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  • Helio Stores are Coming

    MVNO cell phone provider Helio has announced plans to open a series of Helio-centric stores in several major US markets. The first will be located between the Apple Store and Banana Republic at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. As you can see from the render above, the store will sport some hip architecture courtesy of notable design firm Gensler. In addition to the flagship Santa… Read More

  • Clamshell Remote Ushers New Era of Why?

    As home theaters have become increasingly complex, remotes have become burdened by the weight of the countless buttons needed to control complexities. Many designs from recent years have tackled this dilemma by prudently embracing the dynamic abilities of LCD touch screens. Until now, the clamshell design has remained a staple of mobile phones and women’s compacts. But where there’s… Read More

  • RMX Direct: alternative ad networks battle for your blog

    New York based RightMedia has launched a beta version of a new advertising system that lets website publishers participate in multiple ad networks and automatically display ads from whichever network will pay the highest price per impression for their ad space in real time bidding. The service, called RMX Direct, also has a filtering system to prevent malware distribution through ads and… Read More

  • Aptera Concept Car

    The Aptera concept car’s three-wheeled, egg shaped design makes for an incredibly efficient vehicle, purporedly achieving 330mpg. It seats two people, weighs 850 pounds and utilizes a super-efficient hybrid diesel engine. A clear downside of the Aptera, however, is the complete lack of cargo space, a factor that will surely prevent many consumers from becoming early… Read More

  • FlickrStorm: better search for Flickr, including Creative Commons

    Flickr is an awesome site, a world changer that you’ve got to love, but it’s got some shortcomings. Many people have tried improving on the search function of the site and the newest effort is particularly nice. Gregor Hochmuth’s FlickrStorm is smooth to use and very handy for saving batches of photos you find via Flickr. The biggest feature is that related search terms… Read More

  • Bang & Olufsen BeoSystem 3 Stage Manager

    The Bang & Olufsen BeoSystem 3 Stage Manager is an aptly named device, since it can handle two surround-sound setups, multiple video outputs, and even lower the lights when your movie comes on. The BeoSystem 3 has two DVI outputs and four HDMI inputs for video, plus two separate 5.1 outputs that can be combined for a 7.1 system with dual subwoofers. Add to that HD DVD and Blu-ray… Read More

  • Insigna Amigo 2GB MP3 Player Video Preview

    DAPreview has a preview of the Insignia Amigo, the small flash-based MP3 player from Best Buy’s in house brand. It’s relatively cheap, at $99 and $129 for 1GB and 2GB respectively. Other than having MP3/WMA playback, there’s also a screen — something that the 1GB iPod Shuffle doesn’t quite muster. DAPreview video-previews the Insignia Amigo [DAPreview] Read More

  • Xbox And PS3 Side-By-Side Size Comparison

    If someone had told you four years ago that the PS3 would be later to market and larger in size than a 360 you’d have told him to put his Microsoft-loving lips firmly onto your posterior. Now it’s your turn to kiss a little bum, as Games Radar has pictures of an Xbox 360 side-by-side with a PS3. As you can see, the PS3 is wider, thicker and taller than its white counterpart. The… Read More

  • Asus WL-700gE WiFi Router With 160GB Hard Drive, iTunes and Bittorrent Support

    This Asus WL-700gE wireless router goes above and beyond a normal router and acts like a simple Linux machine. The 160GB hard drive provides plenty of room for your bittorrent-downloaded DivX movies, and the USB2.0 interface lets you connect external storage for sharing on the network. There’s also a built in FTP server, DDNS support, Samba Server (for network file sharing), and… Read More

  • FPS Booster X3 5.25-inch Drive Bay Power Supply

    This FPS Booster X3 5.25-inch drive-mounted power supply is great for gamers with multiple PCI Express graphics cards or video editors that use a lot of hard drives. The power supply (PSU) fits into a normal 5.25-inch slot on the front of your machine, but has a two-pin power connector cable that goes through your machine, out the back through an empty PCI slot, and into the wall. The PSU… Read More

