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Bryce Durbin is a graphic designer and illustrator for TechCrunch. His portfolio can be viewed at

Bryce Durbin holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Print Media from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

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  • Daily Crunch: Bullet Train Beach Edition

    Here are some of Friday’s big stories, including a new CrunchGear contest! All Aboard The Wii Train
    Computer Beach Party
    ScottEVest Secret Sale
    GlobalStar GSP-1700: Not Your Parent’s Satellite Phone
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    Here are some stories you might have missed: Instant Power: Just Add Water
    Philips amBX Blows You
    Nintendo Wii Systems Ready To Go
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  • Daily Crunch: Detox Edition

    Take a look at some of Wednesday’s interesting stories: TrackStick Pro: GPS Snoop/Tracker
    Tiny Living Xmas Tree for Your Desk
    PlugKing Innovates Powerstrip
    Time’s Gadget Of The Year: Nintendo DS In The Lead
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  • Daily Crunch: Sunny Days Are Over Edition

    Enjoy these stories from yesterday: Buzzkilling Digital Piggy Bank
    Play Guitar Hero 2 With Elmo
    Muji Wall-Mounted CD Player Hangs On Wall, Plays CDs
    LED Guitar Picks
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  • Daily Crunch: Vote Tampering Edition

    Here are some of Monday’s stories: Hasbro’s Massively Mini DAP for Kids
    Nvidia Takes On ATI’s Mobile Business With PortalPlayer Purchase
    Snap Circuits: For the Kiddies
    Cingular 8525 Hands On
    TiVo Now More Expensive: Thanks, Santa! Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Robot Survey Edition

    Here’s a recap of last week’s news: Survey!
    Lexar JumpDrive Mercury: Awesomest JumpDrive Mercury Ever
    All Your Base Are Belong To U-ROBO
    Asus W6 and S6 Leather Laptops
    Good Morning, Starshine: The Wake-Up Light Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Tornado Edition

    A whirlwind of stories caught our attention recently: Vadim Releases Quad-Core PC With Dual GeForce 8800GTX Graphic Cards
    OSIM iGallop, Get Fit and Look Like a Jackass
    Asus Releases Lamborghini Laptop
    Zune Reviewed
    Lexar JumpDrive Mercury: Awesomest JumpDrive Mercury Ever Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Assembly Line Edition

    Phones are a hot topic this week: Samsung SGH-a707 aka Cingular SYNC Launches
    GMail Mobile: GMail, Mobile
    Smartphones Now: Windows Mobile 5
    Cingular Adds XM Channels To Service Options Along With Music Subscription Services
    YouTube Mobile in 2007?
    Nike+iPod to RunAway with AnyShoe Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Island of Robots Edition

    Here are a handful of yesterday’s exciting stories: Smartphones Now: A Guide to the Hottest Smartphones of 2006
    Sony CDX-HS70MW Everything-Proof Head Unit For Boats
    iLounge’s 2007 iPod Buyers Guide
    All Your Base Are Belong To U-ROBO
    Asus W6 and S6 Leather Laptops Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Drafting Edition

    Some weird stuff went down on Halloween: First Pic Of iRobot’s Sentinel Project
    SoundTech Announces LightSnake USB Intelligent Microphone Cable
    Scorched Earth Rock Mod
    Wacom Ships Widescreen-Compatible Graphics Tablets Read More

  • Dail Crunch: Graveyard Shift Edition

    Here are some of Monday’s stories. Happy Halloween! Good Morning, Starshine: The Wake-Up Light
    USB WiFi Dongle with Integrated Hotspot Finder
    Rechargeable Moixa USBCell AA Batteries Reviewed
    Nintendo Embraces Seniors, Mothballs
    Survey! Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Tailgating Edition

    Here’s a look back at some interesting stories from last week: Reuters Reporting from Second Life
    Yamaha’s Fuel Cell Scooter Ready To Roll
    Axxen’s Egg-Like Speakers
    Stratellite Completes First Flight Test
    Electric Marshmallow Toaster for Perfect Toasted Marshmallows Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Terrorize Y'all's Neighborhood Edition

    Here are some stories from Friday. Have a good weekend. Be Free Of Over-Heated Laptop Concerns With Lapworks’ Miracle Laptop Desk
    Nyko’s Intercooler Causes Problems For Xbox 360
    Reuters Reporting from Second Life
    Trimersion Head Mounted Display
    It’s Pumpkin-Carving Time, Bitches!
    How are We Doing? Part XIV Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Roadside Assistance Edition

    Here are some of yesterday’s highlights: Foot-Pump-Action Jump-Starter
    Yamaha’s Fuel Cell Scooter Ready To Roll
    Axxen’s Egg-Like Speakers
    From the Vaults of Stupid: Bulletproof Textbooks
    O’Neill H3 Campack Is The Coolest Backpack Read More

  • Daily Crunch: The Usual Suspects Edition

    Will the real Squid Vicious please stand up? Face-Tracking Cellphones Coming Soon
    Why You, The Reader, Need This 68 LED Flashlight
    Camera Lemons
    Elecom Releases Bar-Code Reading Mouse
    Squid Vicious Sighting? Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Chicago Mob Edition

    Here are some highlights from yesterday’s posts: The Al Capone MacBook: Stylish Two Tone
    Oregon Scientific Action Helmet Camera
    Bottle-Top Camera Pod Keeps Your Camera Still So You Don’t Have To
    Samsung SCH-V900 Has a Sexy Red Dress
    MacBook Pro: Now Core 2 Duo-er Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Blue Glow Edition

    Be mesmerized by the wonders of these amazing stories: Stratellite Completes First Flight Test
    Wireless Video Baby Monitor to Monitor your Baby Wirelessly
    Electric Marshmallow Toaster for Perfect Toasted Marshmallows
    New WiFi-Enabled Frame Features SideShow
    Target Wii Glow Cards Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Excitebike Edition

    Here are some stories from the past week, including John’s trip to Korea: Sudoko Toilet Paper: You Know You’re Thinking About It
    Leica M8 Goes Digital, Expensive
    T3 Scooters Wants Cops To Dump Segway
    The Device
    CrunchGear in Korea: Hello from Sunny Seoul Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Minor Surgery Edition

    Here’s an overview of interesting stories from Friday: In2Games Fusion Controller
    Freedom V Wireless Guitar Controller Review
    iPod Turns Five, Competition Still Looking for Killer
    CrunchGear in Korea: Samsung Anycall Studio Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Security Edition

    Look back at the digital wonderland of yesterday: True Utility LockLite: A Flashlight on Your Keys (Literally)
    Upravlator From the Optimus Designers
    How Close Is The Invisibility Cloak?
    Video Piracy Made Easy with iRecord
    NetTansor WiFi Lets You Spy On Your Stuff Read More