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  • TripHub brings structure to travel plans

    Seattle based TripHub is launching a beta version of its integrated trip planning service on Tuesday. Users can co-ordinate group events, travel plans, lodging and activities. It’s a good service for centralizing lots of information in a structured format for multi-person activities. I’m not sure if it will prove to be a viable stand alone service, but it’s worth a… Read More

  • Fox: $1 billion Search Deal with Google

    Fox Interactive Media has entered into a nearly $1 billion, 3+ year deal with Google to exclusively power search across most Fox online sites, including Myspace. The partnership will begin in the fourth quarter of this year and extend though the second quarter of 2010. Teams from Google and Fox say they have been working nonstop for five days to nail down the details on the deal, which was… Read More

  • DesktopTwo offers a powerful web desktop for free

    DesktopTwo is a powerful new web based computing service that offers an impressive list of well designed features, all for free. Created by a New York and Toluca, Mexico based company called Sapotek, DesktopTwo is an enhanced version in English of Sapotek’s service. Their Spanish service already has 100,000 subscribers. This service is something truly useful. If you… Read More

  • FavoriteThingz launches social commerce widget

    Sprout Commerce, the company behind MyPickList, has launched a new product today, called FavoriteThingz. A widget for social networking sites like MySpace, FavoriteThingz lets users identify their favorite bands, movies and other branded products and display those brands in a nice looking slideshow. Their readers can click through to purchase the same goods and affiliate revenue is split… Read More

  • PrefPass makes anonymous personalization easy

    PrefPass is a new project aimed to offer users a personalized experience on a wide variety of sites without giving up personal information or going through tedius registration forms. It will also let site publishers deliver more targeted content and advertising without being intrusive towards their readers. It’s a very cool idea; if you like, a site for pooling dummy… Read More

  • Attensa offers two rich enterprise RSS products

    Enterprise RSS vendor Attensa has released two new products this summer and I was able to take a look at both last week. The company now offers Attensa for Outlook version 1.5 beta and an Attensa Feedserver. Attensa Online, a consumer product we’ve written about in the past, has been deprioritized in favor of an enterprise focus. Attensa was one of the 12 highlighted innovators at… Read More

  • Meebo to face more competition from stealth startup Wablet

    We’ve caught rumor of a new Meebo competitor in the web IM space called Wablet. Development is underway in both San Francisco and the Philippines. Reader Mike Abundo, a tech writer from the Philippines, claimed it was going to blow away Meebo in a comment responding to our coverage of the new Meebome offering last week. Aiming to create “a highly scalable next generation… Read More

  • Flickr to offer drag and drop geotagging?

    Several Flickr users noticed a brief appearance this morning of a new option on their dashboards to map the location of their photos. Flickr user Brad77 reports on his blog that for just a few minutes he was able to access a page that asked him to set geotagging permissions, then drag and drop his photos onto a Yahoo! map. Very cool. Flickr user James & Vilija’s was able to capture… Read More

  • Clickdensity maps the heat of website traffic

    BoxUK’s Clickdensity offers low cost heat maps of web site visitor clicks. We’ve profiled similar offerings from Crazy Egg and Clicktale, but neither of those services are available for public use yet – you can use Clickdensity now. After you drop some javascript in your page code, Clickdensity tracks where users click on your site, how many people click on each link and… Read More

  • SkyRider aims to monetize P2P

    Mountain View based stealth P2P company SkyRider formally announced their company’s existence today but was maddeningly vague about what they will actually do when they launch this fall. The company, which is headed by former Cisco CTO Edward Kozel and has received funding from Sequoia Capital and Charles River, says it will enable the commercialization of P2P software through… Read More

  • AOL/AIM users to get 5GB free storage

    The one upsmanship in giving away storage continues with an announcement today from AOL that come September the company will provide 5 GB of free storage on the company’s XDrive system to anyone with as little as an AOL or AIM screen name. AOL purchased XDrive last August for an undisclosed sum. Chris Gilmer over at AOL owned Download Squad reports the service will include permission… Read More

  • OthersOnline matches people by online interests

    Seattle based OthersOnline is launching a new attention based social networking service today. Run through an IE toolbar on Windows machines, OthersOnline will show you users related to yourself via their web surfing habits mixed with user profiles. Contextual advertising from Kanoodle will be mixed in with the list of related users. You’ll be able to see when related people are… Read More

  • Diigo is a research tool that rocks

    I just looked at the new research megatool Diigo and though several bloggers have covered it in the past and in previous incarnations (including our charming leader) I think they really missed the boat when many called it an unexciting entry into the crowded social bookmarking space. This is a web based knowledge worker’s dream come true, it’s the kind of thing that makes me love… Read More

  • New Lycos email tops Gmail in storage, attachment size

    Lycos announced today that their beta email service now offers 3 GB of storage and allow attachments of “essentially unlimited” size to be sent and received. Gmail is currently topping out at 2.75 gigs of storage, Hotmail at 250 MB and both limit attachments to 10 MB. For $20 per year, Lycos will up the limit to 5 GB of storage. To prevent infrequent use just for sending huge… Read More

  • RealNetworks to deliver Firefox

    For the next two years a partnership between RealNetworks and Mozilla will mean that users downloading RealPlayer, Rhapsody and other Real software will also receive the Firefox browser. The announcement late last night said that a partnership to distribute the Google Toolbar has also been formalized. This is great news for Firefox. Real says it sees more than 2 million downloads of… Read More

  • Bloglines wants to block private feeds from search

    “Everything you blog goes on your permanent record!” How many times have we heard that lately? From employment to family situations, many people have been frustrated to find out that things they intended to write for a personal audience is now discoverable by anyone in the world via search engines. Bloglines proposed a new standard tonight to change that. You can have private… Read More

  • Craigslist + footballer with a taser = PR disaster

    Ellis T. Jones III, a 20 year old former football player, has been arrested in San Jose, California for allegedly using Craigslist to lure potential buyers and sellers of electronic equipment to places where he could stun them with a taser and rob them. This is just the kind of thing that could spell trouble for online services seeking to bring people together in the meatspace (real life). … Read More

  • Microsoft to present fly-through photo app, PhotoSynth

    A team from Microsoft Live Labs will present a prototype of an awesome looking new photo tool at tomorrow’s SIGGRAPH conference in Boston. Called Photosynth, the tool will compile multiple images of a single location to create a zoomable fly-through 3D image. Other functionality, like looking up similar photos on the web, is in the works as well. PhotoSynth is the first prototype to… Read More

  • Wizag offers semantic analysis, attention to RSS

    RSS is world changing technology, but it risks getting bogged down in information overload. The simple solution is a system like MyYahoo where a limited number of feed items are displayed and the interface is most conducive to subscribing to a small number of feeds. The power user needs a lot more, though, and the holy grail for many RSS feed reader developers is a working relevance… Read More

  • SpyMedia launches photo bounties and a widget – stillborn in MySpace

    Photo sales site SpyMedia relaunched this morning with two major new features. The San Jose company has since late last year let photographers sell their news photos to media companies or other interested buyers. Today the site has added a slideshow widget and a bounty system to let buyers offer money for photos they would like to purchase. Here’s a heart breaker; remember when we… Read More