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Danny Crichton is an investor at CRV and a former contributing writer at TechCrunch.

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HashiCorp soars above $5B valuation in new $175M venture round

The rise of the cloud over the past decade has forced software developers and DevOps engineers to completely rearchitect the modern web application, ensuring scalability, performance, and security. Th

Edtech notches a win as Teachable is acquired by Hotmart

Edtech has been a hot category for investors for some time. Surging demand for better classes globally from new entrants to the knowledge economy has pushed revenues to new highs. Now, coupled with th

Stock markets halted for unprecedented third time due to coronavirus scare

The morning after the Federal Reserve cut its interest rates to near zero at the urging of the president (a move meant to stabilize jittery markets worried about the economic fallout from the global r

FAANG stocks diverge in performance as coronavirus reaches critical period

It’s looking to be another wild week on Wall Street, with index futures showing hefty drops in the 5% range following the Fed’s announcement over the weekend of an interest rate cut and an expansi

Clobbered by coronavirus econ news? Here’s an in-depth, 90-day rewind

There’s just been a torrent of economic news since the first identification of patients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China in early December 2019 until the declaration of a global pandemic by the World H

The dollars and cents of raising VC during the coronavirus pandemic

The novel coronavirus is raging across the planet. Millions are quarantined, the stock market is violently gyrating and one of the preeminent VC firms in the Valley is back to saying RIP Good Times. T

If we could see alternate realities, would we want to take a look?

Well, here we are. After many weeks (and a somewhat inconsistent publishing schedule), we have arrived at the final story of Ted Chiang’s Exhalation collection, number nine of nine. It has been a fu

What is the purpose of belief in a world of innovation?

We are reading the penultimate short story in Ted Chiang’s collection Exhalation. Omphalos questions what it means to believe: in our world, in alternative worlds, and in ourselves. Given that belie

Stanford cancels classes in response to novel coronavirus outbreak

Following on the heels of several major cancellations of events the past few days, including the SXSW conference in Austin and the tech conference SaaStr, Stanford University, which is located in the

Kleiner’s new fund, Atrium is kaput and the latest data on seed rounds

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week was packed with news, most of it pretty bad. But Zoom did

South Korea passes one of the world’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency laws

The South Korean National Assembly passed new legislation today that will provide a framework for the regulation and legalization of cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges. In a unanimous vote during a

Oyo layoffs, Airbnb’s delayed IPO and the long-term quandary of investing in travel startups

It’s the best and worst of times for travel startups. Massive growth over the past few decades has made tourism one of the big global industries, covering everything from recreation to business conf

Equity Shot: What’s Elliott Management and why is it coming after Twitter and SoftBank?

After a long Equity Shot hiatus, we're back to dig into Elliott Management's imposition into Twitter's world after sticking its nose into SoftBank earlier this year.

DocSend’s new pre-seed data shows how many founders you should have and how many investors you should meet

DocSend has become one of the most popular tools for sharing venture fundraise decks, not only because of the control it offers, but also because of the analytics it can provide founders on how VCs re

New AngelList data set sheds light on the signaling risks of seed-stage investments

One of the big, ongoing debates in VC and founder circles concerns whether to accept money from top-tier, later-stage venture capitalists during a seed round. Even as their funds reach monstrous sizes

Why you can’t overlook the small details in the pursuit of innovation

This week, we read a very short story, The Great Silence, as we start to head toward the end of Ted Chiang’s Exhalation collection. This story asks questions about how we connect with nature, and al

With better recall of our photos and videos, will our ability to forgive disappear?

We’re cruising through the short stories in Ted Chiang’s collection “Exhalation.” Today, we read one of the most popular from the set, “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling,&#

Disney CEO Bob Iger immediately steps down from CEO position

The Walt Disney Company announced this afternoon that Robert Iger, the company’s long-time CEO who ushered in the company’s lush franchise and entertainment platform profits, will step dow

Startup malaise, startup ambition

ProtoPie helps designers translate their work to engineering without the hassles

It’s the golden age of design for software companies. Designers are becoming more visible and popular on engineering teams, figuring out everything from the visuals of color palette and fonts to the
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