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Creating Victims And Then Blaming Them

Girls Around Me is a perfect storm of everything <a href="">too many people find creepy</a> about the new mobile age. Download an app to your iPhone, link

The Ground Beneath Apple’s Walled Garden

Apple's blanket rejection of apps accessing UDIDs is just the latest in a long line of erratic behavior on Apple's part of enforcing the rules of the iOS App Store. Sure, Apple warned developers that

Yesterday’s iPad Event Was Only Half The Story

Because of the way Apple structures their major announcements — iPad in the first quarter, WWDC and iPhone in the summer though perhaps with the iPhone, now it's fall — the iPad event is a little

The Barber Of Infinite Loop: How The iPad Could Give Microsoft A Serious Revenue Haircut

After Apple pushed its <a href="">25 billionth app</a> this weekend there was nothing especially surprising about the list of all-time paid apps fo