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  • Now the cloud wars (really) begin Crunch Network

    Now the cloud wars (really) begin

    For all of the back-and-forth between Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others over the past couple of years, we’ve only seen the most nascent battles in a multi-decade war for the future of the cloud. Read More

  • The Industrialist’s Dilemma Crunch Network

    The Industrialist’s Dilemma

    Ford made headlines at CES this week when it announced a major partnership that will integrate Amazon’s technology into its cars, also following rumors that the company is working with Google to develop and manufacture self-driving cars. Even a couple of years ago, these combinations would have seemed shockingly strange, but today the only thing remotely surprising is that it took… Read More

  • Enterprise Software’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity  Crunch Network

    Enterprise Software’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity 

    There is a massive opportunity for startups to define a new era of work, and it’s not just the products and platforms they build that will look completely different, but in some cases, their business models as well. Read More