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The Mario movie trailer is as cursed as we hoped

Nintendo shared the first trailer for the anticipated “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” an animated adventure featuring some deeply meme-worthy casting. With Chris Pratt as Mario and Jack Bla

Spotify cancels 11 original podcasts, lays off under 5% of podcast staff

Spotify is pulling 11 original podcasts from the platform, which will impact studios Parcast and Gimlet and involve less than 5% layoffs from Spotify’s podcast staff, a source familiar with the

Elon Musk moves to kill the upcoming Twitter trial

After Elon Musk agreed to buy Twitter after all, his legal team is now motioning for the court to cancel the upcoming trial with Twitter, slated to begin on October 17. But, as Judge Kathaleen McCormi


I sat out Friday’s big Tesla AI event. I was actually looking forward to seeing what the company had cooked up after months of teasing, but a combination of rogue stomach virus and the most inconven

Ro says it ‘inadvertently’ exposed employees’ personal information

Healthcare unicorn Ro is notifying employees of a data exposure involving their personal information after a security contractor “inadvertently” uploaded a spreadsheet of employee data to

GOP’s war on ESG could come back to bite it

Barring investment in ESG initiatives is not just counterproductive and dangerous — it’s fiscally foolish.

A new cross-border VC firm is offering a sweetener to its founder LPs: Part of its own profits

Atman Capital, a year-old early-stage venture firm partially backed by about 20 founders, is sweetening the deal for these individual limited partners. It promises to give credit to any one of them wh

The Startup Battlefield 200: Climate tech and health tech edition

We think you’ll be as amazed as we are by the collective creativity, ingenuity and technical prowess of the Startup Battlefield 200. Out of thousands of applications, only 200 early-stage startups m

Google Pixel 7 up close: The software’s the thing

As with the Pixel Watch, we’ll be bringing more in-depth thoughts with a full review in the near future. Now, however, seems like as good a time as any to offer up some initial thoughts (and picture

Twitter’s edit button will reach all US subscribers by end of today

Just a few days after Twitter said its new “Edit” button would launch to its paying subscribers in select markets, the company today announced the feature would begin to roll out to its U.

Michigan is becoming the center of US battery manufacturing

Michigan, long the automotive manufacturing capital of the United States, is now getting pumped with investment both publicly and privately to build out a series of battery manufacturing plants that w

Platforms beware: Politics won’t save you from antitrust legislation

Usually, the number of times a major policy issue receives bipartisan support is between none and zero. But in this case, each party has an axe to grind.

TikTok adds new editing tools to adjust clips, sounds, images and text

TikTok is introducing new editing tools to give users more creative freedom with their content, the company announced on Thursday. The new tools allow users to easily adjust clips, sounds, images and

Post-pandemic, Telemedicine startups are evolving — this one just raised $6M for its hybrid approach

So-called “personalized medicine” is all the rage these days. Healthcare is being gradually affected by data-driven insights gleaned through what the healthcare sector calls “precisi

Phones and smartwatches and more, oh my: Here is everything Google launched at its Fall 2022 event today

Google went all out today with a wall of launches of new hardware and tech. Here’s a collection of all the cool stuff Google launched, and you can watch the full event yourself if you have 90 m

Eoghan McCabe, the controversial Intercom co-founder who left the CEO role in 2020, is stepping back in

A notable changing of the guard is afoot at Intercom, the unicorn SaaS startup that powers the ubiquitous smiley customer service bots that sit on tens of thousands of company homepages: The company h

Let’s take a closer look at Google’s Pixel Watch

The standard disclaimer here: Look for a full review in the not-too-distant future. But now, let’s get a better look at the Pixel Watch in real life, through some quick photos and a hands-on squeeze

Google’s Guided Frame gives visually impaired folks a voice-over for selfies

Love ’em or hate ’em, selfies are an important aspect of photography; they help us connect with loved ones, and people spend an extraordinary amount of time thinking about how to look good

What should you read next? Tertulia might hold the answer

The publishing industry is in a weird spot. On one hand, you see Stephen King testifying against the controversial merger between Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster, declaring that the loom

The US venture capital slowdown doesn’t look that bad

New Q3 2022 data from PitchBook on venture capital aggregates in the U.S. make it a bit hard to square reality with the leading narrative.
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