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  • Navio 902T2 Media Center

    If you’re looking for a high end PC-based Media Center, the Navio 902T2 has a 7-inch touch-screen LCD, 1TB of storage space, 2GB of RAM, a Pentium D950 Dual Core processor, and a DVD Burner for archiving all your shows. Add to that a Sigmacom X1 HDTV tuner and GeForce 7900GTX, it’ll serve up enough power for playing PC games as well as movies. Even with all these high-end parts… Read More

  • Hitachi Says Terabyte Hard Drives Coming Later This Year

    Hitachi claims that it’s finally going to break the terabyte barrier on desktop hard drives later this year with the first 1TB hard drive. They’re already manufacturing 500GB drives, and Seagate is already making 750GB drives, so bumping it up to 1TB shouldn’t be that big of a problem. These drives will not only go inside your desktops, they’ll be included in TVs and… Read More

  • VP180 Skype Mouse

    If anyone has any reason why a mouse should not be united with a Skype phone, speak now or forever hold your peace. Nobody? Good. Just like the USB Hub + Bluetooth Dongle and the Security Camera + Heater, this thing takes two things we like and combines it into one thing we love. The mouse works like a regular two-button, scroll-wheel mouse, but when you flip it over there’s a keypad… Read More

  • RoyalDigital BS4100 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    This Bluetooth GPS Receiver works over Bluetooth, which means as long as you have a Bluetooth capable device—cell phone, PDA, or laptop—you can get GPS data anywhere. With the right software installed on those mobile devices, you can even use this combination as a navigation system. The BS4100 itself has 16 hours of battery life, 3 LEDs to indicate its status, and can be powered by… Read More

  • Cellular Providers Readying At-Home Service

    Business Week’s Olga Kharif wrote yesterday about several cellcos that are prepping at-home services. For a flat-monthly rate, this new functionality will allow users to synch their mobiles with their landlines in order to send and receive calls without depleting cellular minutes. T-Mobile is currently testing a service in Oregon that utilizes a wireless router. As this image from… Read More

  • 520TVL Security Camera With Built-In Heater

    If you’re trying to incorporate two products into one, a USB hub and a Bluetooth dongle makes sense in all temperatures, but a security camera and a heater only makes sense in Alaska. The camera has a 1/3″ color CCD image sensor, and can withstand temperatures down to -40°F. The heater is useless in more temperate climates like Texas, unless you’re mounting this inside… Read More

  • Update: Technorati got $3 million more than previously reported

    We reported last month that blog search engine Technorati had raised $7.6 million in Series C funding in June from previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Mobius Venture Capital. Today’s PE Wire now says that Series C funding has hit $10.52 million. The previous investment left many mystified about the implications, today’s news really begs the question of where Technorati… Read More

  • Four-Port USB Hub With Bluetooth Dongle

    Although this actually a three-port USB hub instead of a four-port one (one’s used to provide power), we’ll forgive the mislabeling since it also functions as a Bluetooth 1.2 dongle. Instead of having to spend $19 on a Bluetooth dongle to connect your cell phone or Bluetooth headset, just grab one of these at the same price. Consider the hub as a bonus. USB Bluetooth Hub [Brando… Read More

  • BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty Cell Phone

    The only feature on this phone that’s important is the fact that it’s a Hello Kitty phone. All the other stuff, like the 130×130 resolution, 32-chord ringtones and, well, that’s about it. There’s not much to do with the phone other than to ogle the kitty, which is just fine with Hello Kitty enthusiasts. The phone will be on sale, most likely in Japan, starting… Read More

  • Google Local adding coupons

    Google announced this morning that businesses will be able to add coupons to their listings on Google Local for free. The service is available for businesses in US, UK, Canada, China and Japan. Businesses can enter coupon offerings, expiration dates and participating locations through the Google Local site and Google will send them a confirmation and PIN number by snail mail. The system is… Read More

