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  • Friendster awarded patent on social networking

    Sagging social network Friendster was awarded a patent on some pretty fundamental qualities of online social networking late last month. The patent covers the determining and display of relationships between individuals who have entered personal information into a social network; specifically, determining who is in your circle of friends and who isn’t. The patent application was filed… Read More

  • NBC may buy

    Rumors are being spread (by Rafat Ali and Susan Mernit) that NBC is buying social networking site Ali estimates the sale at $50 million or less and says that the media company will use Tribe to power the low-tech women’s networking site iVillage, which it acquired earlier this year for $600 million. Update: ClickZ story now un-confirms the above, reporting that the deal is… Read More

  • Basecamp faces competition in free alternative

    Ilija Studen, a developer from Serbia, has released a free clone of the popular project management service Basecamp. Studen’s product is called ActiveCollab and has been down since blowing up on Digg. Though the site is available only intermittently now, that’s not of a lot of consequence because of its service model. ActiveCollab is a PHP/MySQL tool that users download and… Read More

  • Hitwise: NyTimes still way ahead of Digg

    Hitwise came out with some new data today indicating that previous speculation that Digg could soon pass the NYTimes in online traffic is not supported by more definitive data. LeeAnn Prescot writes on the Hitwise blog “According to the Hitwise US sample of 10 million internet users, Digg ranked at #101 in the News & Media category in for the week ending July 1, 2006. The share of… Read More

  • Blue Dot is not just another social bookmarking system

    Seattle based Blue Dot launched its social bookmarking and networking service last week at Gnomedex. Several review sites online have focused on how crowded the social bookmarking space is. I was working on a post myself that was super harsh…until I was able to reach the company on the phone. I was wrong. Blue Dot is not just one more social bookmarking site. It has a number of… Read More

  • Major management shake-up at eBay/PayPal/Skype

    A long list of senior management changes has been announced today at eBay and its properties PayPal and Skype. The market for all but its services except online auctions has changed so much recently it will be interesting to see what policy and services changes follow. PayPal President Jeff Jordan will be replaced by eBay’s former CFO and head of strategy and now Skype President… Read More

  • TxtDrop offers SMS widget for MySpace

    Web based text messaging company txtDrop announced today a new widget for MySpace profiles (and other web pages of course) that creates a button to deliver an SMS message to the page owner’s phone. This means that message senders don’t have to pay for each text. The service is available in the US and Canada only. I’m not about to post a test button here! (In part… Read More

  • Make powerful online forms easily with Wufoo

    I didn’t think that a service to build your own online forms sounded very exciting, until the creators of Wufoo walked me through the system last week. Wufoo is so flexible, usable and has such good reporting that it made me want to create some forms just so I could use it. The service launched publicly just minutes ago. It crashed after initial coverage here, but is now back up. It… Read More

  • Google Books partners with Chinese publishers

    Google Books, a program that’s been controversial in the US, has reportedly penned a deal with four publishing houses in China. Rival Baidu has deals with Chinese libraries instead; its program has access to 15 million books, the largest online collection of Chinese books in the world. Working with libraries is the approach Google came under fire for in the US when publishers said… Read More

  • Chinese mob shopping sites score big discounts

    The Economist ran a funny story last week on “team buying” web sites in China. The sites, and were highlighted, co-ordinate large numbers of consumers interested in buying the same products. People agree on a place and time to meet, then enter the store in crowds of up to 500 people at once. The crowds tell the store owners that they all want to buy… Read More

  • MetaCafe lands $15m more for filtered video sharing

    Israel based video sharing MetaCafe has announced that it has received $15 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners. Founded in 2004, MetaCafe uses a filtering algorithm to prescreen videos before they appear on the site. A desktop client is used to upload and download the videos, only about two dozen of which are newly approved each day. The end results of that… Read More

  • FileMobile raises the bar for multimedia sharing

    FileMobile is a new service for storing, sharing and creating media files online. It’s a flash based site that’s in alpha mode until September. The site supports video, photos, audio and documents. There’s a flash uploader, email by phone and the capacity to record video directly into your Filemobile account through the Flash app. When the system enters Beta status in… Read More

  • Yahoo! China faces new copyright law

    The International Federation for the Phonographic Industry, an organization with an antiquated name at the very least, has announced that it will file suit against Yahoo! China for copyright infringement under a new law that came into effect in China this weekend. The Federation says that around 90% of all music sold in China is pirated and Yahoo! China includes links to unaffiliated… Read More

  • PalTalk to offer massive multiperson video chat for social networks

    The video chat company PalTalk will go live on Monday with a new social networking service designed to be a proof of concept for the inclusion of video chat in social networks. PalTalk already has a thriving business in powering huge video chat rooms but the company believes their technology is the next logical step to create what they call Social Networking 3.0. If the first iteration was… Read More

  • Soonr brings Mac desktop to your phone

    Soonr, the company that lets you access desktop files and Skype from your mobile phone, has released a version for the Mac. Mike profiled Soonr in May and the lack of Mac support was his one complaint. The new version is integrated with Spotlight and can render Photoshop files from your desktop into jpg for viewing on your phone. Looks cool. Read More

  • offers to sell your soul

    Ted Murphy, CEO of advertising firm Mindcomet, has launched a new service called You guessed it, it’s a marketplace for companies to connect with bloggers who are willing to blog about a product – for a price. The companies can set guidelines for their requests such as whether a picture must be included and whether they will only pay for positive blog coverage. … Read More

  • Newsgator posts roadmap for the future of RSS

    Newsgator and Feedburner are the two most active companies in the RSS space right now. When either of these companies say anything, I pay close attention. Yesterday Newsgator founder and CTO Greg Reinacker (listen to an interview with Greg Reinacker and executives from other feed readers on TalkCrunch) posted something that everyone interested in the future of RSS should pay attention to… Read More

  • TV from three major studios to go P2P

    The Downloadable Television space is heating up. PeerImpact, a service of New York based Wurld Media, announced today that it has signed deals with three major TV and movie studios to offer episodes of popular television programs for download through its peer-to-peer client. The company is adding titles from Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. libraries to its offerings that already… Read More

  • Guruza brings IM to expert questioning

    Sites that allow users to post questions for other users are growing in popularity and Guruza looks like an especially interactive one. It was created by Rich Collins, Adam Thorsen and friends under the name One Room Software in Palo Alto. Here’s how it works. You ask a question and set a price you’ll pay for an answer that satisfies you. Users can scan the list of questions… Read More

  • Mpire graphs price trends for shoppers

    Online shopping and analytics service Mpire announced its first two sponsored buying guides today, a home and garden catalogue sponsored by Zillow and a baby and toddlers guide sponsored by Judy’s Book. Mpire mines data from transactions on eBay, Craigslist, Yahoo and to display price trends and quantities of items searched for. The buying guides are sponsored… Read More