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Tiger and Falcon look to double down on Indian social commerce startup DealShare

Tiger Global and Falcon Edge Capital are looking to double down on their bets on DealShare, becoming the latest high-profile investors to go all-in on India’s nascent but growing social commerce

Logicbroker taps into $135M to advance cloud-based drop ship software

The company closed last year with $2 billion in GMV and is on target to do close to $6 billion this year. To maintain its status as a global leader, that meant going after some new capital.

Bridgit secures $24M in funding to provide construction companies with ‘workforce intelligence’

Bridgit, a “workforce intelligence” technology company that is focused on the construction industry, announced today that it has raised $24 million in Series B funding. Camber Creek and Storm Vent

From the American heartland, a startup boom

The Midwest could sustain its results at present levels. If that comes to pass, the region would no longer be a place to fly over, but a location to Zoom into.

Amazon’s Clubhouse competitor may let you DJ your own radio show

Amazon is said to be working on a live audio app that sounds like it will let anyone be the DJ of their own radio show — including music. It's called 'Project Mic,' and will be U.S-focused at first.

Apple launches Fitness+ group workouts powered by SharePlay

Apple has launched a new way for Fitness+ users to work out or meditate with people in other locations through group workouts powered by SharePlay. The tech giant first teased the feature at its Septe

Crossbeam lands $76M Series C as network effect fuels partner cloud growth

Crossbeam founder and CEO Bob Moore founded his startup to help companies building sales partnerships understand their overlapping accounts, using a process called account mapping. He knew that eventu

Gusto buys Remote Team in bid to support more international hiring

The labor market is changing. More workers expect to keep working in a remote manner, even if many large employers are reticent to support the movement. The longer the pandemic drags on, the more it a

Inside the Realms of Ruin

“The Ruin stirs, and the Five Realms rumble,” a now-archived web announcement read on Thursday morning. “You are cordially invited to join New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors Ma

GM will work with dealers to install 40,000 EV charging stations across North America

General Motors said it will install up to 40,000 electric vehicle chargers across North America as part of an ambitious plan to pour nearly $750 million into charging infrastructure that will help att

As post-pandemic e-commerce booms, Rally raises $6M for Headless Checkout platform

You might have heard of ‘headless’ content management systems, whereby you can run a CMS without being locked into a front-end platform. Well a similar movement is coming to e-commerce. The latest

Verizon partners with Amazon to offer satellite internet in rural areas

Amazon's 'Project Kuiper' internet satellites will be put to work expanding rural broadband coverage. Verizon is teaming with Amazon to improve fixed wireless internet access in rural areas in the US.

Testlio raises $12M to help software developers scale testing

While software development frameworks make developing software faster and easier than ever, pre-deployment testing gets more and more complex by the day. Over the past decade, Testlio has grown expone

Voxel raises $3M to make warehouse security cameras more safety conscious

Warehouses and distribution centers are already blanketed in security cameras, but unless someone is actively monitoring them, a lot of the footage goes unexamined. Voxel wants to change that by invit

Immunefi raises $5.5M to squash Web3 Crypto bugs which might cost billions

Traditional Web site and app bug bounty platforms, such as HackerOne and BugCrowd, have been successful in that old world model. But there is a massive difference between the existing ‘Web2’ bug b

Oura’s gen-3 fitness ring arrives with improved sensors, custom content

In early 2017, Motiv captured the tech press’ imagination by demonstrating how wearable fitness tracking could live beyond the wrist. Ultimately, however, exercise wasn’t enough for the company, w

Piiano raises $9M to help businesses protect their PII

Tel Aviv-based Piiano wants businesses to keep their customers’ data private. The company is coming out of stealth today and announcing a $9 million funding round led by YL Ventures, together wi

Australian QuintessenceLabs grabs $25M to scale quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions

As computing power increases exponentially, the ability to secure our data against brute force and other types of attacks gets more complicated, with the scale and sophistication of cyberattacks conti

Physical security startup HiveWatch lands $20M Series A, led by Dick Costolo and Adam Bain

HiveWatch, an LA-based startup that uses multisensor fusion to help companies better respond to physical security threats, has secured $20 million in Series A funding led by Dick Costolo and Adam Bain

Admix raises $25M Series B to scale up in-game ads, and prep for Metaverse gaming

Last year we covered Adtech startup Admix’s $7 million Series A funding. The London-based company brings ads to games, e-sports, virtual reality, and augmented reality. In-game advertising at scale,
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