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Anna Escher

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Anna Escher manages Audience Development at TechCrunch.

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Causes of the global water crisis and 12 companies trying to solve it

Snap is already more valuable than these 9 companies

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, had a stellar first day in its public debut on the New York Stock Exchange, popping 44 percent. The company's market cap is being reported as $34 billion (fu

Weekly Roundup: CRISPR-Cas9 patent case concludes, Mark Zuckerberg’s 5,000 word letter to global community

This week, the CRISPR-Cas9 patent case came to a close, an encrypted messaging app went open source and Facebook announced some big changes to its video product. These are some of the notable stories

Weekly Roundup: Snap files for massive IPO, Uber CEO quits Trump advisory council

Snap Inc. files for its +$25 billion IPO, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quits Trump’s advisory council and the tech industry reacts to Trump’s immigration ban. These are the biggest tech stori

Weekly Roundup: Zuckerberg defends Oculus in court, Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence

President Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States. Minutes after the inauguration, the White House's LGBT rights page disappeared, as well as any mention of the terms "climate chan

Weekly Roundup: Claims surface on Trump’s dealings with Russia, Yahoo splits into Altaba

As part of the Verizon acquisition, Yahoo has split itself into an investment unit called Altaba and is now waiting for Verizon to undertake its remaining assets. Amazon announced a plan to create 100

10 of the coolest gadgets we saw at CES 2017

It’s difficult to narrow down everything that happened at CES this year. We met tons of promising new startups and went hands-on with brand new gadgets on the floor of the expo hall, nightly ev

Weekly Roundup: Obama imposes sanctions on Russian intelligence, Snapchat and Oculus eat up startups

This year, Donald Trump's U.S. election triumph sent Silicon Valley into a spiral of uncertainty, Facebook addressed its fake news problem, the IPO landscape saw little action and the UK separated for

Weekly Roundup: Tim Cook explains why he met with Trump, Uber stops self-driving pilot in SF

Uber took its self-driving vehicle fleet to Arizona after being kicked out of San Francisco, Tim Cook cleared up why he met with Trump, and executive level shakeups occurred at Twitter this week. Thes

Everything that happened at Disrupt London 2016

The doors to TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016 opened December 5 at the Copper Box Arena in London. The two-day conference hosted more than 2,300 attendees, with hundreds of thousands more tuning in onli

Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s fake news, MacBook Pro reviewed, first human CRISPR-ed

Facebook's fake news frenzy continued as the company came under scrutiny for its debated influence on the U.S. election, LinkedIn was blocked in Russia and a human CRISPR-ed for the first time. Also,

How Facebook can escape the echo chamber

Facebook may have built an influence so large that it’s cracking under the weight of its News Feed. Mark Zuckerberg began an interview on stage at Techonomy16 discussing the evolution of th

Weekly Roundup: Trump victory casts shadow of despair over tech industry

This week, the U.S. was shell-shocked and the tech world was in dismay from Donald Trump's election victory. Silicon Valley lost its mind in a mess of tweet storms and public outcry. It was the perfec

13 of the best tweets about the election

The polls for the 2016 election are beginning to close and Twitter is aflame. As the trashfire of this election burns itself to cinders, we got out of fetal position and took a break from counting dow

Weekly Roundup: Tesla’s solar roof, Facebook’s killer Q3 and new emoji

This week, Facebook's Trending Topics system was notably late to a huge social media protest, Elon Musk announced new solar roof panels that the company hopes will change how we consume electric power

Watch the full series of “The Down Round”

Silicon Valley is like no other place in the world right now. The Bay Area has been booming with ideas and innovation for the past decade. But in 2016, the IPO market wilted and unicorns suddenly had

Weekly Roundup: MacBook Pro makes waves, AT&T acquiring Time Warner and RIP Vine

Apple and Microsoft both held big hardware events this week, unveiling a few new devices like the new MacBook Pro and the Surface Studio. Twitter announced it is shutting down Vine and laying off 9% o

Weekly Roundup: Tesla’s self-driving tech progress, Apple announces MacBook event

This week, Tesla made a major announcement about the availability of its self-driving tech, Apple revealed when its next MacBooks are going to be announced, and we reviewed Google's new Pixel XL. Thes

Weekly Roundup: Galaxy Note 7 recalled, Amazon’s music service and Verizon/Yahoo sale troubles

Things were pretty bleak for tech companies this week as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was officially recalled and Yahoo's securities woes reportedly drove Verizon to request a $1 billion discount on its

Weekly Roundup: Snapchat’s IPO agenda, Google’s new hardware and RIP Meerkat

This week, Google revealed new hardware, Facebook outlined its plans for the company's future in VR and we paid our respects to Meerkat.
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