Anna Heim

Anna Heim

Reporter, TC+

Extra Crunch Daily Reporter at TechCrunch, exploring SaaS and more. Former LATAM & Media Editor at The Next Web, startup founder and Sciences Po Paris alum.

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It’s foie gras season in unicorn land

EquityZen shared insights on secondary stock sales and a few IPO predictions that gave us food for thought.

On affinity-focused fintechs, the future of BNPL and more

An interview with the co-founders of VC firm Fiat Ventures and sister arm Fiat Growth discussing fintechs trends, customer acquisition and more.

Efficient growth? No problem, bootstrapped startups say

When it comes to efficient growth, bootstrapped startups have a leg up, Capchase's recent Pulse of SaaS report shows.

3 views: How wrong were our 2022 startup predictions?

How did our core startup theses for 2022 age in practice? Let's talk about acquisitions, usage-based pricing and open source.

You shouldn’t skim over gross dollar retention

For SaaS companies, net dollar retention is on investor radar more than ever. But it shouldn't eclipse gross dollar retention.

Quantifying the global e-commerce slowdown

What do recent e-commerce earnings results tell us about the post-pandemic e-commerce reality?

There’s still juice in the NFT market despite very real downturn

What does OpenSea's trading volume look like these days? Are other data points trending differently?

Freemium or free trials: Why not both?

As more SaaS companies adopt product-led growth, startup founders are often faced with a pricing model dilemma.

As the economy shifts, what’s the best software customer?

We wonder if SMB-facing companies might have more ability to surprise the market than their enterprise-leaning siblings.

Why mobile subscription management platforms are enjoying tailwinds

Subscription management services are meant to be used by developers, but not only: Their user personas include engineering, product and marketing teams.

With new capital, Adapty is betting it can help app devs make more money

Adapty hopes to help developers earn more from their apps. So far, it has been doing this mostly by powering A/B testing for paywalls, but it has a broader road map.

What’s the right NDR target for SaaS startups?

Net dollar retention matters, and investors, focused on more efficient growth than last year, are likely putting more emphasis on the metric.

New data shows how SaaS founders have been dealing with whiplash from public markets

OpenView's 2022 SaaS benchmarks report comes from an annual survey of SaaS companies, with 660 global respondents. The mood has changed since its 2021 report.

Connecting the dots: SaaS and alts

New data points seem to confirm trends we have heard or seen in two sectors: SaaS and alts.

Why Robinhood and Coinbase gained ground after reporting earnings

Shares of Coinbase and Robinhood up? In this economy? Yes.

Unicorns face 5-1 odds as they wait for public markets to warm

Many unicorns are likely now trapped between changing investor preferences and a general compression of the value of software companies.

Are investors really paying more for profits than growth today?

Battery Ventures recently dropped a new report (the “State of the OpenCloud 2022”) that includes some fascinating data on the profit/growth conversation.

Should early-stage startups join in on the cloud marketplace fun?

Cloud marketplaces have consolidated as a new revenue avenue, but is it ever too early for startups to go that route?

Beyond cost control: Where cloud management is going next

Having noticed tailwinds for B2B startups that offer cloud cost-optimization solutions, we were curious to know where VCs thought the space was headed.

Why startups are better off prioritizing growth instead of optimizing cloud costs

As Zetta Ventures managing director Jocelyn Goldfein put it, the math needs to make sense if you're prioritizing cost cuts over growth.
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