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Alex Wilhelm is a writer for TechCrunch. He lives in San Francisco.

Disclosure: I own a minor quantity of shares in AOL, the parent company of TechCrunch, that were purchased through the firm’s employee share purchase program. My 401k and other accounts are invested into diversified global funds that include both equities and bonds. I own no other individual shares in companies, either private or public. I’m currently dating someone who works for a Google subsidiary.

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  • Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft Tries To Declare A Christmas Truce With Apple

    Microsoft has put out a TV commercial for the holidays. In it, some things happen…mostly singing. There are employees, kids and other things going on in a New York City setting. Apple’s back yard on 5th Ave, to be specific. My colleague Alex and I hopped into Slack, watched it together and shared our thoughts. We think that Microsoft is trying to say that they’re friends, or… Read More

  • Taking Stock Of Tech’s Third Quarter

    Taking Stock Of Tech’s Third Quarter

    I trust that you are sated, smiley, and generally recharged by the recent Thanksgiving cycle. Earnings time. You may have thought that you were out of the non-GAAP woods. Not in the least. Certainly, Box still has yet report, but the majority of tech shops have dropped their digits, leaving it up to you and I to parse the mix. Read More

  • A Bitcoin Boomlet

    A Bitcoin Boomlet

    Bitcoin is currently enjoying what politicos call a boomlet — a small bump that, while perhaps not impressive on a historical scale, is certainly notable. For bitcoin at the moment, this means a price spike that has put the cryptocurrency into its highest territory in a year. That, combined with a small rise in global interest and what seems to be the highest transaction volume in… Read More

  • This Week On Bullish: Meeting Your Match Online

    Hello and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This week we took a look at online dating, which was once a curiosity. It’s now just a bit more than that. In the wake of the recent Match Group public offering (the company owns Tinder, a popular dating app), eyes are back on the space. How much room is there in online dating? Is it better to go niche or big and enjoy… Read More

  • Snags A Fresh $350M, Anticipates $150M More Snags A Fresh $350M, Anticipates $150M More, an e-commerce company with its sights on Amazon, has raised a fresh $350 million, and according to a report on Re/code has “verbal agreements” for another $150 million. TechCrunch confirmed the details of the story with the firm. Jet has managed several feats in its short life, including generating a tectonic quantity of buzz by raising capital aggressively before its launch. Read More

  • A Square Pop, And A Drop

    A Square Pop, And A Drop

    Square’s IPO came in hot, bouncing more than 40 percent in its first day of trading. Priced conservatively, the offering did what all IPOs must do to set a positive narrative: rise. In the ensuing days of trading, Square has slipped. Today, as TechCrunch reported, shares in Square fell for the third consecutive session. A good first day, it seems, does not a good first week make. Read More

  • Buffer Rejiggers Its Open Salary Formula

    Buffer Rejiggers Its Open Salary Formula

    Buffer, a company known for its radical transparency, has reformed its salary algorithm that it uses to calculate the pay of its staff. It’s been several years since Buffer first published its salary list. The company also has an equity chart that anyone can read, and a revenue dashboard that you can use to track its performance. Read More

  • Tesla Recalls Every Model S Ever Sold Over Single-Time Seatbelt Issue In Europe

    Tesla Recalls Every Model S Ever Sold Over Single-Time Seatbelt Issue In Europe

    Shares of Tesla, an electric car company and Silicon Valley darling, are down several points today on news that the company will recall every Model S sedan over a seatbelt issue uncovered in a single incident in Europe. The recall includes nearly 90,000 cars. Tesla stressed in an email to customers — pasted below — that it does not know of any other Model S cars with the same issue. Read More

  • The IPO Market Fails To Die

    The IPO Market Fails To Die

    Technology IPOs, written off for the year just months ago, are back. And back in style. Both Square and Match Group posted incredibly solid first-day results yesterday. You can’t knock that. All sarcastic tweets aside, the firms priced at a point that allowed each a nice pop. That’s how you build a damn narrative. Read More

  • Don’t Do It, Adele!

    Don’t Do It, Adele!

