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GitHub’s Copilot Enterprise hits general availability

GitHub today announced the general availability of Copilot Enterprise, the $39/month version of its code completion tool and developer-centric chatbot for large businesses. Copilot Enterprise includes

As data takes center stage, Codified wants to bring flexibility to governance

Over the last decade we’ve seen data grow in increasing importance to enterprise software, and that role has grown even more pronounced more recently with the rise of large language models. At the s

SeatGeek’s new tools help fans resell tickets at the best price

Ticketing platform and resale marketplace SeatGeek is introducing three features to simplify the ticket-selling experience for users wanting to resell, including a tool that recommends the best price,

MWC 2024: Everything announced so far, including a ‘rollable’ Motorola concept phone

The TechCrunch team is in Barcelona this week to bring you all the action going on at Mobile World Congress 2024.

Initia raises $7.5M seed round to simplify blockchain development

It’s hard to keep track of crypto’s technical development, but one thing hasn’t changed much: blockchain applications are notoriously hard to build. This stems in part from their dec

Confirmed: Photoroom, the AI image editor, raised $43M at a $500M valuation

Photoroom, the AI-based photo-editing app out of Paris that has been growing like a weed targeting people doing business online while also attracting a lot of casual users to boot, confirmed it closed

Sony is laying off 900 employees from its PlayStation unit

Sony is laying off around 900 employees in its PlayStation division, the company announced on Tuesday. The cuts will impact 8% of the division’s global workforce, as Sony becomes the latest comp

Spain’s Embat, which has raised $16M, plans to compete with Trovata in real-time accounting

For obvious reasons, financial teams can spend a great deal of time on corporate treasury management, accounting and bank reconciliation, so anything that speeds up that process usually garners a lot

Writer’s latest models can generate text from images including charts and graphs

As generative AI continues to dominate the headlines, it’s hard sometimes to find actual working business use cases among the hype. Writer is a San Francisco startup that is working to create genera

Text-to-speech app Speechify launches Gmail integration and voice cloning

Text-to-speech startup Speechify is launching a new version of its iOS app (v3.0) with features like a redesigned home page, the ability to scan documents, Gmail and learning platform Canvas integrati

Mobile OS maker Jolla is back and building an AI device

On the fringes of MWC, the world’s biggest mobile phone show, TechCrunch is getting a demo of a new kind of AI device. The small black box sitting in front of us on a table in a hotel lobby in Barce

Volunteer at TechCrunch Early Stage in Boston

Our founder-focused summit, TechCrunch Early Stage, is back in Boston on April 25! And we are looking for some incredible volunteers to help us make this event happen. If you are interested in finding

Lapse, the app turning your phone into an old-school camera, snaps up $30M

It can cost a fortune in 2024 to find an analogue camera, buy film (and maybe special batteries) for it, and take pictures that then need to be paid to be developed. Yet the experience had a charm and

Zacua Ventures has launched a new $56 million fund dedicated to construction tech

Zacua, which has a regional presence in San Francisco, Madrid, Mexico and Singapore, is targeting startups addressing sustainability, productivity and urbanization.

Asymmetric Financial has a plan to unlock Bitcoin’s trillion-dollar potential with dedicated DeFi fund

As the digital asset industry picks up steam again, some crypto funds are looking to hone in on specific sectors. Crypto fund Asymmetric Financial is creating its Bitcoin DeFi Venture Fund I to focus

Glean wants to beat ChatGPT at its own game — in the enterprise

GenAI has its issues. But if there’s one thing it excels at, it’s surfacing answers from vast pools of data. Enter Glean, whose software connects to enterprise first- and third-party datab

The Displace wireless TV, that sticks to walls, plans new models and new AI features

At CES 2023 a startup hardware company called Displace launched the 55-inch ‘Display Flex’, a “wireless” $3,000 4K OLED TV  which sticks to walls without a traditional mounting. The launch cr

MoneyHash raises $4.5M for its payment orchestration platform serving merchants in MENA

The payment landscape in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region is marked by significant fragmentation, with numerous payment providers and methods in each country, evolving regulations and diverse c

Superhuman launches AI-powered instant replies

Email startup Superhuman is launching an AI-powered instant replies feature today with the company looking to double down in AI-fueled functionality this year. The feature gives you three contextual r

Humane reveals first international market for the Ai Pin, partnering with South Korea’s SK Telecom

Hyped AI startup Humane has announced plans for its first international market, inking a deal with South Korean carrier SK Telecom. The announcement comes shortly after the San Francisco-based compan
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