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  • Diggscaperedilicous: Save to Digg, Netscape, Reddit and with one bookmarklet

    Netscape fan and web developer Jeromy Huber has made a bookmarklet that simultaneously opens four quarter screens in one window to save an URL in Netscape, Digg, Reddit and Called Diggscaperedicious, it doesn’t quite have the awesome one click power of, but OnlyWire doesn’t save to Digg or Netscape. Some people are wary of tools like this, calling them… Read More

  • Zapr makes drag and drop file transfer easy

    Sydney and Singapore based Zapr is beta testing a simple way to transfer large files for free. The company recently changed it’s name from Zingee. Users download the company’s desktop client, add email addresses for friends and then drag and drop files or folders from their computers onto the interface. Friends then receive an email that includes an URL linked to the file on… Read More

  • Alltel Delivers XM Satellite Radio to Phones

    Alltel just announced a new service that will deliver XM Satellite Radio programming to phones on their network. Developed by MobiTV, the feature will allow users unlimited access to select XM radio channels for $7.99 a month. “Having America’s largest wireless network, partner with America’s largest satellite radio provider was a natural fit, and we know our customers will… Read More

  • Viddler to make moments in video searchable

    I just got a sneak peek at a video sharing site due to launch in September, called Viddler. The company has focused on making the video publishing experience compelling and enabling discussion, tagging and sharing tied to particular moments in time. It’s a good looking system with smart features and a viable business model. Company lead Robert Sandie lives today in Bethlehem, PA but has… Read More

  • Logitech DJ: Another Wireless Music System

    Logitech just announced their Wireless DJ Music System which will allow users to stream and control PC audio wirelessly throughout the home via Logitech’s StreamPoint software. The device is compatible with all PC audio formats, including MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. The sexy console remote has a backlit blue LCD display. Although many of these devices already exist, this looks to be a vast… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel & Intel Team Up on WiMax

    Sprint Nextel is working on securing their place in 4G cellular services by announcing their plan to establish a nationwide network based on the forthcoming WiMax standard. The new technology is said to be able to deliver wireless broadband at speeds up to 70Mbps in ideal conditions, but real world estimates are significantly lower – expect about 20-50Mbps on a good day – with a… Read More

  • Viacom to buy Atom Entertainment

    San Francisco’s Atom Entertainment is about to be purchased by media giant Viacom, the Wall St. Journal reports. Atom Entertainment is home to Atom Films, a site that highlights short films, and the ShockWave series of game sites. The price is rumored to be $200 million; Valleywag reported on the WSJ story first. Viacom was rumored yesterday to be interested in purchasing social… Read More

  • Mighty Morphin' Car Panels

    Joachim Tandler, a car safety researcher in Germany, is working on a project for the first shape-shifting car. The car will use hood-mounted cameras and radar to spot a vehicle that is going to hit your car for a side collision. The camera and radar sends a message to the side of the car once it has calculated that impact is imminent and reinforces the bond between the door and the frame, which… Read More

  • Newsgator releases useful toolbar – look out Bloglines

    Newsgator just announced the release of a new beta browser toolbar for Windows users of Newsgator Online, Newsgator Inbox and FeedDemon. Some key functionality has been added that will help the company compete with competitor Bloglines. Users will now be able to subscribe with one click to any page’s RSS feed in IE and Firefox, a feature that had made Bloglines the easiest online… Read More

  • Bix Launches $50,000 Contest

    Online karaoke site Bix ended its beta with flair last night with the launch of a $50,000 “Second Chance” video and audio karaoke competition. The “Second Chance” refers to the many of us that did not win on American Idol — not a requirement for entry. This is exactly the kind of contest, with the kind of prize Bix needs to catapult itself into public… Read More

  • BossBitching: Who's been your worst boss?

    BossBitching is a simple but cool site where users can post anonymous comments about their bosses and other users can comment and rate the stories with a slick ajax interface. It’s fun, it’s like an old classic but for individual bosses. Launched by someone who identifies himself as Unknown Tech Guy and claims to live in New York city (it could be just for effect), BossBitching… Read More

  • Google, Yahoo! agree to independent click fraud audits

    As the outcry by advertisers grows louder than the assurances from Google that click fraud is not a substantial problem, representatives from Google and Yahoo! publicly stated today that they would accept independent click fraud audits. Of course the true independence of any audit will need to be closely watched. The pay per click advertising business is a monster – with billions… Read More

  • finally usable after relaunch, possibly the most feature rich news search engine online already, has relaunched and looks very cool. The Topix index of 50,000 news sources is 10 times larger than the Google News index and 7 times as large as Yahoo! News. Topix really focuses on local search. Today’s relaunch makes the search results on Topix much easier to use than they have been before. Founded in 2002… Read More

  • Bebo passes MySpace in the UK

    Hitwise is reporting that online social network Bebo passed MySpace for the first time last week in number of weekly visits in the UK. MySpace retains its lead in the US, but the new UK numbers show that the Fox super-site is beatable in particular countries. MySpace is planning to roll out localized versions in several European countries this summer. Hitwise analyst Heather Hopkins… Read More

  • Web 2.0: The 24 Minute Documentary

    A couple of weeks ago Michael Arrington got together with a number of startup CEOs and executives to video a discussion about Web 2.0. Participating in the discussion were Aaron Cohen (Bolt), Scott Milener and Steven Lurie (Browster), Keith Teare (edgeio), Steven Marder (Eurekster), Joe Kraus (JotSpot), Jeremy Verba (Piczo), Auren Hoffman (Rapleaf), Chris Alden (Rojo), Gautam Godhwani… Read More

  • TripHub brings structure to travel plans

    Seattle based TripHub is launching a beta version of its integrated trip planning service on Tuesday. Users can co-ordinate group events, travel plans, lodging and activities. It’s a good service for centralizing lots of information in a structured format for multi-person activities. I’m not sure if it will prove to be a viable stand alone service, but it’s worth a… Read More

  • Fox: $1 billion Search Deal with Google

    Fox Interactive Media has entered into a nearly $1 billion, 3+ year deal with Google to exclusively power search across most Fox online sites, including Myspace. The partnership will begin in the fourth quarter of this year and extend though the second quarter of 2010. Teams from Google and Fox say they have been working nonstop for five days to nail down the details on the deal, which was… Read More

  • DesktopTwo offers a powerful web desktop for free

    DesktopTwo is a powerful new web based computing service that offers an impressive list of well designed features, all for free. Created by a New York and Toluca, Mexico based company called Sapotek, DesktopTwo is an enhanced version in English of Sapotek’s service. Their Spanish service already has 100,000 subscribers. This service is something truly useful. If you… Read More

  • FavoriteThingz launches social commerce widget

    Sprout Commerce, the company behind MyPickList, has launched a new product today, called FavoriteThingz. A widget for social networking sites like MySpace, FavoriteThingz lets users identify their favorite bands, movies and other branded products and display those brands in a nice looking slideshow. Their readers can click through to purchase the same goods and affiliate revenue is split… Read More

  • PrefPass makes anonymous personalization easy

    PrefPass is a new project aimed to offer users a personalized experience on a wide variety of sites without giving up personal information or going through tedius registration forms. It will also let site publishers deliver more targeted content and advertising without being intrusive towards their readers. It’s a very cool idea; if you like, a site for pooling dummy… Read More