Connie Loizos

Connie Loizos

Editor in Chief & General Manager

Loizos has been reporting on Silicon Valley since the late ’90s, when she joined the original Red Herring magazine. Previously the Silicon Valley Editor of TechCrunch, she was named Editor in Chief and General Manager of TechCrunch in September 2023. She’s also the founder of StrictlyVC, a daily e-newsletter and lecture series acquired by Yahoo in August 2023 and now operated as a sub brand of TechCrunch.

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How Index Ventures jumped to the front of the AI GPU line

Earlier this week, The New York Times shone a light on some of the desperation that founders are experiencing as they try and fail to secure compute power for their nascent artificial intelligence sta

Insiders bet more on Fizz, a social network that has now bubbled up at 80+ college campuses

Fizz, a burgeoning social network established by two Stanford dropouts, captured the attention and interest of Stanford University students early on with its approach to anonymity and engagement. Now

Made Renovation promises ‘tech-enabled’ remodels; customers describe ‘absolute nightmare’

Last year, Jonas Heineman was overseeing a team of commercial project managers as they installed hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations. Heineman’s wife was also pregnant with their firs

Dan Gwak of Point72 Ventures on why defense tech is becoming the next big thing for investors

Dan Gwak has had a more varied life than many investors. He grew up in Jakarta, the son of Korean parents who ran a shipping business. After high school, he headed to Cornell in the U.S. and became an

Tuesday Capital, a Silicon Valley firm that moved to Austin during the pandemic, captures $31M for its newest seed-stage fund

Austin seems to agree with Tuesday Capital. When the 12-year-old seed-stage outfit — originally called CrunchFund  —  was co-founded by longtime VC Patrick Gallagher and TechCrunch found

Reed Jobs, son of Steve Jobs, takes the wraps off a $200 million venture fund that will back new cancer treatments

Reed Jobs, the 31-year-old son of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, has spent his career behind the scenes. But he’s “stepping into the spotlight,”

Andy McLoughlin of Uncork Capital on the firm’s new funds, succession, and why next year could be a bloodbath (sorry, startups)

A few weeks ago, Uncork Capital shared the news that it recently closed on $400 million in capital commitments across two new funds: $200 million for a seed-stage vehicle and another $200 million for

Exclusive: Goodwater Capital snags $1B across two new funds, despite cooling interest in consumer tech

Goodwater, one of comparatively few firms to focus exclusively on consumer tech investments, has closed on $1 billion in capital commitments across its fifth early-stage fund and its third opportunity

Michael Moritz moves on, book-ending a long chapter at Sequoia Capital

Michael Moritz, the journalist-turned-VC who has long been one of the most prominent and respected investors at Sequoia Capital, has left the firm after 38 years to “deepen his advisory relation

Forerunner Ventures sees a future full of ‘digitally native franchises’

Forerunner Ventures first made its name in the venture world by betting on once-nascent startups like Jet, Bonobos and Glossier when it was far easier to build a digitally native brand. Yet, as commer

Sandwich, known for its commercials, looks to help younger startups in exchange for equity

Sandwich, an LA-based, 17-person outfit, has produced many commercials on behalf of tech companies over its 14-year history, including Square, Slack and Figma. Sometimes, it has taken equity in exchan

Kindred Ventures foresees a ‘massive explosion of startups’ courtesy of AI

Last week, we talked with Kindred Ventures, a small, nine-year-old, San Francisco-based early-stage venture firm that, despite investing in a lot of nascent startups — more than 100 to date &#82

Get a clue, says panel about buzzy AI tech: It’s being ‘deployed as surveillance’

Earlier today at a Bloomberg conference in San Francisco, some of the biggest names in AI turned up, including, briefly, Sam Altman of OpenAI, who just ended his two-month world tour, and Stability AI

Kaitlyn Glancy, long Flexport’s VP of North America, just joined the world of VC

Today, Kaitlyn Glancy, who has spent more than eight years with the logistics company Flexport — the last four of them as the outfit’s vice president of North America — is announcing

How Amazon beat Walmart — and who might beat Amazon: Talking with reporter Jason Del Rey

Jason Del Rey has spent the last 15 years reporting on e-commerce businesses, including Walmart and Amazon. Now, in a new book that hit shelves today called “Winner Sells All,” he tells th

Peakview, a US LP once solely backed by a Chinese firm, further diversifies its investor base

In the aftermath of Sequoia Capital’s big reveal earlier this week that its China- and India-based affiliates are spinning off into independent entities, we reached out yesterday to someone who

Julie Wainwright is back with a new, venture-backed startup

Julie Wainwright, founder and former CEO of the publicly traded, luxury online consignment company The RealReal, is back with a new startup. Called Ahara, the Los Angeles-based outfit describes itself

Benchmark’s view on the AI race: Talking with Miles Grimshaw

At the end of 2020, Miles Grimshaw became — and remains — the most recent addition to the storied venture firm Benchmark, which has stubbornly refused to change how it fundamentally operat

Greycroft co-founder Ian Sigalow on investing $1B in this market

Greycroft, the now 17-year-old, New York- and Los Angeles-based venture firm, has grown up in more ways than one. What began with three founders has evolved into a 60-person team. What began as a $30

T. Rowe Price has marked down its stake in Canva by 67.6%

Last summer, Blackbird, one of Australia’s largest venture operations, marked down the value of one of its most prized stakes, in the Sydney-based design platform Canva. Valued at $40 billion by
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