Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

A winner of the 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for in the media category, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan is the founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of WatchMojo, one of the most successful producers of premium video content.

The company’s catalog of 10,000 videos on pop culture and infotainment and are seen 300 million times each month by nearly 50 million consumers. With 7 billion all-time views and 13 million subscribers on YouTube, WatchMojo operates the tenth largest YouTube channel of all time.

A finance graduate from one of the top colleges in the nation, Ashkan started his career as in-house finance analyst at one of the original meta-search engines on the Web, Mamma. From there he worked in the online publishing industry where he headed up advertising sales for AskMen. After its sale to News Corp., he launched WatchMojo, which to this day has never raised financing and is profitable since 2011.

He left News Corp. and established Mojo Supreme in 2006 as an incubator which spawned multiple projects, including, which took off and today counts media companies and marketers as clients.

A prolific writer, he has written thousands of articles on business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, pop culture, travel and much more. His articles have been published on MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, MediaPost, PaidContent, GigaOm and Tech Crunch and he and has been quoted in Forbes, the BBC, Business Week, CNET, etc.

He is the author of Course to Success: Everything You Need to Succeed Beyond School, The Confessions of Alexander the Great: 33 Lessons in Greatness, and the 10-Year Overnight Success: An Entrepreneur’s Manifesto – How WatchMojo Built the Most Successful Media Brand on YouTube.

He holds a degree in Commerce, lives in Montreal and is married with two children.

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