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Alex Wilhelm is the editor-in-chief of Crunchbase News and co-host of Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast.

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Equity podcast: Uber’s big discount, more money for Pokémon, and Jeff Bezos is worth how much?

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Equity podcast: Stitch Fix and Sailpoint get their IPOs done

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The US-based tech company that just went public in London

Boku, a U.S.-based carrier billing company, listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market recently, selling £45 million in stock. Only about one-third of those shares were

Equity podcast:, Bumble, SendGrid and not Uber

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Unpacking Lyft’s projected financials

Last Friday, Bloomberg reported a sheaf of Lyft’s financials that paint a reasonably-sharp picture of the ridesharing company’s past and expected business performance. The short version, as you

Equity Shot: The Uber-SoftBank deal explained

Hello and welcome to another Equity Shot, a quick-hit episode of our venture-capital themed podcast. (Equity, released every Friday, focuses on the money behind the headlines.) This week Katie Roof an

Equity podcast: Roku’s on a tear, and Snap had an awful week

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Big tech goes five for five

As October came to a close, three of the five largest American tech companies beat earnings expectations. The quarterly results of Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet were impressive, with each firm brin

Equity podcast: Apple and Tesla report earnings, and IPOs are back

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How big tech just keeps getting bigger

After the bell on Thursday, a trio of major tech companies released their earnings reports en masse. And the results were strong, with each firm beating both revenue and profit expectations set by Wal

Equity podcast: Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter earnings madness

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Equity podcast: IPO spree continues, and Magic Leap wants $1 billion

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Equity podcast: Uber’s board gets bigger, ForeScout’s security IPO, and venture investment trends

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The United States’ share of global early-stage capital slips again

Tech hubs tend to generate material wealth for their workers and the countries that house them. Historically, Silicon Valley has served as the de facto hub for tech. But that is under assault from mar

Equity podcast: Google goes shopping, and IPO madness

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Live from Disrupt SF: Equity talks Slack, Lyft and flying cars

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s weekly venture capital-themed podcast where we work to unpack the numbers lurking behind the news. This week we have a special episode for you all. We

A look back in IPO: Apple, the early PC purveyor

To wrap up our series of looks into the IPOs of tech’s Big 5, we turn to Apple. Being the first of five to go public, what can we learn from Cupertino’s debut? Heading back in time as we are, we l

Equity podcast: SoFi loses its CEO, big rounds for unicorns, and will this VC buy the iPhone X?

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As global startup exits grow, Europe sees its profile rise

Looking at the number of exits produced and the total dollar volume those liquidity events commanded, the European startup scene has shown growth over the past year. That fact comes from the Startup

Equity podcast: Roku is going public, 23andMe raises $200M and Juicero is dead

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