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Bryce Durbin is a graphic designer and illustrator for TechCrunch. His portfolio can be viewed at

Bryce Durbin holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Print Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

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  • Daily Crunch: Life on Mars? Edition

    Explore the cold, dusty surface of these recent news items: Verizon Quietly Launches the Moto KRZR
    Cambridge Geniuses Invent Practical Digital Scroll
    Rover Opportunity Nearing Victoria Crater
    Universal Sonic Toothbrush
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  • Daily Crunch: Darkroom Edition

    Sneak a peek at yesterday’s stories: Powerisers Jumping Stilts
    Cool Glow In The Dark Pebbles
    How to Make a Star Trek On/Off Switch
    You, Too, Can Travel Through Time
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  • Daily Crunch: Simultaneously Elsewhere Edition

    Some bewildering and interesting stories from yesterday: PepperPad 3 Pre-Happiness
    Epson’s EMP-1715 USB Projector
    The Japanese MusicMug: DAP Speaker In A Mug
    Blind Camera Takes Other Peoples Photos
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  • Daily Crunch: DVD Bites Dog Edition

    Run, yesterday’s stories are going to get you! Smack Talk Talks Smack
    Joel Johnson Launches Dethroner
    Lucky And Flo Are Coming For You, Digital Pirate
    The Skype Mouse Makes Its Entrance
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  • Daily Crunch: Skipping Edition

    A handful of the past week’s stories, including one contest ending and another beginning: LG’s Cutesy DAP
    iPod Nano Gets a Wood Case
    NES Controller Alarm Clock
    CrunchRace 2000 ends
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  • Daily Crunch: Sweatin' to the Gadgets Edition

    These stories are really neat: Micro Mosquito
    Imation Flash Wristbands Make You Look Like Lance Nerdstrong
    Bay Area Fitness Center Gets Fat Kids To Exercise With Games
    Verizon’s KRZR Drop Imminent
    D&D Themed Messenger Bag Probably Doesn’t Suck
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  • Daily Crunch: An Extra Twenty Edition

    Take a gander at these fantastic stories: Using Google to Take Over ATMs Is Easier Than It Sounds
    OCZ Roadster
    Sizeasy Makes Sizing Easy
    RoombaCtrl Controls Your Roomba With Your Cell Phone
    Motorola Vending Machines
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  • Daily Crunch: Open Water Edition

    Here are some of yesterday’s news stories: The Rocket Bag
    Floating Windmills Are “Invisible” From Shore
    USBCELL AA Batteries Are USB Rechargeable
    Sleeves + Blanket = Slanket!
    Zune Caught Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Vault Cracking Edition

    Some of yesterday’s stories, in case you missed them: Yamaha YSP-1100
    iSoundCap – Put Your iPod Nano In Your Hat
    Key Finder Thing
    Banksy’s Paris Jam
    Engine on a Chip Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Guitarhunting Skills Edition

    Enjoy this face-melting recap of yesterday’s stories: NES Controller Alarm Clock
    Heart-Shaped Digital Frame/Keychain Thing
    The Escopetarras
    MicroOptical myvu Made for iPod edition
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  • Daily Crunch: Diner Edition

    A handful of the past week’s stories: Melitta Smart Brew: Coffee and Weather, Fresh Each Morning
    Zune in Action
    Zippo Camera Lighter
    iBreath Could Save You from DUI Ruination
    IBM Thinkpad Explodes at LAX, Don’t Let This Happen to You
    Race to 2000 Update: 1500 Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Massage Edition

    Nanobots and cameras attacked yesterday: Bathys Automatic Watches
    IGoGo: MP3 + Personal Massage = WTF!?
    Cornell Developing Bacteria Finding “Nano-Napkin”
    Flame Retardant Laptop Sleeves
    We Leika the Leica Line-Up
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  • Daily Crunch: Vehicular Collision Edition

    Some of yesterday’s interesting stories: Electrodynamic Bike Light Cuts Down On Batteries
    Zune is Here
    CarMD Tells You When Your Car Needs Love
    Segway Glitch Causes Recalls
    Toyota Makes Robot Leg That Jumps Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sumo Spy Edition

    Let’s recap yesterday’s posts: Bagir iPod Suit
    CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!
    Splashpower Gives You Wireless Recharging For Your Portable Gear
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  • Daily Crunch: More Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Some notable news items from yesterday: Nokia N-Gage
    Europeans Testing Hijack-proof Airplane
    Parrot NOMAD Bluetooth Speakerphone
    Uniden UDC-7M Announced
    It’s Showtime! Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Disco Edition

    Some of the interesting stories from yesterday: Go Dance Glove
    Ice Rocks. Sigh.
    Brando’s Tiny Portable Bluetooth Keyboard
    Gold-Cast TrekStor i.Beat MP3 Player Goes For $20,000
    The 360 Case Mod Microsoft Would Rather You Not See Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Wedding Gift Edition

    Highlights from the past week: Teclast TL-T29 Video MP3 Player
    BenQ DC C1000 10-Megapixel Point and Shoot
    Plug and Play Atari Keychains
    Sonicare e9500 Hands-On
    Seeing Red: Ultra High-Def
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  • Daily Crunch: Underground Sugar Caves Edition

    Feast on Friday’s fearsome fivesome. CrunchGear and the Race to 2000
    Seeing Red: Ultra High-Def
    General Dynamics Gets Rugged
    Ant’s Life Studio, the Ant Farm for the Desk Monkey
    CS FM07 Wireless Card Reader and FM Transmitter Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Shredded Gadget Edition

    Here are some highlights from the news of the last 24 hours: Clip Stix: Handy Little MP3 Player
    iCarta iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Holder Reviewed
    Philips Touchscreen Message Board
    Hand Powered Paper, Credit Card and CD Shredder
    Disney Produces Crappy Cameras for Kids Read More

  • Daily Crunch: DJ Edition

    Enjoy the memories of yesterday’s posts: Plug ‘n’ Play USB Turntable
    Music Booster Portable DJ Rig
    Windows Media Experiencing DRMing Pains
    Pink XM Inno for Breast Cancer
    Apple Releases 24″ iMac Read More