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Here’s How Windows 10 Will Make Your Mouse And Fingers Get Along

Earlier today during its event in San Francisco, Microsoft played a video detailing how its coming Windows 10 operating system will handle a fusion of touch, and more traditional mouse-based input.

Lots Of Pictures Of Windows 10

I suck at taking photos, but, here we are. Here’s a bunch more pictures of Windows 10 in action at the Microsoft event that took place earlier in San Francisco today. Also: Featuring me making a

The Windows 10 Technical Preview Will Be Available For Download Today

At its San Francisco event, Microsoft announced that the technical preview of Windows 10 will touch down tomorrow. Update: you can now sign up for the Windows Insider program and download the preview

Microsoft Announces Windows 10

This morning at an event in San Francisco, Microsoft announced the next version of its Windows operating system: Windows 10. The name is definitely not in line with expectations, but also comes on the

Microsoft Will Start To Explain The Future Of Windows Tomorrow Morning

Gird thyself, a new Windows approaches. Tomorrow morning in San Francisco, Microsoft will show off some part of its next operating system in a long-awaited event whose existence leaked before it was


When hopes and dreams are loose in the streets, it is well for the timid to lock doors, shutter windows and lie low until the wrath has passed. For there is often a monstrous incongruity between the

Free Windows 9 For Some Isn’t Too Crazy

At some point, speculating about what will become quickly obvious is difficult. Still, on the cusp as we are of the release of the first preview of what may be called Windows 9, it’s reasonable

Microsoft Brings MSN Back By Shifting Windows Phone’s Bing Apps To A New, Old Moniker

Microsoft, in an effort to bring MSN back to mainstream prominence, is shifting its Bing-labeled Windows Phone and Windows apps under that brand’s aegis. You are forgiven if you forgot that MSN is s

CrunchWeek: Apple Bends, Your Startup Is Doomed, And Felicia’s Big Debut

Hello from TechCrunch SF HQ, where we just wrapped another episode of CrunchWeek, our weekly pandemic covering the latest in technology news. The inane, the excellent, and the execrable are our usual

Microsoft Discloses New Data On Government Requests For User Information

Microsoft today disclosed data concerning global government request for its users’ data, and information about their accounts in the first half of 2014. The total number of requests, and the num

Ballmer To Purge His Sportsball Team Of Those Evil Apple Things

Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, and new owner of some sort of sports team, is still pretty serious about hardware. In an interview with Reuters, Ballmer indicated that his team, the one he

The Long Fall

Why would the fun stop? Despite the economy of the United States posting anemic growth in the aftermath of the 2007-8 economic crisis, its stock markets are trading near record highs in some cases, an

Orange Partners Its Startup Accelerator With Visa, Moët, And LG

This morning, Orange, a large French telecom, announced that it has secured a number of partner companies to support its fourth startup accelerator batch, forming what it un-ironically and patly calls

Why Is Box Taking So Long To Pull The IPO Trigger?

On March 24th, Box filed for its long-awaited IPO and went into the dreaded quiet period. It's been over six months now since Box filed its S-1 form, signaling it would look for $250 million in its pu

Microsoft Backtracks After Senior Employee Says “Windows 9”

Worried that Microsoft was going to keep the "Threshold" codename on the next version of Windows? Fret not, it probably won't: In a speech to employees, Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft France, c

Bitcoin’s Price Skyrockets Following PayPal’s Hug

This morning, PayPal rolled out broader support for bitcoin, allowing merchants to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for digital goods. The reaction to bitcoin itself has been immediate and positiv

The FCC Hasn’t Decided How It Will Enforce Net Neutrality

This morning the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicated in a blog post that it is "reviewing" a number of legal methods concerning how to enforce new net neutrality rules. The implicatio

Windows 9’s Preview May Not Touch Down Until October

Remember that upcoming Windows 9 event that Microsoft is hosting on September 30? It might not mark the actual release of Windows 9's technical preview, as was long expected. According to Paul Thurrot

Bitcoin Slips Back Under $400

After a steady decline from former, mid-year highs, bitcoin is now back under the $400 mark. The cryptocurrency hit that mark in April, at which point TechCrunch pointed out that the stuff was off 60

CrunchWeek: Alibaba’s IPO, Minecraft, And Sarah Gets A ManServant

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to another episode of CrunchWeek. This time around the table, TechCrunch's Sarah Burh, Ryan Lawler and myself discussed Alibaba's massive IPO, Microsoft picking up
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