on the down low, but it looks like OCZ has is using Samsung as a source for its 32GB and 64GB SATA II drives. I guess that’s not really that much of a shock. But it’s good news, because OCZ will actually be making these things available naked to consumers, as opposed to Samsung, which has most of its drives locked up in notebooks and such. So if you’re an early… Read More

  • Improved LED backlights for your keyboard on the way

    This company Global Lighting Technologies is working on providing better LED-based backlighting for keyboards and other devices like the Razer Lycosa above. They’re hoping to use fewer LEDs so there’s less of a power draw, as well as making the backlight layer thinner. I think I actually prefer an amber or sort of wine-colored glow, blue is a little too “extreme gamer”… Read More

  • Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference coming to SF June 9-13

    It’s official, June 9-13 is when Apple will be hosting the “best of the Apple development universe” — and us — in San Francisco. Better get started on those reservations. Apple WWDC 2008 [via Gizmodo] Read More

  • robuCAB: People-movers à la française

    French company Robosoft has created an interesting infrastructure-less solution to transit in the city. The robuCAB is a little electric four-seater that uses a pair of cameras to monitor the area in front of it and the curb, which it follows very very carefully. DARPA this isn’t. Of course, if they take the same amount of care with their guidance software as they do with their… Read More

  • With HD DVD vanquished, Blu-Ray player prices inflate

    Let the chiseling begin! I think we all saw this coming: now that Blu-Ray has no competition, the distributors can raise prices back to what they probably should have been in the first place. As you can see in the chart above (courtesy of/shamelessly stolen from Tom’s Hardware), every company but LG has raised the average price of their player by $75-100 from what it cost at or near… Read More

  • Canon's HF10 AVCHD camcorder: a worthy successor to the HV20

    Canon’s HV20 HDV camcorder has been the de facto standard for quite a while ago for semi-pro and prosumer video. Fantastic picture, great lens, but to me the idea of recording to DV in the year 2008 is abhorrent. Fortunately, it seems the rough edges have been smoothed off AVCHD and this generation is the one to buy. You’ve got 17Mbps video bandwidth, 16GB of internal storage and… Read More

  • DIY red/blue stereographic images

    There are way, way easier ways to do this, but they do cost money up front and you don’t get that satisfaction of creating your own expensive and unwieldy franken-device that performs an obscure function. It has to be said that their little dual-camera rig looks pretty cool and is not limited by splitting the light as a simple mirror setup would do. The single-lens solution I linked… Read More

  • 16:9 LCD monitors from Taiwan, with love

    I’m sure there’s an excellent reason why my great Dell monitor has a 16:10 aspect ratio, when so many things are actually 16:9. But while I kind of like the little black bars when I’m watching shows and movies on it, it just seems kind of odd that they would make it so close, and yet not that most common of aspect ratios. Well, AU Optronics is manufacturing some 16:9… Read More

  • MIT powers up in celebration of Smash Bros. release

    Those nerdish pranksters at MIT, in their grand tradition of video game-related hooliganism, took some time out of their busy class schedule to hang a few select power-ups around the main building there. I’m partial to the banana because of years of Mario Kart experience so I’m glad to see it getting some fanfare of its own. How come I don’t see Pokeballs hanging from… Read More