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India’s Exponent Energy brings 15-minute charging to passenger three-wheelers

India is getting an electric three-wheeler passenger vehicle that charges from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes. The launch of the new EV — a collaboration between auto manufacturer Omega Seiki Mobility

Meta trials its AI chatbot across WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger in India and Africa

Meta has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing Meta AI, its large language model-powered chatbot, with WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger users in India and parts of Africa. The move signals how M

X is removing the ability to hide checkmarks for premium users

Last year, Elon Musk’s social network X (formerly known as Twitter) rolled out a feature for paid users to hide their blue checkmarks from others after the checks became primarily a paid feature

OpenAI makes ChatGPT ‘more direct, less verbose’

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s viral AI-powered chatbot, just got a big upgrade. OpenAI announced today that premium ChatGPT users — customers paying for ChatGPT Plus, Team or Enterprise — can no

Virtual physical therapist Hinge Health lays off 10% of its workforce

The 9-year-old Hinge Health offers a digital solution to treat chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and was last valued at $6.2 billion in October 2021.

Space Force tees up new ‘responsive space’ mission from Rocket Lab and True Anomaly

Each company will design and build a satellite capable of rendezvousing with other spacecraft in orbit at close proximity, as well as command and control centers for the mission.

Ford’s hands-free BlueCruise system was active before fatal Texas crash

It's the first known fatality resulting from a crash involving the use of BlueCruise, which Ford first announced in 2021.

Internal pre-Starlink SpaceX financials show big spending on moonshot bets

While the comprehensive balance sheets are five years old, they provide an intimate look inside the operations of arguably one of the most important, and secretive, private companies in the U.S.

Walmart will deploy robotic forklifts in its distribution centers

The story of warehouse robotics is a story of attempting to keep up with Amazon. It’s been more than a decade since the online giant revolutionized its delivery services through its Kiva Systems acq

US says Russian hackers stole federal government emails during Microsoft cyberattack

CISA said the latest theft of government email — blamed on Russian government hackers — presents "a grave and unacceptable risk" to U.S. federal agencies.

Introducing the ScaleUp Startups Program at Disrupt 2024 for Series A to B startups

We are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: ScaleUp Startups Exhibitor Program at TechCrunch Disrupt 2024. Tailored specifically for startups in Series A to B funding stages with $35 million or l

Taylor Swift’s music is back on TikTok, despite platform’s ongoing UMG dispute

After 10 weeks of being absent from the platform, Taylor Swift’s music has returned to TikTok — or at least her more recent songs and “Taylor’s Version” cuts, since she o

Quibi redux? Short drama apps saw record revenue in Q1 2024

This represents an over 8,000% increase from $1.8 million in the first quarter of 2023, when just 21 apps were available.

Megan Thee Stallion’s favorite app is Pinterest, obviously

It actually makes sense that in an era of oversaturation, people would escape to a more quiet and rather peaceful corner of the internet to dream once more.  

UK’s antitrust enforcer sounds the alarm over Big Tech’s grip on GenAI

The UK's competition watchdog, the CMA, has sounded a warning over Big Tech's grip on the advanced AI market, with CEO Sarah Cardell expressing "real concerns" over how the sector is developing.

Airtree Ventures already returned its first fund thanks to Canva while maintaining the majority of its stake

Airtree Ventures uses the secondary market to slim down its stakes while waiting for its portfolio companies to exit.

TechCrunch Minute: TikTok and Meta’s latest moves signal a more commodified internet

The internet’s mega-platforms are slowly merging into a great blob of sameness, and even the hottest companies in the world are not immune from the trend. TikTok’s winning strategy to focu

Cendana, Kline Hill have a fresh $105M to buy stakes in seed VC funds from LPs looking to sell

Fund-of-funds investor Cendana Capital has joined with Kline Hill Partners for a new oversubscribed fund to buy out stakes from seed LPs looking for liquidity.

Lyrak to take on X by combining the best of Twitter with fediverse integration

Lyrak is a new X rival that aims to differentiate itself by focusing on real-time news and monetization options for creators.

Flipboard deepens its ties to the open source social web (aka the fediverse)

Flipboard users can now see their new followers and other activity around the content they share in the fediverse directly in the Flipboard app.
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