    It seems that Adele, an artist that I love nearly as much as Metallica — and that is my highest possible praise — will not stream her new album on Spotify. This has made me quite sad. In honor of Adele, our Overlord of Sad and Grand Duke of How Did You Sing That, TechCrunch has adapted, poorly, a verse and chorus from her hit single ‘Hello’ for our own needs. Yes… Read More

  • This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: Can You Count To 21?

    This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: Can You Count To 21?

    Hello friends, and welcome back to TCBTC, TechCrunch’s itinerant and sporadic podcast on all things bitcoin. This week my glorious comrade in arms, John Biggs, and I discussed two things: A recent Quora post discussing the current growth of bitcoin usage and the 21 bitcoin-mining computer. Read More

  • Match Prices Its IPO AT $12 Per Share

    Match Prices Its IPO AT $12 Per Share

    Match has priced its IPO at $12 per share, raising $400 million . The company will begin trading on the Nasdaq tomorrow, under the ticker symbol ‘MTCH.’ The $12 per share is at the bottom of the anticipated $12 to $14 proposed price range and gives the company a market cap of roughly $2.9 billion. Square, which is also going public tomorrow, just priced its IPO at $9, below the… Read More

  • Microsoft Drops A Fresh Windows 10 Mobile Build

    Microsoft Drops A Fresh Windows 10 Mobile Build

    Quick hit here, comrades: Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Mobile version today, build 10586. Now, this new edition is for subscribers of the Windows Insider program in the ‘Fast’ ring, so it’s not for everyone. At the same time, any new build is welcome in the mobile Windows world. So, what is new? Improved communications for one. According to Microsoft’s Nerd… Read More

  • Our National Encryption Debate, In Quotes

    Our National Encryption Debate, In Quotes

    The long-burning debate concerning encryption, its impact on both consumer privacy and the government’s ability to protect its citizens is back with a vengeance. The dialogue appeared to be dwindling after the White House said it would not require companies to breach the security of their products to provide the government with information. The Paris terror attack has thrust encryption… Read More

  • This Week On Bullish: Rentpocalypse

    Hello my dear morning cohorts, and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show and running experiment concerning how long you are willing to look at my face. This week we looked into a topic that is for people in the thick of it, painful, and for those not, likely a bit confusing: Rental markets in technology-heavy cities. Of course, as TechCrunch is based in San Francisco… Read More

  • Lyft’s $1B Gross Run Rate In Context

    Lyft’s $1B Gross Run Rate In Context

    Today, Lyft’s president John Zimmer announced that the ridesharing company reached an annualized gross revenue run rate of $1 billion in October. The figure likely does not represent Lyft’s cut of the value of rides that flow through its system. Instead, it likely represents the gross, or total quantity of payments between drivers, and riders. Lyft, a technology middle person, takes… Read More

  • Touch Of Modern Hits $100M ARR As It Records Its Millionth Order

    Touch Of Modern Hits $100M ARR As It Records Its Millionth Order

    Touch of Modern, an e-commerce service aimed at men, passed the $100 million annual recurring revenue mark (ARR) in October, the company told TechCrunch in an interview at its SOMA offices. It also processed its millionth order in September. The company has an interesting history. It pivoted several times before becoming its current incarnation in May of 2012. At the Time… Read More

  • Aaron Levie, Box And A Whole Pile Of Apps

    Aaron Levie, Box And A Whole Pile Of Apps

    Box’s recent platform push is more than a new product direction for the company. The service may become a key revenue driver for the enterprise-facing productivity shop. I recently sat down with Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, and his recently hired head of platform, Jeetu Patel, to dig into the matter. At its most basic, the quickly growing company wants to power the content layer of… Read More

  • The Last CrunchWeek

    Hello friends, and welcome to the very last CrunchWeek. After a three-year run, this little show is over. Sometimes things change. Regardless, it was a pleasure to send off this particular ship into the void flanked by Megan Rose Dickey and Matthew Lynley, two humans that I hold in the highest regard. Read More

  • Here’s What Is Next For Windows 10

    Here’s What Is Next For Windows 10

    Microsoft has a big Windows 10 boost out today. The company is calling it the “first major update” to Windows 10 for both normal PCs and tablets. At its most basic, Microsoft wants to better position Windows 10 — its new operating system — for both consumers and enterprise clients. If it fails to find adoption with either, the success of the recently released code… Read More