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LeWeb: Hyperwords – the plugin that wants to change the way we browse

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LeWeb: Wordy – more than just a spell-checker

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LeWeb: Mendeley – the for academics

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LeWeb: Superfeedr – the lube for the real-time web?

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LeWeb: LiqPay wants to digitalise our coins

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LeWeb: Stay fit with the iPhone says RunKeeper

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LeWeb: Sports predictions tells you where to place your bets

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LeWeb: Kukunu wants to be your travel agent online

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Pirates of the courtroom – game over for file-sharing in Scandinavia?

<img src="" alt="155px-Piratpartiet.svg" title="155px-Piratpartiet.svg" width="155" height="155" class="shot" />[Sweden] It's

Bumpy week for Nordic handset makers

<img class="shot" title="nokia-e71" src="" alt="nokia-e71" width="300" height="171" />[Finland/Sweden] Last week was somewhat of a

Voddler, the Spotify-for-movies, gets more mystery funding

<img class="shot" title="Voddler" src="" alt="" width="250" height="122" />[Sweden] Movie-streaming service <a href="http:

Swedish government promises superfast broadband to all

<img src="" class="shot2" />[Sweden] The Swedish government is following in the footsteps of the Finns (<a href="http://techcr

No tears for Nokia's N-Gage

[Finland] Last week marked the end for <a href="">Nokia's</a> unsuccessful games service <a href="">N-Gage</a>. Nokia announced that they will be closing down

Swedish entrepreneurs get serious – to the bathrobes!

<img src="" class="shot2" />[Sweden] During the last 24 hours the cream of Sweden's tech entrepreneur scene have exchanged jeans for yukata

What is it with all these Swedish startups? Videoplaza signs new UK deal

[Sweden] First they found a way to make music streaming legal and free, now they’re trying to bring more TV content online through an advertising platform. I’m talking about Swedish entrep

Mystery maintenance bug causes Swedish websites to fail

Monday night was a dark time for Internet users in Sweden. For about an hour the Swedish Internet failed, meaning it was impossible to access any websites with a domain name ending in .SE (that’

Show me the money – Will cloud storage really be the next goldmine?

[UK] If you employ celebrity PR Max Clifford to help advertise your business you might end up with neat quotes stating that your niche of the industry is going to grow with 500 percent by 2012. Online

There is no escape! Telco to bring Spotify mobiles & TVs to the Swedes

Spotify will soon branch out even further into Sweden – the market from which it emerged in the first place. The company has signed a two-year cooperation agreement with Swedish telecommunicatio

Habbo Hotel owners to lay off 40 staff – so where's €50m headed now?

Sulake, the company behind virtual world website Habbo Hotel and the popular Finnish chat site IRC-Galleria are to lay off up to 40 of their staff members in Helsinki. The company will initiate negoti