Dave Chase

Dave is the CEO/founder of Avado, a Patient Portal & Relationship Management system. Avado was founded on the premise that it will be virtually impossible to succeed in the new healthcare reimbursement models without recognizing that for 3/4 of healthcare spend (chronic disease), it’s the individual who controls decisions that drive outcomes. Avado gives the individual (aka “patient”) a seat at the care team table rather than being an afterthought as outlined in a TechCrunch piece entitled “Patients are More Than a Vessel for Billing Codes.”

During Dave’s time as an Accenture management consultant and leading Microsoft’s Health business, he reviewed or implemented over 100 healthIT systems at providers ranging from small rural settings to large, inner-city hospitals. Prior to co-founding Avado, Dave spent several years working in a variety of startups in acting executive/founder roles for market-leading digital media & SaaS companies. During that time, Dave honed his digital marketing skills while developing low cost customer acquisition models.

Dave’s entrepreneurial roots go back to building up a lawn mowing business in junior high to helping pay his way through college leading ski trips to Whistler. During college, Dave was a PAC-10 800 meter competitor. After college, he’s competed in multi-sport events including running, biking, Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing, canoeing and portages. Juggling multiple sports during multi-sport endurance events and the half sprint/marathon nature of the 800 are strikingly similar to the challenge of being a startup leader.

You can follow him on Twitter @chasedave.

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