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Alex Wilhelm is the editor-in-chief of Crunchbase News and co-host of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast.

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What the wave of layoffs says about the value of crypto exchanges

How could companies like Coinbase, which reported massive growth and huge profits last year, now be in a position where they would need to slash staffing?

Bidding adieu to the SPAC craze

The implosion of the SPAC boom has proven a multiquarter process. We may be in the final throes of the experiment, at least from a startup perspective.

A bunch of startups might be in better shape than you think

What should we make of the steady drumbeat of doom and gloom from investors on Twitter and elsewhere? We talked to Index Ventures' Mike Volpi to get his perspective.

What’s the catalyst behind the crypto crash?

We put together a list of issues currently tripping up the web3 market, which is inclusive of everything from cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance to non-fungible tokens.

Crisis! On the blockchain

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Alex and Grace are back to cover the biggest, best and badde

Zendesk punished by investors after vowing to remain independent

Does the spurned $17 billion offer from earlier this year appear more attractive in light of the current downturn? Sure, but enough to put Zendesk's decision to decline in doubt? Let’s find out.

Apple enters the BNPL market as regulation, competition intensify

How will all of these BNPL-focused providers fare with Apple pounding its way into their market?

Investor demands for profitability catch tech companies flat-footed

DocuSign has committed the new cardinal sin of technology companies: losing more money as growth slows.

Looking back at the venture market of one year ago

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. The show is largely off this week, which means that we don’t

The NFT slump is real (really)

The data doesn't appear to indicate that there is a more attractive way to view NFT activity today. It is, by a number of measuring methods, depressed at the moment. This meets our view of a slump.

The NFT slump is real

This is not an exercise in knocking back a few shots of haterade. Instead, it's a reminder that consumer demand for products like digital collectibles is fickle and ever-changing.

GitLab proves it’s possible to get a better valuation for your software company

GitLab just showed that it's possible to make investors so very happy that they reprice you by more than 25% in a single day. Let's find out how.

It’s correction time for Latin American VC activity

Let’s dig into the early Q2 data on venture capital investment into LatAm startups, and then discuss the halo effect — or lack thereof — of Latin American giants like Nubank.

The revenge of the quiet companies

Some private technology companies in less flashy markets didn't fall prey to the 2021 hype cycle and are, in some cases, chugging toward an IPO. And they haven't gotten much credit for their work.

The stock-market impact of Apple’s WWDC keynote

You might think that the substance of what Apple announces matters to folks buying and selling its shares on any given day, but it mostly doesn't.

So you have a 380x revenue multiple — now what?

The question for Bolt is what sort of multiple it has to obtain to reach market-pricing parity.

The ‘unicorn glut’ theory of startup misery

The 2020-2021 boom in venture capital totals was, to some degree, a unicorn bonanza.

Musk threatens to kill Twitter deal over claimed lack of user data transparency

In a fresh SEC filing this morning, Twitter shared a letter it received from Elon Musk’s legal team indicating displeasure with the company’s offered information regarding the level of &#8

There’s still good news out there for software startups

Things are worse, but they are far from bad. And that's something to hold onto.

As the downturn hits crypto, a key startup investment source may slow

None of this should be a surprise; the business cycle always turns.
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