  • Frosted Envelope Mailbox

    The frosted envelope design on this sharp-looking mailbox will tell you instantly whether you have mail. There’s a lock on the front to keep the neighbors at bay, but the tube on the bottom that holds newspapers and magazines is wide open. On second thought, the frosted glass may allow you to see whether there’s mail without opening the box, but unless the mailbox is facing your… Read More

  • Top Headlines from MobileCrunch

    Alltel Wireless Brings Satellite Radio to Mobile Phones with XM Deal SixApart Launches TypePad Mobile; possibly the best mobile blogging platform? Yelp Launches Wap Site; sings special duet with Palm Treo Nokia Makes Major Move Towards Becoming a Content Provider with Loudeye Acquisition Skype and Sony Team Up to Deliver the ‘mylo personal communicator’ Would the iPhone be… Read More

  • Unfuddle provides secure hosted project management for developers

    Unfuddle is a crisp looking new software development project management service. The look and feel will be familiar to anyone who has used Basecamp for project management, but it’s specifically tailored for software developers. It’s a hosted service with basic features including messaging, milestones, tickets, permissions and source storage via Subversion. While many… Read More

  • Traffic fight: Hitwise says is soaring

    New numbers indicate that, just as the company says, Yahoo! owned has experienced substantial growth since the December acquisition. Respected traffic analysts Hitwise just posted a report that the site’s traffic has more than doubled since January. Last week Michael Arrington made a series of posts here about some contested traffic stats on the popular social… Read More

  • Fanpop: an easy, fun way to share topical information

    Fanpop is a recently launched site that brings together user submitted links, syndicated headlines, forums and social networking. It calls itself a place for fans to share their favorite content regarding any topic. This one scores high on usability and stands a good chance of getting out of the tech niche. Developed by a team from San Francisco, Fanpop is very nicely implemented Ruby on… Read More

  • Webshots to relaunch with a Web 2.0 look

    There won’t be tagging, but CNet’s photosharing site Webshots is adding a number of features reminiscent of Flickr and getting a whole new look. The relaunch will occur some time in late August, but an alpha site is up here. The site currently looks straight out of the 90’s, it will be interesting to see how established users react to the redesign. The Webshots team… Read More

  • Are Mac Pros Cheaper than Dell Precisions?

    The Inquirer set out to discover the truth in a piece that contrasts the price differences between similarly matched systems from Apple and Dell. In the comparison, the Mac Pro is pitted against the Dell Precision 490. While the results aren’t quite those described at the Apple fanboy rally, they do signify a relevant change total cost when compared to similarly outfitted machines: Dual… Read More

  • Diggscaperedilicous: Save to Digg, Netscape, Reddit and with one bookmarklet

    Netscape fan and web developer Jeromy Huber has made a bookmarklet that simultaneously opens four quarter screens in one window to save an URL in Netscape, Digg, Reddit and Called Diggscaperedicious, it doesn’t quite have the awesome one click power of, but OnlyWire doesn’t save to Digg or Netscape. Some people are wary of tools like this, calling them… Read More

  • Zapr makes drag and drop file transfer easy

    Sydney and Singapore based Zapr is beta testing a simple way to transfer large files for free. The company recently changed it’s name from Zingee. Users download the company’s desktop client, add email addresses for friends and then drag and drop files or folders from their computers onto the interface. Friends then receive an email that includes an URL linked to the file on… Read More

  • Alltel Delivers XM Satellite Radio to Phones

    Alltel just announced a new service that will deliver XM Satellite Radio programming to phones on their network. Developed by MobiTV, the feature will allow users unlimited access to select XM radio channels for $7.99 a month. “Having America’s largest wireless network, partner with America’s largest satellite radio provider was a natural fit, and we know our customers will… Read More