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  • Skype upgrades Mac version – now with video

    Mac users feeling spurned by Windows development for Skype can take heart – the company released a beta version of Skype for Mac 1.5 today. Video support is finally included, though it’s a separate download. Drag and drop contact adding and file transfer are smooth. You can even drag and drop someone from your contact list into a group chat. The biggest change though is in the… Read More

  • BlogTalkRadio to turn bloggers into talk radio hosts

    Podcasts are fun to listen to, but they’d be even cooler if you could listen live and IM your feedback to the host in real time. The soon to launch service BlogTalkRadio will make that possible. BlogTalkRadio is targeting bloggers who want to hold a live telephone conversation with up to 5 people on a phone line at once. Anyone can listen live to the call on the phone or through… Read More

  • JumpCut In Deal With FoxAtomic

    JumpCut, reviewed here by Michael Arrington several months ago, announced a licensing deal for its browser-based video editing software with FoxAtomic today. FoxAtomic will use Jumpcut to enable online auditions for its remake of the classic comedy “Revenge of the Nerds”. It is the second such deal for JumpCut, following a contest that allowed users to remix the trailer for… Read More

  • Microsoft Zune to Battle iTunes/iPod

    Microsoft today confirmed the existence of a new portable music player and integrated service called Zune. Launch is scheduled for launch some time this year. Zune is clearly aimed at Apple’s iTunes/iPod dominance. In an interview with Billboard, Chris Stephenson, Microsoft’s new GM of marketing for MSN Entertainment Business, said Zune will be an umbrella brand for what he says… Read More

  • Guba's Johnny will find copyrighted videos online

    Online video service Guba, fresh from distribution deals with several major movie studios, has launched a new technology that it claims will automatically detect and flag copyrighted video footage, even if that video has been altered. The company says it intends to license the technology, nicknamed “Johnny” (after Johnny Mnemonic), to other video sharing sites. … Read More

  • MySpace security measure disables viral spread of widgets

    MySpace has taken a step to increase security that disables a key method for third party vendors to spread their services inside the online social network. The company is using new code in a new version of flash that disables outgoing links from flash widgets and it is pushing users to install the blockable version of flash by requiring that they do so in order to view MySpace hosted video. Read More

  • SlimTimer makes task timing easy

    SlimTimer is a new web based time tracking service that launched this morning. It’s simple, elegant and could prove quite useful. Unlike other services focused on time sheets, SlimTimer works more like a sophisticated stop watch on the web. I’ve been looking for something just like this for awhile now. The site was built by Richard White, the interface designer for the Kiko… Read More

  • Gizmo punches standard VOIP business model

    The open standards based internet telephony service Gizmo Project made a drastic move today by dropping the cost to zero for all calls to any phone owned by a Gizmo user in 60 countries, permanently. It’s not quite free calls to everyone everywhere, but it’s a big move away from the standard revenue model of charging for all calls to land lines and mobiles. Both parties on the… Read More

  • CoComment upgrades, now worth using

    CoComment is a popular browser tool for tracking conversations in the comments sections of blogs. It catches the comments you’ve made around the web and comments made after yours. It was initially launched in February. Late last night West Coast time, the Geneva based service made a major upgrade, largely in response to user requests. The improvements were much needed. Most important… Read More

  • SaneBull offers cool ajax financial desktop

    Brooklyn based Ideajax has released an ajax financial desktop demonstration site that’s already useful and has lots of potential for the future. Called, it currently uses Yahoo! Financial news to display automatically updating information on stocks in near real time (15 min delay via Yahoo!). Updates are displayed every 5 seconds. When the company rolls out… Read More

  • Jobster takes more money to spread social job search

    Do job seekers and employers outside of Silicon Valley want user generated content, tagging and feeds in their employment services? The premise that they do will likely be put to the test on a global scale now that the fast growing job search site Jobster has landed $18 million more in venture funding from a team lead by international publishers Reed Elsevier. The company has now recieved… Read More

  • OpenDNS wants to watch the web for you

    OpenDNS is a new start up that wants users to redirect web traffic through its DNS nameservers, where an unusually large cache and an aggregated list of sites deemed guilty of phishing will make our web surfing faster and safer. It’s free and as simple as changing your DNS address from your ISP and to OpenDNS, but a number of serious concerns about the service have already been… Read More

  • StumbleUpon now IE friendly

    The wildly popular Firefox extension StumbleUpon released this morning a toolbar for Internet Explorer users. The service lets you browse around web sites that have been recommended by friends and other users with interests similar to your own. Users can also write reviews of sites. The end result is a very compelling user experience that’s likely to explode now that it’s… Read More

  • MoveDigital launches metered torrents, mobile streaming; John Edwards and Rocketboom among first customers

    MoveDigital launched a pay-as-you-go digital media distribution service this morning that includes a very easy way to turn media into torrents and mobile streams. Senator John Edwards has announced that he will use both the company’s torrent and mobile technologies in his “OneAmerica” tour. The videoblog RocketBoom will also use MoveDigital’s service to distribute… Read More

  • iTunes video rental announcement foreseen

    The blog that was sued over disclosing leaked information about the Mac Mini before its launch, ThinkSecret, reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will announce the availability of movie rentals on iTunes at next month’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Rental instead of purchase is the key issue here. The use of Digital Rights Management to limit how long a video file can be… Read More

  • ShopWiki announces $6.2m in funding

    New York based ShopWiki is announcing $6.2 million in new funding today from VC firm Generation Partners. I wrote about ShopWiki at the end of last month and it’s got an impressive feature set – including wiki style buying guides, user generated video reviews and a cool search by color function. The new financial backing will power a multi-year plan for international expansion… Read More

  • Bix sees green in online contests

    American Idol proved not just that we love watching the highs and lows of wannabe superstars, but that a surprising number of us wanted to be up there. It’s these two factors that make Bix, a company enabling public and private contests online, think the service it’s about to launch is a winner. When I first played around with the Beta site, I couldn’t stop thinking it was… Read More

  • Got Herpes? Try Prescription4Love

    Are niche dating sites viable? For some niches, they just may be. is a dating site for people with diabetes, cancer, obesity, STDs and a variety of other chronic conditions. It’s intended to be a safe space for people who risk serious embarrassment talking about their medical conditions with people who cannot relate. I think it’s a great idea. The… Read More

  • YouTube serves 100m videos each day

    The big news of the morning is that YouTube has announced it’s hit 100 million videos served per day. Founded in early 2005, the company has raised at least $11.5 million in venture funding from Sequoia Capital. It’s one of many startups offering video sharing services, but for some reason now has an incredibly dominant position. This weekend’s announcement said that 60%… Read More

  • Salesforce announces upgrade, dev conference in October will undergo its seasonal Summer ’06 upgrade on Monday and has released information for the first time about a developers component at their annual users conference. This year’s Dreamforce conference will include a sub-conference October 9-11th for Web 2.0 developers interested in moving out of the consumer sector and into bringing applications to market for… Read More