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Frosted Envelope Mailbox

The frosted envelope design on this sharp-looking mailbox will tell you instantly whether you have mail. There’s a lock on the front to keep the neighbors at bay, but the tube on the bottom that

Top Headlines from MobileCrunch

Alltel Wireless Brings Satellite Radio to Mobile Phones with XM Deal SixApart Launches TypePad Mobile; possibly the best mobile blogging platform? Yelp Launches Wap Site; sings special duet with Palm

Unfuddle provides secure hosted project management for developers

Unfuddle is a crisp looking new software development project management service. The look and feel will be familiar to anyone who has used Basecamp for project management, but it’s specifically

Traffic fight: Hitwise says is soaring

New numbers indicate that, just as the company says, Yahoo! owned has experienced substantial growth since the December acquisition. Respected traffic analysts Hitwise just posted a report

Fanpop: an easy, fun way to share topical information

Fanpop is a recently launched site that brings together user submitted links, syndicated headlines, forums and social networking. It calls itself a place for fans to share their favorite content regar

Webshots to relaunch with a Web 2.0 look

There won’t be tagging, but CNet’s photosharing site Webshots is adding a number of features reminiscent of Flickr and getting a whole new look. The relaunch will occur some time in late A

Are Mac Pros Cheaper than Dell Precisions?

The Inquirer set out to discover the truth in a piece that contrasts the price differences between similarly matched systems from Apple and Dell. In the comparison, the Mac Pro is pitted against the D

Diggscaperedilicous: Save to Digg, Netscape, Reddit and with one bookmarklet

Netscape fan and web developer Jeromy Huber has made a bookmarklet that simultaneously opens four quarter screens in one window to save an URL in Netscape, Digg, Reddit and Called Diggsca

Zapr makes drag and drop file transfer easy

Sydney and Singapore based Zapr is beta testing a simple way to transfer large files for free. The company recently changed it’s name from Zingee. Users download the company’s desktop clie

Alltel Delivers XM Satellite Radio to Phones

Alltel just announced a new service that will deliver XM Satellite Radio programming to phones on their network. Developed by MobiTV, the feature will allow users unlimited access to select XM radio c

Viddler to make moments in video searchable

I just got a sneak peek at a video sharing site due to launch in September, called Viddler. The company has focused on making the video publishing experience compelling and enabling discussion, taggin

Logitech DJ: Another Wireless Music System

Logitech just announced their Wireless DJ Music System which will allow users to stream and control PC audio wirelessly throughout the home via Logitech’s StreamPoint software. The device is com

Sprint Nextel & Intel Team Up on WiMax

Sprint Nextel is working on securing their place in 4G cellular services by announcing their plan to establish a nationwide network based on the forthcoming WiMax standard. The new technology is said

Viacom to buy Atom Entertainment

San Francisco’s Atom Entertainment is about to be purchased by media giant Viacom, the Wall St. Journal reports. Atom Entertainment is home to Atom Films, a site that highlights short films, and

Mighty Morphin' Car Panels

Joachim Tandler, a car safety researcher in Germany, is working on a project for the first shape-shifting car. The car will use hood-mounted cameras and radar to spot a vehicle that is going to hit yo

Newsgator releases useful toolbar – look out Bloglines

Newsgator just announced the release of a new beta browser toolbar for Windows users of Newsgator Online, Newsgator Inbox and FeedDemon. Some key functionality has been added that will help the compan

Bix Launches $50,000 Contest

Online karaoke site Bix ended its beta with flair last night with the launch of a $50,000 “Second Chance” video and audio karaoke competition. The “Second Chance” refers to the many of us that

BossBitching: Who's been your worst boss?

BossBitching is a simple but cool site where users can post anonymous comments about their bosses and other users can comment and rate the stories with a slick ajax interface. It’s fun, it&#8217

Google, Yahoo! agree to independent click fraud audits

As the outcry by advertisers grows louder than the assurances from Google that click fraud is not a substantial problem, representatives from Google and Yahoo! publicly stated today that they would ac finally usable after relaunch, possibly the most feature rich news search engine online already, has relaunched and looks very cool. The Topix index of 50,000 news sources is 10 times larger than the Google News index an
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