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Alex Wilhelm is the editor-in-chief of Crunchbase News and co-host of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast.

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Broadcast Stocks Trade Higher In Wake Of Aereo Ruling

This morning the United States Supreme Court ruled against Aereo, a startup that employed myriad, tiny antennas to bring broadcast television to consumers digitally, saying that it operates in violati

People Are Going To Dress Up Like Star Wars Characters In SF Tomorrow To Protest Google

No one protests like San Francisco. The scene: Tomorrow, outside of Google's I/O conference, an assemblage of protestors will dress up like Star Wars characters to decry Google and the economic imp

Microsoft’s Top Lawyer Calls On Congress To End The NSA’s “Unfettered Bulk Collection Of Data”

Earlier this morning, Microsoft executive vice president and general counsel Brad Smith made the case against pervasive government surveillance, arguing that reform is needed of this nation's security

FAA Bans The Use Of Drones To Deliver Packages

The FAA made it plain this week that Amazon, or anyone else for that matter, won't be able to deliver packages using a drone in the near future. In a document soliciting feedback regarding drone polic

Missouri May Amend Its Constitution To Require Warrant For Digital Searches

A proposed state constitutional amendment could grant residents of Missouri stronger digital privacy protections. The amendment passed the state's legislature, and will be voted on by the general elec

The Race To Ubiquitous, Free Cloud Storage

Two interesting things happened today in the realm of cloud storage: Microsoft cut its prices for OneDrive and gave out more free gigabytes, and Box took its editing tool Box Notes mobile. Both fit

Microsoft More Than Doubles OneDrive’s Free Cloud Storage To 15 Gigabytes

Continuing the trend towards free, unlimited cloud storage, Microsoft this morning increased the amount of capacity that it offers free to regular users of its OneDrive service to 15 gigabytes, more t

Skyhigh Networks Picks Up $40M, 13 Months After It Raised $20M

Skyhigh Networks, looking to accelerate its growth, has raised a $40 million Series C round of funding. The new traunch of capital was co-led by Sequoia, and Greylock, firms that had invested in the f

Bing Looks Abroad

Microsoft is working to expand Bing’s international footprint. A job posting, spotted by Neowin, speaks plainly: “Bing is embarking on the most ambitious geographic and product expansion

NSA Reform Gathers Momentum In Congress After Late-Night Vote

After a somewhat desultory year of little to no change, reform of the United States surveillance state appears to have finally found momentum. Recently the USA FREEDOM Act was gutted and rammed throu

CrunchWeek: Amazon’s Fire Phone, Facebook’s Slingshot, And Yo

This week Colleen Taylor, Kyle Russell, and myself sat around the round table to dig into the week's news: Should we buy Amazon's new Fire smartphone? Is Slingshot Facebook's mobile moonshot? And, of

Microsoft Does Us A Solid By Accidentally Confirming That The Surface Mini Is Real

Microsoft declined to comment. Earlier today, a manual published to help users dig into their new Surface Pro 3 devices contained multiple mentions of the currently Super Secret Surface Mini. Oops. Su

New House Majority Leader Opposes Net Neutrality, Just Like His Predecessor

Yesterday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy won the Republican Party election to become the new House Majority Leader. Outgoing Rep. Eric Cantor, who held the position previously, unexpectedly lost his primary ear

Microsoft Updates The Surface Pro 3 Ahead Of Its Release Tomorrow

Tomorrow is launch day in Canada and the U.S. for the Surface Pro 3, and to make sure the device has as smooth a launch as possible, Microsoft has released a set of updates for the tablet-hybrid.

Box Said To Move Forward With Its Debut As The Tech IPO Market Perks Up

Box, a cloud storage and file management company, could be moving its IPO forward once again. Box famously filed, and then didn't hit go on, its offering in the time frame that the market initially ex

Microsoft Promises To Render Your Smartphone Useless If It’s Stolen

This morning, Microsoft promised to meet the stipulations of the CTIA's Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment before the goal-date of July 2015. Specifically, Microsoft will bring remote-wipe;

Court Rules That Non-Relevant Files Seized Under A Warrant Cannot Be Held Indefinitely

Say the government gets a warrant for some of your data. They come to your house, image your computers, and then hold that data -- even the data that isn't pertinent to their warrant -- for several ye

Funding Amendment To Curtail Warrantless Surveillance Proposed In House

A bipartisan group of Congress members have proposed two amendments to the Fiscal Year 2015 Department of Defense Appropriations Act aimed at reining in government surveillance. The first amendment wo

US Marshals Accidentally Replies All To Anonymous Bitcoin Auction Bidders In Email Fiasco

In a magnificent show of technical ineptitude, today the U.S. Marshals revealed the identities of many anonymous bidders in its $18 million seized Silk Road Bitcoin auction by CC'ing them on an email

Microsoft Kills Vendor Program That Offered To Pay People To Write About IE

Repeat after me: Don't pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: Don't offer to pay people to write about your thing. Repeat after me: People will write about your thing if they think tha
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