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  • Big Data Analytics Vs. The Gut Check Crunch Network

    Big Data Analytics Vs. The Gut Check

    Data is more varied and fast-moving than ever, and analyzing it effectively now requires highly sophisticated software and machinery. But where does big data analytics leave the good old-fashioned hunch? What if the data tells a business manager to ‘jump’ but her intuition says ‘stay’? Read More

  • YC Demo Day Session 2: Helion, BitAccess, uBiome, Fixed, And More

    YC Demo Day Session 2: Helion, BitAccess, uBiome, Fixed, And More

    Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Demo Day is in full swing here at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The room is packed with investors and press, the coffee is flowing, people in startup t-shirts are pitching, and a team of us TechCrunch writers are hunched over our laptops taking notes on each company that takes the stage. There will be four sessions in total today, and… Read More

  • Foundation: The Squarespace Ideation Narrative

    Foundation: The Squarespace Ideation Narrative

    In our newest Foundation interview, I spend some time with Squarespace founder and CEO Anthony Casalena. Anthony provides a fascinating look at the Squarespace ideation narrative, and the company’s short-term and long-term goals. Anthony on managing a team at a startup: “You can’t wish trust into existence. Trust is built and shared experiences. I think of how aligned we are… Read More

  • #Love: Hacking Social Isolation

    #Love: Hacking Social Isolation

    Dr. Christina Villarreal is a clinical psychologist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. For professional inquiries, visit her website here The evolution of technology into our everyday lives is allowing us to do things more efficiently than ever. The act of finding, experiencing and ending relationships is all now widely available at the touch of a finger to a screen. For many… Read More

  • Encrypted To The Last Drop

    Encrypted To The Last Drop

    Everything is for sale in the dark web marketplaces. Anonymous buyers can procure everything from prescription painkillers to exotic designer drugs. You can hire sex workers and buy weapons in the same exchange. Danger lurks around every corner and Satoshis flow like water while whales make it rain on encrypted Tor gambling servers. Read More

  • #Love: My ‘Friends’ Don’t ‘Like’ Me

    #Love: My ‘Friends’ Don’t ‘Like’ Me

    When I was writing Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do, I read an article by Robin Dunbar, evolutionary anthropologist, which said that humans cannot process more than 150 friendships at any given point in our lives. This really resonated with me as I had been feeling spread thin on social media, only getting glimpses of the people I wanted to interact with because of… Read More

  • #Love: Meeting My Real-Life Husband In Virtual Vegas Crunch Network

    #Love: Meeting My Real-Life Husband In Virtual Vegas

    Tinder,, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid. With dozens of internet dating sites available today, it seems that much of the younger generation is comfortable with the concept of meeting their significant others online. But as a divorcee and mother of two, the idea of going online to meet anyone (especially my future husband) was a foreign concept. But when my two daughters came to me wanting… Read More

  • Science On The Edge (Of Tomorrow) Crunch Network

    Science On The Edge (Of Tomorrow)

    There are plenty of reviews available for those of you looking for advice on whether or not the new military sci-fi flick “Edge of Tomorrow” is worth seeing in theaters. This is not one of those reviews. My purpose in screening the film—and in getting an inside perspective from the film’s director, Doug Liman—was to peer into the depths of the fictional… Read More

  • Headspace Releases New Version Of Its Meditation Platform

    Headspace Releases New Version Of Its Meditation Platform

    Headspace is a web and mobile meditation platform that allows you to cram 10 to 60 minutes of calm and clarity into each day of your over-connected and fast-paced life. The company is releasing a new version today, after reaching over 1 million users in 150 countries. I have been a daily user of Headspace for six months now, and it’s interesting to see how technology can help when it… Read More

  • Founder Stories: Guy Goldstein’s Make-Or-Break Bet With Check

    Founder Stories: Guy Goldstein’s Make-Or-Break Bet With Check

    To listen to Guy Goldstein, the CEO of Check (formerly Pageonce), tell the story, you’d think he never sweats under pressure. Six years ago, Goldstein helped found what is now Check, a mobile payment company that helps people track their finances and do payments, moving about $500m in payments a year. But, the path to get here wasn’t linear and required a big, make-or-break bet. Read More

