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  • Planar Xscreen: They Might Think It's a Plasma TV

    We’re hearing a lot of talk about gigantic-screen TVs, some of them costing upwards of $50,000, but if you’re using a projector, you can have a humongous-sized screen at a tenth of that price. This 100-inch selectively-reflective Xscreen from Planar has a built-in optical filter, reflecting light from the projector while absorbing room light. Perhaps its most appealing attribute… Read More

  • Yahoo! Answers launches API

    The wildly successful Yahoo! Answers is moving to take its global community of user shared knowledge to the next level with today’s release of an API for outside developers interested in accessing the huge Yahoo! Answers site. The company says there are now 30 million plus answers in the system, from amusing ones to useful ones. Answers has also got an intensely loyal… Read More

  • SwissMiniGun: Microminiature But Still Real

    The SwissMiniGun seems impossibly small, but it’s actually a precision-made pistol that shoots live ammunition. The 2.16-inch Colt Python replica shoots tiny bullets that are scarcely a third of an inch long at a muzzle speed that’s probably not going to kill you, but might put an eye out if you’re not careful. Made with the same technology used to create Swiss watches… Read More

  • YouTube goes down for the first time

    On the same day that new Comscore numbers came out indicating new traffic highs for YouTube, the site went down for six hours this morning in the first unplanned outage since launching in February of 2005. Though users were told that new features were in the works, press inquiries have confirmed that it was actually a database failure that took the site down. Periodic planned downtimes at… Read More

  • Lapinator Protects Your Jewels

    With all the buzz lately about exploding laptops and excruciatingly hot MacBooks, I suspect we’re going to start seeing a lot more products like this. The Lapinator is composed of the heat resistant 3M Thinsulate fiber and a comfy cross-linked molded foam bottom. Though it might not be too successful against the shrapnel of an exploding Dell battery, it looks like it should… Read More

  • Google acquires biometric company Neven Vision

    Google announced today that they have brought biometric and photo recognition company Neven Vision into the Google fold. Neven Vision has patents on technology ranging from photo analysis to face recognition in video files to several patents for facial capture for avatar animation. Sounds like a fascinating partnership. The company is heavily focused on mobile phones and also offers a product… Read More

  • Xbox 360 HD DVD $200 By Christmas 2006?

    Digitimes is claiming the Microsoft HD DVD will be $200 by Christmas 2006. Microsoft hasn’t issued an official statement, and were quite silent about the pricing last week during the HD DVD demo. Digitimes also reports that the Taiwanese game industry as a whole—developers and game service providers—are saying this is a smart strategy to include the HD DVD separate instead… Read More

  • Apple Claims Exclusive Use To The Word 'Pod'

    Apple has been stepping up its campaign to stomp down on other companies’ use of the word “Pod” in any of their products. Lately, they’ve sent a cease and desist to Mach5Products, which makes the “Profit Pod”, and to TightPods, who make slip-on covers to protect laptops and MP3 players. We can see why Apple’s doing this, as trademark dilution… Read More

  • Comscore: MySpace Video traffic doubled in July

    Web traffic analyst firm Comscore has released their numbers for July and the most striking finding was that traffic to MySpace Video has doubled since June. Prime competitor YouTube saw a 20% increase according to Comscore, putting the site in the top 50 sites visited on the web. Still leading the online video pack? Yahoo! Video, with 21.1 million visitors, up 28-percent from… Read More

  • Navio 902T2 Media Center

    If you’re looking for a high end PC-based Media Center, the Navio 902T2 has a 7-inch touch-screen LCD, 1TB of storage space, 2GB of RAM, a Pentium D950 Dual Core processor, and a DVD Burner for archiving all your shows. Add to that a Sigmacom X1 HDTV tuner and GeForce 7900GTX, it’ll serve up enough power for playing PC games as well as movies. Even with all these high-end parts… Read More

  • Hitachi Says Terabyte Hard Drives Coming Later This Year

    Hitachi claims that it’s finally going to break the terabyte barrier on desktop hard drives later this year with the first 1TB hard drive. They’re already manufacturing 500GB drives, and Seagate is already making 750GB drives, so bumping it up to 1TB shouldn’t be that big of a problem. These drives will not only go inside your desktops, they’ll be included in TVs and… Read More

  • VP180 Skype Mouse

    If anyone has any reason why a mouse should not be united with a Skype phone, speak now or forever hold your peace. Nobody? Good. Just like the USB Hub + Bluetooth Dongle and the Security Camera + Heater, this thing takes two things we like and combines it into one thing we love. The mouse works like a regular two-button, scroll-wheel mouse, but when you flip it over there’s a keypad… Read More

  • RoyalDigital BS4100 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    This Bluetooth GPS Receiver works over Bluetooth, which means as long as you have a Bluetooth capable device—cell phone, PDA, or laptop—you can get GPS data anywhere. With the right software installed on those mobile devices, you can even use this combination as a navigation system. The BS4100 itself has 16 hours of battery life, 3 LEDs to indicate its status, and can be powered by… Read More

  • Cellular Providers Readying At-Home Service

    Business Week’s Olga Kharif wrote yesterday about several cellcos that are prepping at-home services. For a flat-monthly rate, this new functionality will allow users to synch their mobiles with their landlines in order to send and receive calls without depleting cellular minutes. T-Mobile is currently testing a service in Oregon that utilizes a wireless router. As this image from… Read More

  • 520TVL Security Camera With Built-In Heater

    If you’re trying to incorporate two products into one, a USB hub and a Bluetooth dongle makes sense in all temperatures, but a security camera and a heater only makes sense in Alaska. The camera has a 1/3″ color CCD image sensor, and can withstand temperatures down to -40°F. The heater is useless in more temperate climates like Texas, unless you’re mounting this inside… Read More

  • Update: Technorati got $3 million more than previously reported

    We reported last month that blog search engine Technorati had raised $7.6 million in Series C funding in June from previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Mobius Venture Capital. Today’s PE Wire now says that Series C funding has hit $10.52 million. The previous investment left many mystified about the implications, today’s news really begs the question of where Technorati… Read More

  • Four-Port USB Hub With Bluetooth Dongle

    Although this actually a three-port USB hub instead of a four-port one (one’s used to provide power), we’ll forgive the mislabeling since it also functions as a Bluetooth 1.2 dongle. Instead of having to spend $19 on a Bluetooth dongle to connect your cell phone or Bluetooth headset, just grab one of these at the same price. Consider the hub as a bonus. USB Bluetooth Hub [Brando… Read More

  • BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty Cell Phone

    The only feature on this phone that’s important is the fact that it’s a Hello Kitty phone. All the other stuff, like the 130×130 resolution, 32-chord ringtones and, well, that’s about it. There’s not much to do with the phone other than to ogle the kitty, which is just fine with Hello Kitty enthusiasts. The phone will be on sale, most likely in Japan, starting… Read More

  • Google Local adding coupons

    Google announced this morning that businesses will be able to add coupons to their listings on Google Local for free. The service is available for businesses in US, UK, Canada, China and Japan. Businesses can enter coupon offerings, expiration dates and participating locations through the Google Local site and Google will send them a confirmation and PIN number by snail mail. The system is… Read More

  • EgoKast, The Belt Clip MP3 Player

    We may not know much about fashion, but we know that wearing a 320×240 LCD as your belt buckle doesn’t quite fit the standard definition of “fashionable”. For those who disagree, the Egokast fits directly onto your belt and supports MPEG-4/AVI/JPEG/BMP/MP3/WMA files and has comes with a 512MB SD memory card for storage. It lasts four to five hours, which is just long… Read More