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X is now licensed for payment processing in a dozen US states

Elon Musk is moving forward with his plans to turn the company formerly known as Twitter, now called X, into an “everything app” that includes its own payments system. The company in late

TC+ Roundup: Amazon is not the AI leader

Amazon has been No. 1 in the cloud for years but now finds itself playing catch-up to Microsoft when it comes to AI.

Twilio might actually deserve activist investor attention

Twilio's stock has fallen from $400 a share in 2021 to somewhere in the $60s today. It's no wonder activist investors are circling.

Why does MasterClass work? with David Rogier from MasterClass

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Becca and Dom are joined by David Rogier, the founder and CEO of MasterClass, the streaming service where users can learn

With iMessage thanks to Beeper Mini, the OnePlus Open is my new favorite phone

Multi-platform messaging startup Beeper, founded by YC and Pebble alum Eric Migicovsky, delivered an iMessage experience for Android that doesn’t use any intermediaries and as-such, should be (a

Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’ feature offers more comprehensive answers to complex search queries

Microsoft Bing is getting a new “Deep Search” feature powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. The feature is designed to give users more relevant and comprehensive answers to complex search queri

Vercel makes it easier to ship better code at scale

Vercel today announced two new features for developers that aim to help them ship higher-quality code at scale. The first is conformance, which runs static analysis checks over a company’s codeb

Goldman Sachs-backed ZestMoney, once valued at $450M, to shut down

ZestMoney, a buy now pay later startup whose ability to underwrite small ticket loans to first-time internet customers attracted many high-profile investors including Goldman Sachs, is shutting down 

Metrics that matter: 3 practical observations on valuation

Paris Heymann Contributor Share on X Paris Heymann is a partner at Index Ventures, where he invests primarily in B2B SaaS and data. More posts by this contributor Vertical AI: The next logical iterati

Another blow for self-driving trucks as former industry leader abandons the US

When TuSimple went public in 2021 it was flying high as the leading self-driving trucks developer in the United States. Now — after a string of internal controversies and the loss of a critical part

Analytics can solve generative AI apps’ product problem

Technology alone isn’t a sustainable moat for AI products, especially with the barrier to entry only continuing to go down.

Today’s AI funding rush reminds me of the fintech investing hype of 2021

We're seeing a lot of folks push their capital into just a few squares on the betting table. One way or another, the result is going to be notable.

Visual Electric launches an AI-powered image generator with a designer workflow focus

Visual Electric, a company backed by Sequoia Capital, has launched its generative AI-based image-generation tool aimed at designers. The company was founded in November 2022 by CEO Colin Dunn, a forme

Beeper reverse-engineered iMessage to bring blue bubble texts to Android users

The push to bring iMessage to Android users today adds a new contender. A startup called Beeper, which had been working on a multi-platform messaging aggregator, is now launching a new app called Beep

Respell wants to help non-technical end users spin up AI-powered workflows

When Respell founder Matthew Rastovac was in high school, he did an internship where his job was to copy information from a government website into a spreadsheet. It was mind-numbing work, so being an

Git platform AllSpice now curries favor with enterprises

AllSpice shifted its strategy to bring enterprise engineers together to more easily collaborate on projects.

Mine digs up $30M for its no-code approach to vetting data privacy

Israeli startup Mine made a name for itself a few years ago with a tool designed for consumers to quickly run an audit of their data privacy situation. One scan of your inbox using AI and specifically

Veteran life sciences firm RA Capital spins up ‘planetary health’ team to ride climate tech wave

Partners at RA Capital realized that if they didn't try to address climate change and its health effects, their life science investments wouldn't be as impactful.

Rightbot, which is developing robots to unload freight, lands investment from Amazon

Rightbot, a startup developing suction-based robots that can unload truck-transported freight in a range of sizes, has raised $6.25 million in a funding round led by Amazon’s Industrial Innovati

Kyron Learning secures $14.6M to expand its conversational AI technology

Kyron Learning, an AI-based learning startup, announced today its $14.6 million Series A funding round plus an $850,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The new capital will further
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