Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis

Alexia Tsotsis is the former co-editor of TechCrunch. She attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, majoring in Writing and Painting, and moved to New York City shortly after graduation to work in the media industry.

After four years of living in New York and attending courses at New York University, she returned to Los Angeles in order to continue her career in new media, first as LA Weekly’s Internet culture reporter, and then as SF Weekly’s web editor.

Before she joined TechCrunch in 2010, Alexia ran the SFweekly website from San Francisco, staying on top of the tech scene and human behavior in the digital age.

At TechCrunch, Alexia covered young companies, and has had the opportunity to interview everyone from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to Facebook investor Peter Thiel to fashion blogger Leandra Medine. In 2011, Alexia made the Forbes “30 Under 30: Rising Stars of Media List.” In 2012 she was promoted to Co-EIC of TechCrunch.

In 2015, she stepped down as co-editor to attend Stanford.

Disclosures: I own Aol stock, diversified investments via ETFs and Mutual Funds, and shares in Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. I am a board member of MAS, a non-profit design lab in Los Angeles. I’m also in a relationship with a VC at General Catalyst Partners. Whenever there is the potential for real or perceived conflict in what I write about, I promise to bring it up, and link back here.

The Latest from Alexia Tsotsis

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In the past seven years, diversity in tech has gone from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” to a “desperately need to have”, which is the state we are in now. And

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10 Years Of Periscope Content Is Watched Per Day, 380 Years Watched Since Launch

Disclosure: I own less than 500 shares each of Twitter, Yahoo, and Aol stock.  Get ready for a new live streaming metric: Content years. Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour took the stage today at the C

Pinterest Testing “Implicit Bias Training” For Managers

Diversity is a running theme across this year's Code conference, but unlike some of the other CEO guests, Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman was well-versed on what the diversity statistics are at his compan

Airbnb Hopes To Have Almost A Million Stays A Night By Summer

Over 500k people are staying in an Airbnb tonight. And the company hopes to have nearly 800k staying in one by this summer. CEO Brian Chesky gave these numbers at Code today, revealing his wide-eyed p

Ellen Pao Says Silicon Valley Isn’t A Meritocracy. It’s Not.

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao took the stage today at the Code Conference in Southern California. Though she is currently the CEO of popular news aggregator Reddit, which has 170 million monthly active users,

Don’t Hold Your Breath For The Apple Watch Snapchat App

After answering questions about media, messaging and what he thought about diversity in tech at the Code conference in Southern California today (spoiler alert: he didn’t reveal much), Snapchat*

1/ Some Personal News

1/ Some personal news … 2/ I will be leaving TechCrunch because I’ve been cast to play a supporting role in “Tweetstorm The Movie 3/ .” Just kidding. Okay, I am stepping down as co-editor of T

TechCrunch Turns 10! Come Celebrate With Us

It's hard to believe that 10 short years ago, Michael Arrington took to his keyboard and started writing about startups. Fast forward to 2015 and a lot has changed, but we're still the same TechCrunch

McCann To Acquire Sterling Cooper And Partners

McCann Erickson’s vision is to provide customers with a premium digital experience based on a global multiscreen network platform.

Announcing The TechCrunch 2015 Disrupt Battlefield Finalists

We’re now on the flip side of our 17th TechCrunch Disrupt conference. In the past two days, over 2,100 people have passed through the Manhattan Center for TechCrunch Disrupt NY, with dreams o

Announcing The Finals Judges For Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield

We are just six days away from TechCrunch Disrupt NY, and we're mobilizing to give you guys an amazing show. The line up this year is fantastic: We've got Carly Fiorina possibly running for president,

Put A Gold Band On It

Nothing separates the "haves" and the 1% like a prohibitively expensive consumer product. Whether it's a Hermes Birkin Bag or a McClaren P1 GTR, there are some consumer goods that are almost impossibl

Bill Maris To Talk Longevity At Disrupt NY

At just 40 years old, Bill Maris is on a mission to save the world -- with his investments. Bloomberg recently highlighted Maris's quest to improve the quality and longevity of human life. This quest

Welcome Matthew Lynley, Nicole Wilke, Andrew Sweeney And New TCTV Director Sarah Lane

We talk about sharks a lot here at TechCrunch.  We sympathize with the sea hunters in a lot of ways. Not everything people say about us is true; we’ve got thick skin; we dance to our own rhyt

Two Jurors On Opposite Sides Share Their Pao Vs. Kleiner Perspectives

It’s been a very suspenseful day for all of those involved in the Pao vs. KPCB trial (well, maybe not “Sleeping Guy”). We had a verdict, and then suddenly we didn’t, because a juro

The World In ‘Scope

Movies, financial markets and fashion trends all fall into frenzies, dips and lulls. Consumer apps are much the same. Whether it’s photo-sharing, anonymity or live streaming, it seems that a conflue

Leandra Medine (Manrepeller) To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt NY

As this month's 12-page Apple Watch spread in Vogue belies, technology is heavily courting the fashion industry. From Kevin Systrom hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld to Anna Wintour and Jony Ive pall
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