  • #Love: Wanderlust Crunch Network

    #Love: Wanderlust

    Over the years, I’ve run my passport ragged, each foreign visa and customs stamp an inked reminder of life experiences. I travel as much as possible, sometimes for weeks or months at a time. And even though I often wander solo and choose erratic destinations, I generally don’t get too lonely because I’m constantly encountering fascinating people or things. But one arena it… Read More

  • Lighthouse Is A Crowdfunding Platform Built On Top Of Bitcoin

    Lighthouse Is A Crowdfunding Platform Built On Top Of Bitcoin

    Meet Lighthouse, a bitcoin-powered app to create and manage your own crowdfunding campaign on your computer. Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn showcased the app at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam. And Lighthouse is a great example of how you can develop a complicated transaction framework on top of the bitcoin protocol. Hearn’s tagline about his own app speaks for itself… Read More

  • Founder Stories: Wanelo’s Deena Varshavskaya On The Evolution Of Being A CEO

    Everyone knows starting a company and building it up into something is very hard. For Deena Varshavskaya, CEO of Wanelo (“wa-ne-lo” for want, need, love), the path is slightly more difficult being a solo and nontechnical founder building a company that has, to date, raised a decent chunk of financing from some of the Valley’s most savvy investors and grown into one of the… Read More

  • #Love: Design For It Crunch Network

    #Love: Design For It

    If you believed the hype, you’d think technology was killing love. To start, the search has been tainted, or so people say. Algorithms are turning serendipity into superficial math. Swipe right and find yourself mired in a hookup culture gone mad. Try the likes of Grindr and experience the irrevocable blurring of the lines between dating and porn. Emojis offend the language of courtship. Read More

  • The Once And Future Web Platform

    The Once And Future Web Platform

    As a developer, articles declaring the death of the web are easy to dismiss out of hand. It’s not unusual or unexpected for people to predict (or herald the arrival of) the next big thing and declare the status quo dead. Yet despite the mobile explosion over the past few years, the web is going to remain the dominant software platform for the foreseeable future. First, let me say that by… Read More

  • The Price Is Right: For Early-Stage SaaS Companies, It Needs To Be

    The Price Is Right: For Early-Stage SaaS Companies, It Needs To Be

    Nothing is more critical to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business than pricing strategy. Pricing is the moment of truth for a new product … and doubly so when it is a company’s first product. But far more often than not, I’ve observed new startups leaving “money on the table” when it comes to pricing enterprise products. I’ve seen founders say their product… Read More

  • Very Foundation, Much Wow: A Conversation With Dogecoin’s Jackson Palmer

    Very Foundation, Much Wow: A Conversation With Dogecoin’s Jackson Palmer

    In my latest Foundation interview, I sit down with entrepreneur Jackson Palmer. Jackson is the brains behind the fast-growing cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin. We discuss the Dogecoin community’s ability to raise money for good (like sending the Jamaican Bobsled team to Sochi), and Jackson’s views on what digital currency will look like in five years. Jackson on how to grow… Read More

  • #Love: When Mothers Text Crunch Network

    #Love: When Mothers Text

    I bought my mom a cellphone a few years ago. It was just a simple Nokia flip phone. Something to keep with her on long drives to use in an emergency. She has a penchant for driving long distances, often to see me. The first thing she did was send me a text. I don’t even remember what it said. She probably does. But I do remember the exchange that followed. I texted: “hey look at… Read More

  • Lost In Translation — Don’t Mistake British Reserve For Lack Of Ambition Crunch Network

    Lost In Translation — Don’t Mistake British Reserve For Lack Of Ambition

    Editor’s note: Robin Klein is a Venture Partner at Index Ventures in London. This post has been ‘brewing’ in my mind for a number of years now. It’s only taken a shape worthy of publication thanks to Julian Rowe, principal at Horsley Bridge (that Blue Chip investor in the world’s great tech VCs). During a recent meeting, Julian and I were talking about the… Read More

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