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Lensa AI climbs the App Store charts as its ‘magic avatars’ go viral

It might seem like Lensa AI sprung up over night when suddenly, your friends are all posting artistic renditions of themselves that they generated on the app. But while the Lensa AI app itself has bee

iPhone users can share car keys in Wallet with non-iPhone users

Apple iPhone users with iOS 16.1 software can now share car keys in their Wallet with non-iPhone users, starting with Google Pixel devices. In the future, that capability will extend to other devices

Medibank hackers declare ‘case closed’ as trove of stolen data is released

The cybercriminals behind the Medibank ransomware attack have published what appears to be the rest of the data stolen from the Australian health insurance giant. The attackers, which are believed to

Gift Guide: Picking out the right iPad

Back in my day, Apple gave us one iPad, and we had to use it, otherwise we’d go to bed iPad-less. Kids today have all the iPad. There’s an iPad for every mood and every day of the week. Big iPads,

Five reasons why you need to go to TC Sessions: Space

A galaxy of opportunity awaits you at TC Sessions: Space 2022 on December 6 in Los Angeles. Sounds corny? Sure. But is it true? Absolutely. Some of the space industry’s great visionaries, founders,

Does B stand for Bankman-Fried or Bankruptcy?

Time flies when you’re reading crypto news, am I right? Feels like every day something is going down in the crypto world and this week continued to prove that.

Canoo sends its EV pickup truck to the US Army for testing

Canoo, the beleaguered EV startup-turned-SPAC, has delivered its first “Light Tactical Vehicle” to the U.S. Army for a demonstration project aimed at showing how its modular electric plat

YouTube launches its first-ever official trends podcast, ‘Like & Describe,’ with content creator MatPat

YouTube launched its first-ever official trends podcast today, the company announced. Hosted by popular content creator MatPat and produced by YouTube’s Culture & Trends team, the “Like &

Macro machines

The phrase “mission creep” entered the popular discourse in the early to mid-1990s. It popped up in a number of big papers in articles describing the Somali Civil War. Here’s the New York Times

‘Indie App Santa’ returns, this year offering 40 deals on free and discounted iPhone apps

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for free and discounted iPhone apps, that is. Here’s your reminder that today marks the return of Indie App Santa, an initiative started to h

Explore accessibility via Amazon Alexa at Sight Tech Global 2022

A little-appreciated fact about Amazon’s Alexa is where the voice service’s public debut took place before it became widely available to customers. The venue was CSUN, the longstanding conference

Pitch Deck Teardown: Hour One’s $20M Series A deck

Hour One used this deck to raise a $20 million Series A in April of this year.

Amazon CodeCatalyst provides blueprints for collaborative app development

During a keynote at re:Invent 2022 today, Amazon announced CodeCatalyst, a service designed to take away the heavy lifting of working across different codebases, tools and environments to build apps.

Blaseball, the cult favorite online game, will return on January 9

The internet’s favorite fantasy fantasy sports league, Blaseball has a return date at last. On January 9, the horror metagame will set out to prove that it’s more than just a viral pandemi

Netflix is letting more subscribers preview its films and TV shows, report says

Content is king for streaming services, and Netflix may be going the extra mile to ensure its content is up to par with subscribers. According to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix’s prerelease screen

Amazon announces Eventbridge Pipes, a simpler way to connect events from multiple services

As developers use multiple Amazon services to compose an application, they typically have to write glue code to communicate between the different services, which can be a time-consuming manual exercis

AWS launches Application Composer, a low-code tool for building serverless apps

At its re:Invent conference today, AWS announced the launch of AWS Application Composer, a new low-code tool for visually designing and building serverless applications. The service provides developer

A tool for analyzing face-to-face sales pitches lands funding from UiPath co-founder

So much software is dedicated to helping businesses improve interactions online, whether it be aimed at sales, marketing or customer service. But despite the prevalence of the internet and an increase

X1 gets 50% valuation boost, aims to give consumers a way to buy stocks via credit card reward points

X1, a consumer fintech startup which recently launched an income-based credit card to the public, has raised an additional $15 million in funding.  This round caught our attention for a few reasons.

Google’s Reading Mode app helps visually impaired people read long-form content

Along with its Android update for December, Google has launched a new app called Reading Mode today. It helps people with visual imparities and dyslexia read the content on the screen — especially
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