  • EgoKast, The Belt Clip MP3 Player

    We may not know much about fashion, but we know that wearing a 320×240 LCD as your belt buckle doesn’t quite fit the standard definition of “fashionable”. For those who disagree, the Egokast fits directly onto your belt and supports MPEG-4/AVI/JPEG/BMP/MP3/WMA files and has comes with a 512MB SD memory card for storage. It lasts four to five hours, which is just long… Read More

  • Samsung YP-K5 MP3 Player With Integrated Speakers

    It could be just iPod fatigue, but this YP-K5 from Samsung looks much better, classier, and dare we say it, sexier than the iPod Nano. The player has a pixel-type icon display and supports MP3/WMA/ASF, plus even the open source nerd supported OGG. It’s available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB sizes. Even with that extra bulk from the integrated speaker, which we probably wouldn’t need most of… Read More

  • TomTom Finds Palm

    Palm announced today the Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition. The system is powered by the new TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software that features voice navigation and turn-by-turn directions. Meanwhile, a new SiRFstarIII Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver handles all that meddlesome satellite communication. It is compatible with Treo 650, 700w and 700p devices. I’ve always wondered why GPS… Read More

  • Eyespot partners with, Veoh to provide online video editing

    Three online video startups announced a partnership this morning that will allow users to edit their videos on Eyespot and publish with a single click to and Veoh. This sounds like a smart move for all involved as editing and remixing ups the ante on features for video sharing. Partnering with another startup already providing the service may make more sense that building it into… Read More

  • Sirius Stiletto 100 Comes Unshod

    Sirius has produced its first fully-portable satellite radio receiver, and it is a gem. The Sirius Stiletto 100 hosts a bigger screen and an easy-to-use click wheel, putting the device in league with the more premium players. The pocket sized the player allows users to store up to 100 hours of music (MP3/WMAs), stream audio via WiFi connectivity and, you know, listen to Sirius content.. Read More

  • Moto W220 Gets FCC Nod

    Motorola’s latest clamshell the W220 has gotten FCC approval. The phone is intended as a base level device, so its features are somewhat lacking. Nevertheless, it will sport an FM receiver and a wap 2.0 browser. Perhaps I’m just falling for a gimmick, but I find something aesthetically pleasing about its modest exterior. I wonder if its retro-esque design will, like the RAZR, help… Read More

  • partners with MindTouch, says $3m domain is a deal

    Entrepreneur John Gotts has agreed to pay almost $3 million to purchase the domain With skeptics saying that he’ll back out of the deal through a contract clause or that the purchase is a huge sign of a bubble, Gotts announced today that he has teamed with San Diego based wiki provider MindTouch to make a serious wiki play with the domain name at the center of their strategy. Read More

  • Shuttle Launches X100

    Shuttle XPC Systems has announced the X100, the latest addition to its small form factor tower lineup. Like the rest of Shuttle’s rigs, the X100 delivers respectable performance out of an impressively small box. The X100 features an Intel Core Duo processor in 1.6Ghz, 1.83Ghz or 2.0Ghz flavors. The machine also carries up to 2GB of DDR2 533 memory and a 250GB 7200RPM SATA hard drive. On… Read More

  • Belkin's Fancy Surge Protectors Hide Your Cable Shame

    Gizmodo has a first look at Belkin’s upcoming special surge protectors that mount on your desk, conceal cables, or just flip open and shut for better organization. The first one is the Clamp-On Surge Protector (above image) which mounts on the back or side of your desk. Since the unit is off the ground, all the cables from your desk only need to go to the back and into the strip… Read More

  • Razer Pro|Type iPod/Zune Dockable Keyboards

    This Razer keyboard gets the honor of being the first announced Zune-compatible keyboard. Not just supporting the Apple iPod, this Pro|Type has Media Center keys, programmable keys, 32KB of onboard memory, two USB ports, and a line-out for audio peripherals. It even has gold-plated USB connectors, something Monster Cables have used for years to justify their jacked-up prices. The keyboard… Read More